Opening Quote: "Nothing, they say, is more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the time of dying." – Thomas Paine

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee work on covering up one of their mirrors.

Monroe: You think it's all mirrors Eve can't look into? Or just certain mirrors?
Rosalee: Well, she saw the skull guy in the hand mirror at the shop, and the mirror in Nick's loft, so if it's trying to kill Eve, we're not taking any chances.
Monroe: So what is she supposed to do? Avoid mirrors for the rest of her life?
Rosalee: For right now? Yes.
Monroe: [He sighs] And what if it's not just mirrors?
Rosalee: What are you talking about?
Monroe: Well, what if she catches her reflection in a window, or, like, a china cabinet? Is the skull freak gonna pull her through those too?
Rosalee: Let's just stick to mirrors right now, all right? We got this one, the one in the guest room, the one in the bathroom... Am I missing any?
Monroe: I gotta be honest, I'm nervous.
Rosalee: Yeah, me too.
Monroe: I know we're doing the right thing by letting Eve stay here—
Rosalee: She has nowhere else to go.
Monroe: I know. And I'm not saying I don't wanna help Eve, okay? I'm just saying I'm worried about bringing this into our home. What if it does something to hurt our babies, like pull you through the mirror?
Rosalee: It's a threat to all of us. We have to do everything we can to stop it.
[Monroe sighs]
Rosalee: But if it messes with my family, I will rip its green ugly eyeballs out.
Monroe: [He and Rosalee kiss] I know one thing's for sure...
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: I'm gonna have some seriously bad hair days for awhile.

Scene: Eve arrives at the loft to speak with Adalind.

Eve: I hope this is still an okay time.
Adalind: Yeah, the kids are asleep. Do you want some wine?
Eve: No thanks.
Adalind: So what did you need my help with?
Eve: I need to understand how these mirrors work.
Adalind: Do you mean about what you saw in them?
Eve: I mean how do go through them.
Adalind: I don't think that's such a good idea.
Eve: This skull thing tried to grab me and pull me into wherever it was.
Adalind: And it almost killed you.
Eve: I think it will kill me if I don't do anything about it.
Adalind: So maybe you should stay away from it.
Eve: Nick saw it too. What if it comes after him?
Adalind: I thought it went away when Nick saw it.
Eve: No, we don't really know for sure what it was doing.
Adalind: Have you talked to Nick about this?
Eve: No, I don't wanna talk to him about it until I have a better handle on what we're dealing with.
Adalind: [She sighs] You can't do this by yourself.
Eve: That's why I'm here. Your mother had more knowledge than either of us.
Adalind: Yeah, and look where it got her.
Eve: Did she ever mention anything to you about portals to another world? Or moving through mirrors?
Adalind: Eh, no, but, I mean, there was a lot we didn't talk about. For the record, not a great mother.
Eve: Do you still have any of her books?
Adalind: I do... But—
Eve: Please. There might be something in them that could help us fight this thing.
Adalind: Those books could be just as dangerous.
Eve: Waiting for this thing to come after me, or us, would be more dangerous, and Adalind, I think one of the reasons it is connecting to me is because I can see those symbols.
Adalind: Diana can see the symbols too.
Eve: I know. That's why we can't wait. We have to find this thing, and kill it.
Adalind: [She sighs] I'll get the books. [She walks away]

Scene: Eve starts looking through the books in the spice shop basement.

Eve: Guess we'll start with you. [She opens a book and wipes off the first page] You haven't been opened in a while, have you? [She starts reading through the book] Mirrors.

Scene: Maddie Simms and Allie Stevens leave Cafe Nell.

Maddie: You said you liked this place.
Allie: I do, but I always end up eating way too much.
Maddie: The crème brûlée was not my idea.
Allie: Yeah, but how good was that?
Maddie: You stay here. You've been in those heels all day. I'll get the car.
Allie: Oh, my swollen feet salute you.
[Maddie goes to where the car is parked, but is attacked from behind and thrown onto the car, dead]

Scene: Nick arrives at the loft.

Nick: Hey.
Adalind: Hey.
Nick: What are you doing up?
Adalind: Waiting for you. You hungry? I can make you something. [She and Nick kiss]
Nick: No, I had a sandwich earlier.
Adalind: Eve came by.
Nick: Eve? What did she want?
Adalind: For me to help her find a Hexenbiest way to go through the mirror into the other place.
Nick: Is that even possible?
Adalind: I don't know. She wanted to borrow my mom's spell books.
Nick: And you gave them to her?
Adalind: Yes. But I'm worried she's gonna try to do this on her own.
Nick: Is that what she said?
Adalind: Not exactly, but she's really worried that this skull thing is gonna come after her, after you, even Diana, not to mention the rest of us. I think Eve's looking for a little redemption. Aren't we all?
Nick: Do you think there's anything in those books that could get her into the other place?
Adalind: They're my mom's books. I haven't read through all of them. And I've never crossed through a mirror, but I know enough to know that anything is possible.
Nick: I need to talk to her.
Adalind: I was hoping you'd say that.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Hank.
Hank: Nick, we got a body.
Nick: Okay, I'll pick you up. [He hangs up] I'm sorry.
Adalind: Just make sure you talk to Eve.
Nick: Yes, I will. [He leaves]

Scene: Nick and Hank walk with Wu to Maddie's body.

Wu: Victim is Maddie Simms. No bullet wounds, no knife wounds.
Nick: Wesen?
Wu: That's where I was going. That's Maddie's car. Her friend was waiting for her to take said car around to Cafe Nell's down on Kearney where they had dined alone. FYI, Nell's does an amazing linguini and clams.
Hank: We know.
Wu: Afraid there were no witnesses. When Maddie didn't return with the car, her friend went looking for her, found her like this.
Hank: I assume that's her friend in your car?
Wu: You assume correctly.
Nick: Wallet's here-credit cards, cash.
Hank: And the car's still here, so it wasn't a robbery, unless there was 30 pounds of cocaine in the trunk.
Wu: But it is definitely Wesen.
Nick: Let's go see if her friend is Wesen.
[They walk over to Allie]
Wu: Her name's Allie Stevens.
Hank: Allie. I'm Detective Griffin-my partner, Nick Burkhardt.
Allie: She was just getting the car. Who would do a thing like this? [She sobs]
Nick: Do you know of anybody who might wanna hurt Maddie?
Allie: No, Maddie got along with everybody.
Hank: No problems at home? Work?
Allie: Not at all. She was in a great mood. I can't believe this is happening. [She sobs]
Nick: Did you see anybody follow her out of the restaurant?
Allie: [She shakes her head] What they did to her- I can't believe it. I can't believe it. [She sobs]
Nick: [To Wu] She can go.
Wu: Yeah. Do you have somebody who can come get you?
Hank: [He and Nick step away] No woge.
Nick: No. And there's no blood on her clothes.
Hank: So this line of questioning is getting us no place.
Wu: [He walks up] Her sister's coming to get her.
Nick: All right, see if there's surveillance that covers the route that Maddie took between the restaurant and her car.
Wu: There's a bank on the corner. It might show something. [He walks away]

Scene: Mason Wilcox helps walk Mrs. Margaret Cutler to her room at Westridge Nursing Home.

Mrs. Cutler: I used to run so fast when I was younger.
Mason: Mm-hmm.
Mrs. Cutler: So fast so fast.
Mason: I know, Mrs. Cutler, you sure did.
Mrs. Cutler: And I wanna run again.
Mason: [He laughs] Well, we can't go run now. It's too dark outside.
Mrs. Cutler: Ooh, through the woods I-I remember the trees. There were so many trees. So many trees.
Mason: Okay, here we go. Let's get you inside.
Mrs. Cutler: And they could never run faster than us.
Mason: Uh-huh. There you go. Nurse Barton will be in to help you get in bed, okay? Anything else you need? Maybe some water?
Mrs. Cutler: [She sits down on her bed] Who-who are you?
Mason: I'm your friend, Mason, who helps take care of you. Remember?
Mrs. Cutler: Oh- [She laughs] I remember the sweet taste of blood in my mouth.
Mason: Well, that's a new one. Let's not get too worked up now, Mrs. Cutler. I'll be back tomorrow, okay?
Mrs. Cutler: We always caught them.
Mason: I'm sure you did. I'll get you an extra blanket. It's cold out tonight.
[Mrs. Cutler woges into a Coyotl and attacks Mason. Mason quickly pushes her against a wall with his hands around her throat. Mrs. Cutler then retracts]
Nurse Barton: [She walks into the room] Mason?
[Mason removes his hands from Mrs. Cutler]
Nurse Barton: [She runs over to check on Mrs. Cutler] What are you doing?
Mason: What the hell was that?
Nurse Barton: Oh!
Mason: What was it?
Nurse Barton: Get out!
Mason: Did you see it? Did you see it?
Nurse Barton: Get out!
Mrs. Cutler: Mason, I'm hurt.
Mason: Stay away from me!
Nurse Barton: I need help in here now!
[Mason quickly leaves]

Scene: Nick runs a background check on Maddie at the precinct.

Nick: Maddie Simms has no criminal record. She's been working at the same advertising agency for the last four years. And none of the prints from the scene match anything in the system, so we've got nothing.
Hank: I got something. Similar attack in North Precinct ten days ago. A guy walking home from the grocery store was torn up just like Maddie Simms. Happened at night on a dark street. No witnesses, no evidence left behind. Listed as a maul, and turned over to animal control.
[Wu walks up]
Nick: We know differently.
Hank: Yes, we do.
Wu: Surveillance from the bank camera. Not much, but it's all we got. There she is and she's gone. Her car was around the corner two blocks up, which I'm sure you noted cannot be seen from here. And nobody walks by for the next two minutes and 32 seconds.
Hank: If she was being followed, it wasn't from the restaurant.
Nick: Let's see if they have any surveillance from the North Precinct case.
Wu: What North Precinct case?
Hank: Ten days ago-body found in the same condition. Case number A9-1432.
Nick: Check everything they got. See if we're missing anything.
Wu: Yeah, like the murderer. [He walks away]
Nick: [He sighs] So whatever Wesen's doing this isn't taking the money or the meat.
Hank: Maybe it's doing it for sport.
Nick: Then it'll do it again.

Scene: Eve continues reading through the books that she got from Adalind.

[The ceiling creaks, so Eve gets up and stands behind the pillar by the stairs]
Nick: [He opens the basement door] Eve?
Eve: Nick, yeah, I'm here. Everything okay?
Nick: Yeah, Adalind told me you took some of her mom's books. You think there's a Hexenbiest way into this other world?
Eve: I think we have to try to find out.
Nick: Yes, "we" is a very good idea.
Eve: Look, I don't even know if I'm gonna find anything. I just started on the second book, and so far, nothing about mirrors as portals or gateways to anywhere. So if you're worried about me, don't be.
Nick: Yes, I'm-I'm very worried about you.
Eve: Nick, we're the only two people who have seen this thing. If we don't find a way to get to it, it will find a way to get to us.
Nick: Just don't do it alone, okay?
Eve: Believe me, this is not something I wanna do alone.
Nick: [He sighs] Okay. Well, I, uh- I think you ought to get some sleep.
Eve: Thanks for checking up on me. [She opens up a book]
[Nick leaves]
Eve: [She notices that the pages are impossible to read due to letters and symbols being all over the pages] I hope I don't have to bleed on this. Maybe if I just- [She shakes the book. When she opens the book again, all the symbols and words become legible again] That's better. Hexes, curses, charms, Merseburg Incantations.

Scene: In the middle of the night, a Gevatter Tod opens up Mrs. Cutler's window while she sleeps.

[The Gevatter Tod inserts his two antenna-like tendrils into Mrs. Cutler's nose]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu outside of Westridge Nursing Home.

Wu: As if we don't have enough on our plate, Mrs. Margaret Cutler, 91 years young, died in her sleep last night.
Nick: And we're here because...
Wu: Because although technically she died in her sleep, according to Nurse Barton, she was assaulted by an orderly named Mason Wilcox. Mr. Wilcox was arrested about an hour later.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu go to Mrs. Cutler's room]
Hank: Bruises on her neck, I assume from the attack.
Wu: Yeah, that's what I was told.
Nick: Any witnesses?
Wu: Just Nurse Barton. She found Mrs. Cutler deceased this morning.
Nick: We need to talk with the nurse.
Hank: And let's find out where the orderly's being held.
Wu: Yeah.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk with Nurse Barton.

Nick: Nurse Barton? I'm Detective Burkhardt. This is my partner, Detective Griffin.
Hank: Can you tell us what happened?
Nurse Barton: Mason Wilcox killed her. That's what happened.
Hank: You saw him attack her?
Nurse Barton: Yes, when I walked in, he had her up against the wall with his hands around her neck. [She puts Mason's badge into an evidence bag]
Nick: Do you have any idea why he would do this?
Nurse Barton: There's no reason to attack any of our patients, especially Mrs. Cutler. I mean, she was 91 years old. She could barely get out of bed by herself.
Nick: How long has Mr. Wilcox been working here?
Nurse Barton: Uh, three-four years.
Hank: Have you had any problems with this orderly before?
Nurse Barton: Never. I mean, it's not an easy job. But there is no excuse for what he did. My first thought was maybe he was high on something. When he was being arrested, he was yelling that Mrs. Cutler was a monster, and that she attacked him. I mean, that's absurd.
Nick: Who examined Mrs. Cutler just after the attack?
Nurse Barton: Dr. Landeaux was on call. He said that her injuries were superficial, but I know they were more emotional than physical. Mason Wilcox scared that poor woman to death, and he's not getting away with it.
Hank: Where's Dr. Landeaux now?
Nurse Barton: He's here. He had to continue on his morning rounds. He said to page him when you want him.
Nick: We want him.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Dr. Landeaux.

Dr. Landeaux: Mrs. Cutler was suffering from severe dementia. She was becoming restless in recent weeks. I changed her meds to try to make her more comfortable, but there's only so much we can do at a certain point.
Nick: Has she ever exhibited any violent behavior?
Dr. Landeaux: [He laughs] Aggressive behavior is not uncommon in later stages of Alzheimer's or dementia, and it can be very frustrating for caregivers.
Hank: So she might have attacked him?
Dr. Landeaux: It's possible.
Nick: Could Mrs. Cutler have sustained any internal injuries as a result of the attack?
Dr. Landeaux: When I examined her after the incident, her vital signs were good, and she said she wasn't in any pain.
Hank: Do you think the orderly had anything to do with her death?
Dr. Landeaux: Personally, I don't. Given her age and condition, I think she died of natural causes.
Nick: Thanks, Doctor. That's all we need for now.
Dr. Landeaux: Of course. Let me know if you need anything else. [He walks away]
Hank: The orderly attacks a 90-year-old woman, claiming she's a monster. Do we think she's Wesen?
Nick: That would explain why she attacked the orderly, and why he attacked her.
Hank: Well, it puts the orderly in a bad spot. No way he can prove what he's saying.
Nick: We order an autopsy. If she sustained any internal damage, then it's manslaughter.
Hank: Well, best case scenario, he's still facing assault charges.
Nick: We gotta talk to the orderly.

Scene: Renard talks with Adalind on the phone to try to get answers about Diana's drawings.

Renard: You wanna tell me about the stuff our daughter's been drawing?
Adalind: I don't know what you're talking about.
Renard: Oh, no? Then I'm on my way over. We can sit Diana down, and we can talk about those symbols.
Adalind: All right, all right, all right, all right. We don't have to put her through all that.
Renard: What do the symbols mean?
Adalind: I don't know.
Renard: And I think you're lying.
Adalind: I don't care what you think, Sean. I don't know.
Renard: I wanna see the tunnel.
[Adalind stays silent]
Renard: Damn it, Adalind, our daughter is in the center of something big.
Adalind: [She sighs] You think I don't know that?
Renard: Then I need to know everything you know. Now tell me where that tunnel is.
Adalind: You're gonna have to take that up with Nick. Goodbye. [She hangs up]

Scene: Nick and Hank pull up outside Mason's apartment as he is leaving.

Hank: Mason Wilcox Portland PD.
[Mason starts running]
Hank: Really? [He and Nick chase after Mason and cut him off]
Nick: Cool it, man, cool it.
Hank: [He points his gun at Mason as Nick hold him down] Don't move, Mason.
Mason: I didn't kill her!
Nick: Then why'd you run?
Hank: Don't you know we hate that?
Mason: I didn't kill her! [Nick stands him up] Come on!
[Nick and Hank walk him Mason]

Scene: Nick and Hank interrogate Mason.

Hank: You heard Mrs. Cutler died last night. Guessing that's why you ran.
Mason: It's not what you think.
Hank: Then tell us.
Mason: I want a lawyer.
Hank: If the autopsy proves she died from anything you did to her, you will go to jail, Mason.
Nick: Now we talked to Dr. Landeaux. He told us she was suffering from dementia, and she could become violent.
Hank: Now your record doesn't suggest you like assaulting people.
Mason: I don't.
Nick: Then tell us what happened.
Mason: You wouldn't believe me.
Nick: You said she was a monster, and she attacked you, right?
Mason: Look, I was helping her back to her room. She was telling me some crazy story about running through the woods and tasting blood in her mouth. I never took her seriously. I was getting her a blanket, and the next thing I knew, I was being attacked by some kind of monster. I don't use drugs. I never used steroids. I know what I saw.
Nick: Well, then tell us what you saw.
Mason: Fine, you wanna hear? It had yellow eyes hair everywhere, and... came at me with teeth, like some kind of wild dog.
Nick: Then what happened?
Mason: I fought back. I-I pushed it up against the wall, and then it- it turned back into Mrs. Cutler.
Hank: And that's when the nurse showed up?
Mason: Look, I know it sounds insane, but I'm telling you the truth. I-I've taken care of Mrs. Cutler for three years. She was my friend. Why would I hurt her?
Hank: I believe you, Mason. We'll see what we can do.
Mason: What? Really?
Hank: [He and Nick leave the room] She woged and he freaked. It was self-defense.
Nick: Well, our testimony's not gonna help.
Hank: We're gonna have to help him make a case that Mrs. Cutler's attack was so unexpected and so violent, that his response could've been nothing but self-defense.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Yeah, Burkhardt. Be there in ten. [He hangs up] M.E. wants to show us something.

Scene: Eve struggles to open one of the books.

Eve: You're gonna make me work for it. [She woges and removes the dagger that is locking the book. She sets the dagger down, retracts, and is then able to open the book. She looks through the book and comes across blood magic. Flashback of Eve biting the arm of the skull-like figure in "The Son Also Rises" and flashback of Eve seeing the wet blood on the mirror in "Tree People"]

Scene: Eve calls Adalind.

Adalind: Okay, Diana? Make sure your brother doesn't fall off the bed. Oh, and no making him float either. [Her phone rings and she answers] Eve, did you find something?
Eve: Could you tell more about blood magic? 'cause it says in one of your mother's books that blood is associated with crossing over in death, like slain warriors on the battlefield, or a hunter's prey in its final state- human sacrifice on the altar- and sometimes blood is used as currency.
Adalind: Eve, slow down.
Eve: What if blood could be used as a form of payment to pass into the other world?
Adalind: Blood magic is very dangerous.
Eve: We would only need to use it to get to the other side.
Adalind: Okay, say you get to the other side. What if you can't get back?
Eve: Would it work?
Adalind: I don't know.
Eve: Okay, thanks. I'll keep looking. [She hangs up and continues reading. She picks up the dagger and looks at it]

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Bindra.

Bindra: Some localized bruising, consistent with what was detailed in the report. There was a contusion on the back of her head, but no bleeding in the brain. Mrs. Cutler had a healthy heart, in spite of her age.
Hank: So no indication a physical confrontation with the orderly could've caused her death.
Bindra: Not based on the physical evidence I have.
Nick: Okay, thank you. [He and Hank start to leave]
Bindra: However I found an extraordinarily high level of hyaluronidase in her system.
Hank: What's that?
Bindra: Something found in bug saliva. I had to look it up, having never seen it before. It's from an insect commonly known as the assassin bug. They use hyaluronidase, along with other enzymes, to create a lethal saliva cocktail that kills its victims.
Hank: And by victims, you mean other bugs?
Bindra: Of course.
Nick: How did it get into her system?
Bindra: No idea.
Hank: Could someone have injected her with it?
Bindra: Not sure how many assassin bugs you'd have to have access to, but I suppose it's possible.
Nick: Is that what killed her?
Bindra: It's not normally toxic to humans, but with this amount, who knows? I suppose if any place was gonna have a giant assassin bug, it'd be Portland.
[Hank chuckles, and he and Nick leave]

Scene: Wu looks over surveillance footage.

Wu: [He whispers] No way.

Scene: Elizabeth Stanton takes three bottles of melatonin up to the counter to buy at the spice shop.

Rosalee: Hi, Mrs. Stanton. How have you been?
Mrs. Stanton: Oh, you know, okay.
Rosalee: I guess the melatonin's helping you sleep? [She grabs a bag to put the melatonin in] That's kind of a lot. You sure you need this much?
Monroe: Oh, you don't wanna take too much melatonin, Mrs. Stanton. Trust me.
Rosalee: No more than two milligrams a night without talking to your doctor.
Mrs. Stanton: I know, Rosalee, it's just... it's a little hard to get out these days.
Rosalee: I understand.
Mrs. Stanton: Yeah.
Rosalee: [She hands Mrs. Stanton the bag] Be sure to say hi to Mr. Stanton from us.
[Mrs. Stanton hesitates]
Rosalee: Is there something else I can help you with?
Mrs. Stanton: No, thanks. Can you put that on my bill?
Rosalee: Of course. And remember, we do deliver.
Mrs. Stanton: I know. [She chuckles and leaves]
Rosalee: Getting old is no fun.
Monroe: Then I guess we're not having any fun, 'cause we're getting old together.
[Rosalee chuckles]
Monroe: "But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, and loved the sorrows of your changing face."
Rosalee: You just made that up?
Monroe: Yep. No, it's Yeats.
Rosalee: It's beautiful. [She and Monroe kiss] My face is changing?
Monroe: What? No, not at all. It's... it's just a poem.
[Nick and Hank arrive]
Monroe: Hey, guys, what's up?
Nick: Hey. We just got back from the M.E.'s. [He looks at his phone] We got a dead body full of an enzyme called hyaluronidase.
Hank: It's something found in bug saliva.
Nick: Hoping you might know of a Wesen that uses it to kill its victims.
[Monroe and Rosalee look at each other]
Nick: Did we catch you at a bad time?
Monroe: No, no, not at all.
Nick: Then what's up?
Rosalee: Well, it's...
Monroe: It sounds like you could be dealing with something called a Gevatter Tod.
Rosalee: A Godfather of Death.
Hank: That does not sound good.
Nick: Anything else?
Monroe: I think you gotta let this one go, Nick. Trust me, this is not a police matter.
Nick: [He scoffs] What are you talking about?
Hank: We've got a dead 91-year-old lady filled with bug saliva.
Rosalee: The victim was Wesen, right? Suffering from dementia?
Nick: Hey, what's going on here?
Rosalee: Let's go back here.
[They all go to the back room]
Rosalee: Listen, dementia in the Wesen community can be even more difficult than normal. Some Wesen who suffer from it experience uncontrolled woges.
Monroe: Bad for them, bad for us.
Hank: Bad for everybody.
Rosalee: To protect the Wesen community, the Gevatter Tod is called.
Monroe: And they... well, they inject the Wesen suffering from dementia with their saliva.
Rosalee: Ending their life painlessly and more peacefully than might otherwise happen.
Monroe: Considering how, throughout history, we've been stoned, beheaded, bludgeoned what, drawn and quartered. Am I forgetting anything?
Rosalee: They get the picture.
Nick: So who contacts this Godfather of Death?
Rosalee: Usually it's the family. If they don't have family, then often it's a Wesen who cares for them.
Monroe: This isn't exactly something you put in a living will.
Rosalee: Monroe and I made an agreement that if one of us is suffering from dementia, the other will contact the Gevatter Tod.
Hank: You serious?
Monroe: Oh, yeah. It's a commitment we made to each other.
Rosalee: It's how Wesen have stayed in secret for so long. I know it sounds callous, but it's how our community works.
Nick: And you know this Gevatter Tod?
Rosalee: No.
Hank: Do you know how to make contact?
Monroe: Yeah, we do. But... and this is a really-this is a big but- we cannot tell you who it is, unless you promise not to arrest him or her.
Nick: Monroe, we have a nursing home orderly, who could go to jail for murder of this old woman. We need to talk to this person.
Rosalee: Then give us your word.
Nick: [He and Hank look at each other] Yeah, yes, I mean, you have our word.
Rosalee: [She grabs a book] Every Wesen apothecary has this contact number. Are you sure you want me to do this?
Nick: Yes.
[Rosalee makes a call]
Man: Stay by your phone. I will return your call within a few hours. [He hangs up]
Monroe: That's how it works.
Nick: [His phone rings] It's Wu. [He answers] Yeah, what do you got?
Wu: Something you and Hank need to see.
Nick: We'll be right there.
Wu: Yep.
[They hang up]
Nick: We've gotta go, but call us as soon as you hear back. [He and Hank leave]
Rosalee: I hope we're doing the right thing.
Monroe: A Gevatter Tod and a Grimm in the same room? I mean, that could get ugly fast.

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at the precinct.

Wu: [He walks up with his laptop] Take a look at this. Here's the surveillance footage from the night Maddie Simms was killed. Here's Maddie Simms walking to her car.
Nick: We're already been through this.
Wu: Well, yeah, you might wanna take another look, once I show you this footage from the North Precinct. Guy with the groceries was killed ten days ago body torn up just like Maddie Simms.
Hank: Okay, what am I missing?
Wu: [He pulls up surveillance footage for both cases, showing the same elderly man near both victims] Coincidence? I think not.
Hank: The old man was within one block of both crime scenes.
Nick: Hope we can ID this guy.
Renard: Hey, Nick, I need to see you in my office.
Nick: [To Hank and Wu] Keep working on it.
Wu: Yeah.
[Nick heads to Renard's office]
Hank: What now?
[Nick closes the door]
Renard: I wanna see the tunnel where these symbols are. [He holds up Diana's drawing] I wanna know what the hell is going on, and why my daughter is involved in something dangerous.
Nick: Who told you it was dangerous?
Renard: You show me the tunnel, and I'll tell you.
Nick: No, it's not gonna happen that way.
Renard: This is my daughter we're talking about, and you're putting her at risk.
Nick: Share what you know. I'll do the same.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee wait for the Gevatter Tod to return their call.

Monroe: Maybe this guy won't call back, and we won't have to deal with any of this.
Rosalee: I remember my father calling the Gevatter Tod for my grandfather.
Monroe: Are you serious?
Rosalee: Mm-hmm.
Monroe: How old were you?
Rosalee: Mm, five, six maybe.
Monroe: Wow.
Rosalee: I was supposed to be in bed, but I heard the front door open, so I snuck downstairs and saw this strange man come into our home and go into my grandfather's room, open the window...
Monroe: To let the spirit out.
Rosalee: Then he shut the door. My parents stayed in the hallway, and my mother started bawling and then they hugged.
Monroe: That's a lot for a little kid to digest.
Rosalee: [She chuckles] Yeah. [Her phone rings] This could be it. I'm gonna put it on speaker. [She answers] Hello?
Man: With whom am I speaking?
Rosalee: Rosalee Calvert.
Man: Is it a parent or a loved one in need?
Rosalee: It's my husband. His dementia is getting worse, and he's woged when he shouldn't be woging, and we really need your help.
Man: What's your address?
Rosalee: 418 Ravens View Drive.
[Monroe pours a glass of wine and starts drinking as the man hangs up]
Monroe: He didn't say when he was coming over. Do you think he's coming over right now?
Rosalee: I don't know. It sounds sounds like it.
Monroe: We gotta get Nick over here.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu try to identify the old man in the surveillance footage.

Nick: Still can't see his face.
Wu: That is the best we got.
Hank: Then we got nothing.
Wu: Hey, we know we're looking for an old guy with a cane... which is basically nothing.
Hank: We may have to wait for another attack.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Monroe, you hear anything back?
Monroe: Nick, you gotta get over here quick. We think the Gevatter Tod is on his way. And Rosalee kinda told him that it was me that she was worried about, which means he's coming over to kill me.
Nick: On our way. [He hangs up] We have to get to Monroe's. [He and Hank leave]

Scene: Monroe paces around while Rosalee sits on the couch.

[There is knocking on the door]
Rosalee: It's going to be okay. [She answers the door] Hello, please come in.
Dr. Landeaux: Rosalee Calvert?
Rosalee: Yes.
Dr. Landeaux: [He goes inside] Are you prepared for what I have to do?
Rosalee: Uh...
Dr. Landeaux: Why don't I have a look at your husband?
Monroe: That would be me. Actually, uh, the truth is we called you 'cause we need to talk to you about something else. Well, we don't need to talk to you. They do.
Nick: [He and Hank walk into the living room] Dr. Landeaux?
Dr. Landeaux: What's going on? Why are the police here?
Nick: Sorry to do this under false pretenses. I'm a Grimm.
[Dr. Landeaux quickly woges into a Gevatter Tod, so Monroe woges as well]
Rosalee: It's okay.
Monroe: He's a Grimm, but he's a friend.
Dr. Landeaux: A Grimm? Hmm? [He retracts]
Monroe: [He retracts] That's better. He just wants to talk to you.
Dr. Landeaux: About what?
Nick: About what you do. Did you help Mrs. Cutler die?
Hank: We're not here to arrest you. We just need to confirm you did it.
Dr. Landeaux: Why?
Nick: Because the orderly she attacked while she was woged could go to prison for defending himself.
Dr. Landeaux: [He sighs] Yes. I helped Mrs. Cutler pass. Unfortunately, I waited too long to act. I... regret what happened, but my responsibility is to protect the Wesen community.
Nick: And my responsibility is to protect Mason Wilcox.
Dr. Landeaux: I can't do anything to help him. I mean, how can we explain all this?
Hank: We've gotten pretty good at it.
Nick: You need to convince Nurse Barton that Mason Wilcox had nothing to do with Mrs. Cutler's death, and you need to testify in court if it goes to trial.
Hank: You're her primary physician. People will listen.
Dr. Landeaux: Yes, but it won't help Mason explain what he saw.
Nick: No, but it will give him his freedom.
Dr. Landeaux: [His phone rings] Excuse me, I have to take this. [He answers] Yes? No. No, you can't. No, stay away from him. I'm on my way. A man suffering from severe dementia-a Drang-Zorn, is threatening his wife.
Nick: Then we're going too. What's the address?
Monroe: It's okay.
Dr. Landeaux: 6931 Northwest McClellen.
Rosalee: Wait, 6931 McClellen? I think I know that address.
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: Were you talking to Mrs. Stanton?
Dr. Landeaux: Yes, do you know her?
Rosalee: [She sighs] She's been a customer forever.
Monroe: We should go with you.
Dr. Landeaux: Right.
[They all leave]

Scene: Everyone pulls up outside the Stanton's house.

Hank: Stay here, sir. [He and Nick walk up to the front door, which is partially open, so they draw their guns and go inside and find Mrs. Stanton on the ground] Dr. Landeaux!
Nick: Mrs. Stanton. Where's your husband? [He helps Mrs. Stanton get onto the couch]
Mrs. Stanton: He left.
[Dr. Landeaux comes into the house followed by Monroe and Rosalee]
Rosalee: Mrs. Stanton.
Mrs. Stanton: Why did you bring all these people?
Rosalee: We're here to help.
Dr. Landeaux: Are you hurt?
Mrs. Stanton: No! He has never attacked me before.
Nick: Do you know where your husband went?
Mrs. Stanton: No... But I'm afraid he's doing bad things. I tried to get him not to leave again, but he was just so... [She sobs] He doesn't know what he's doing.
Nick: How long ago did he leave?
Mrs. Stanton: Fifteen, 20 minutes.
Hank: Does he drive?
Mrs. Stanton: No, not anymore. We got rid of the car. I-I tried calling him, but he's not picking up.
Nick: Well, if he has his phone, we can track him. Do you have his number?
Mrs. Stanton: [She points to her phone] It's the last number I called.
[Dr. Landeaux picks the phone up off the table and hands it to Nick. Nick and Hank then walk over to Monroe]
Nick: This neighborhood isn't far from the other two Wesen attacks.
Hank: Mr. Stanton should be our guy.
Nick: [He calls Wu] Wu, I need you to write down a number. We need a location quick. [He walks out the door]
Monroe: I'm going with ya. [He and Hank follow Nick out]
Rosalee: They'll find him.
Mrs. Stanton: I was just trying to keep him from wandering away at night.
Rosalee: I know the melatonin wasn't for you.
Mrs. Stanton: I couldn't get him to stay asleep. I would wake up, and he'd be gone. [She starts sobbing] Oh, Rosalee.

Scene: Mr. Stanton comes across a young woman sitting at a bus stop.

Mr. Stanton: Elizabeth!
Young Woman: I'm sorry. I think you're mistaking me for someone else.
[Mr. Stanton deliriously laughs as he approaches the woman]
Young Woman: Hey! You can't do that.
Mr. Stanton: Oh, Elizabeth!
Young Woman: You can't do that! Leave me alone! [She runs away]
Mr. Stanton: Elizabeth!
[Nick, Hank, and Monroe pull up and get out of the car]
Nick: Mr. Stanton?
Mr. Stanton: [He stammers] Do-do you-do you know where my wife is? I-I-I can't find her anywhere.
Nick: She's at home.
Monroe: We can take you there.
Mr. Stanton: [He stammers] I-I don't-I don't know who you are. I want my wife!
Nick: Sir, we're your friends. We're here to help you.
Mr. Stanton: What'd you do with her? What'd you do with Elizabeth?
Monroe: Calm down.
[Mr. Stanton woges into a Drang-Zorn]
Nick: Sir!
Monroe: [He grabs Mr. Stanton] I got him.
Nick: Put him in the car.
Monroe: Get his cane.
[Mr. Stanton retracts as he is walked to the car]
Monroe: Get his cane. It's okay.
Mr. Stanton: Don't hurt me!
Nick: It's okay, it's okay.
Mr. Stanton: Don't hurt me!
Monroe: Nick.
Mr. Stanton: Elizabeth! Help me! Help me!

Scene: Mr. Stanton is brought back to his house.

Rosalee: [She hears car doors close outside] They're here. [She opens the door]
[Mr. Stanton walks inside]
Mrs. Stanton: Norm! Thank God. [She walks up to her husband]
Mr. Stanton: Do-do I know you?
Mrs. Stanton: It's me Elizabeth. I'm your wife.
Mr. Stanton: Where-where where am I?
Mrs. Stanton: You're home, darling. You're home. You live here with me.
Mr. Stanton: [He turns around] What-what are what are you all doing here?
Dr. Landeaux: It's all right, Norm.
Mrs. Stanton: You're home.
Dr. Landeaux: They're here to help.
Mrs. Stanton: Honey, here. Here, this is your favorite chair. Come. Come sit down. You need to rest. It's-it's okay.
[Mr. Stanton sits down]
Mrs. Stanton: [She sits down by her husband] I'm right here, sweetheart.
Wu: [He walks in the door] Hey.
Dr. Landeaux: All right, just sit back and relax, Norm.
Wu: [He whispers] Everything okay?
Nick: Yeah. Do you have it?
Wu: Yeah. [He sets down a laptop with the surveillance footage of the elderly man]
[Nick walks over to Mr. Stanton's cane and holds it up for hank and Wu to see. Nick sets it back down and walks back to Hank and Wu]
Monroe: [He and Rosalee walk over to Nick, Hank, and Wu] What's with the cane?
Nick: Ties Mr. Stanton to two Wesen kills.
Rosalee: Oh, no.
Monroe: [He sighs] I'm sure he had no idea what he was doing.
Rosalee: Maybe that's a good thing.
Nick: If he goes to jail, he could woge in custody. He could kill somebody else.
Hank: And no way you could ever take it to trial.
Dr. Landeaux: All right, let's just let him rest.
Nick: [He walks over to Dr. Landeaux] Do what you have to do. We're not gonna interfere.
Dr. Landeaux: [He nods] Okay.
[Wu grabs the laptop and he, Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee head towards the door]
Rosalee: [She stops] Do you want us to stay with you?
Mrs. Stanton: Yes, I'd like that.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu leave]
Dr. Landeaux: Are you ready?
Mrs. Stanton: [She sobs] Yes.
[Dr. Landeaux opens a window]
Mrs. Stanton: You sleep now, sweetheart. I love you. [She sobs] I'm gonna miss you. I'll see you soon, Norm, okay?
Mr. Stanton: Okay, Elizabeth.
[Mrs. Stanton hugs and kisses her husband's head as she sobs. She then stands with Monroe and Rosalee. Dr. Landeaux closes Mr. Stanton's eyes and woges. He then helps Mr. Stanton pass while the others watch in sadness]

Scene: Eve arrives at Monroe and Rosalee's house.

Eve: Monroe? Rosalee? I found something I think you guys should see. [She sets down the spell book with the dagger, and picks the dagger up. She then uncovers a mirror] I know you're in there. [She cuts her hand with the dagger and slides her bloody hand across the mirror horizontally. She woges and slides her hand across again before retracting. When nothing happens, she walks back over to the book] What did I do wrong?
[The mirror whooshes and ripples. Eve turns around as a portal forms in the mirror. She slowly walks over to the mirror and sticks a hand into the portal, before she fully goes through the portal. The portal then closes]


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