Opening Quote: "Turn back, turn back, thou pretty bride, within this house thou must not abide. For here do evil things betide." – The Robber Bridegroom

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee go through a rehearsal for their wedding.

Judge Mason: By the power vested in me by the great state of Oregon, I now pronounce you man and wife. Et cetera, et cetera. Or, if you prefer, husband and wife. Then we go for the kiss, or, I should say, the two of you go in for the kiss.
[Alice giggles]
Judge Mason: After which I present you to the audience, and then you'll be happily married. [To Nick] Do you plan on wearing sunglasses during the ceremony tomorrow?
Nick: Oh. You know, I have this thing with my eyes.
Monroe: Yeah, no, he's got to wear them, 'cause it's, like, a light sensitivity issue that, if unprotected, it could—
Rosalee: Cause a sort of retinitis situation.
Juliette: He has very thin corneas.
DeEtta: Could be really dangerous.
Juliette: He could go blind.
DeEtta: They're like tissue paper.
Alice: The doctor really wants him to keep them on, you know.
Hank: Right, if he takes off the glasses—
Gloria: He could go blind and—
Bud: It could cause permanent damage.
Judge Mason: Okay, fine. He keeps the glasses. Whatever you want. So unless anyone wants to run it again?
Monroe: No, I think we're good.
Judge Mason: Then I'll see you tomorrow. Enjoy your dinner. [She leaves]
Rosalee: Thanks.
Monroe: [To Nick] Don't worry. It's gonna be fine.

Scene: Wu updates Renard on the search for Adalind.

Wu: Sir, want to hear the latest on Ms. Schade?
Renard: You find her?
Wu: No, not yet. Last report from the cab company, she got dropped off at the corner of Northeast 21st and Chadwick, but no record of any pickup from there that same day.
Renard: I want you to expand the search. See if she got picked up a few blocks away.
Wu: Yes sir. [He walks away]
Renard: Where the hell are you?

Scene: Adalind inhales the potion vapor to turn into Juliette again.

Adalind: [Looking in the mirror] Time to see if this works.

Scene: Weston Steward opens up a vent where he pulls out a case containing passports with his picture, but various names and money for multiple different countries.

[Weston takes out a Canadian passport with the name "Walter Rathenau" and leaves]

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, and everyone else from the wedding rehearsal have a rehearsal dinner.

Bart: [He stands up to make a toast] Well, as you may know, when we first met Rosalee, we had some issues, and I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Rosalee and my son, who, I must admit, made us see things in ways I didn't think possible. Which leads me to extend an apology to Nick, a Grimm, who taught me that this world does move in mysterious ways. [He laughs] And finally, I want to thank my wife, Alice, who refused to leave when I really wanted to and made me face my own bullheadedness. Without her courage and love, I would've totally screwed up everything. [He laughs] I just want to wish Rosalee and Monroe a long, happy, and mysterious life together.
Everyone: Hear, hear. [Everyone toasts]
Monroe: Thanks, dad.
Alice: Oh, did you really just say that?
Bart: I said it, and I meant it. [He kisses Alice]
Rosalee: [To Monroe] Cheers.
Juliette: [She stands up to make a toast] I would like to just briefly say on behalf of Hank and myself, the resident Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen...
[Everyone laughs]
Hank: Ahh!
Juliette: That-thank you. That it has been a wonderful and strange experience getting to know Monroe and Rosalee and all of you.
DeEtta: I'll drink to that.
Juliette: Not quite finished. So congratulations to Rosalee and Monroe. You absolutely belong together, and here's to a fantastic wedding tomorrow.
Everyone: Hear, hear. [Everyone toasts]
Monroe: Thanks, Juliette.

Scene: Adalind, disguised as Juliette, shows up at the suite where Renard is.

[Adalind knocks]
Renard: Who is it?
Adalind: Is Adalind there?
[Renard opens the door]
Adalind: I really need to talk to her and you. [She goes inside] Nick told me you were protecting Adalind here. I'm worried about her. Poor thing, she's lost her baby. She must be out of her mind with grief. What happened to your forehead?
[Flashback of Adalind telekinetically hitting Renard in the head with a vase in "The Inheritance"]
Renard: Look, Juliette, you really don't want to get involved with Adalind right now. She was in your house.
Adalind: When?
Renard: Yesterday.
Adalind: How do you know that?
Renard: I followed her there. I don't know what she's up to, but you need to be very careful. Adalind is capable of anything.
Adalind: You don't think she would come after me again.
Renard: I really don't know what she's doing.
Adalind: When will she be back?
Renard: I don't think she will be.
Adalind: I'm sorry. I know you had feelings for her.
Renard: Ours was always a difficult relationship.
Adalind: So was ours.
Renard: Yeah, that wasn't our fault. We had no control over it.
Adalind: You don't think there was anything more than that?
Renard: What?
Adalind: I have to be honest.
Renard: No, y-you don't.
Adalind: I've been confused ever since we went through what we went through.
Renard: What do you mean, "confused"?
Adalind: Just this. [She kisses Renard and her face ripples] I'm sorry. I know that was wrong. I can't help it. I still have feelings for you. Call me. [She leaves and gets into a cab outside the hotel] B & B Storage, 47466 Northwest Sutton Road. And please hurry. [She looks at her reflection in a window of the cab as the potion's effects begin wearing off]

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, Alice, Bart, Gloria, and DeEtta arrive at Monroe and Rosalee's house.

Monroe: Come on, I thought that Cabernet was delicious.
[Everyone chats as they come in the door]
DeEtta: Oh, mom, stop.
Rosalee: Okay, guys. Anybody want anything else before we go to sleep?
Bart: Not me. I'm beat.
Gloria: We don't need anything.
DeEtta: I could use another glass of wine. [Everyone looks at her] It's a special occasion. I mean, my baby sister doesn't get married everyday.
Rosalee: Okay, red or white?
DeEtta: Red. [She and Rosalee go to the kitchen]
Alice: All right, I'll see you all in the morning.
Gloria: Me too.
Bart: Yeah. Good night, son.
Monroe: Hey, dad, can I talk to you for a second?
Bart: Is there a problem?
Monroe: No, no, not at all. Actually, that's what I wanted to talk about. I just... Wanted to say that I thought what you said at dinner was really nice. And, you know, I really appreciate how you've come around to Rosalee and me.
Bart: It was my problem, not yours. And now that we've gotten to know her, that girl of yours is pretty special. There will always be some who won't agree, but I'm just glad I'm not one of them anymore.
Monroe: Thanks, dad.
Bart: See you in the morning.
Monroe: Okay. [He and Bart hug]

Scene: Adalind arrives at the storage unit in the cab.

[Adalind pays the driver, and he is shocked that she looks different than when he picked her up]

Scene: Nick and Juliette arrive home.

Juliette: Do you smell smoke?
Nick: Yeah, I do.
Juliette: I think it's coming from inside. [She and Nick go inside and hear the smoke alarm going off]
Nick: Trubel!
Trubel: [She coughs as she tries to control a fire in a pan on top of the stove] Sorry, sorry, I'm really sorry.
Juliette: I'll open a window.
Nick: Yeah, and the door. Get back. [Nick puts a lid on the pan]
Trubel: [She coughs and waves the door] Sorry, I was just trying to cook something.
Nick: No, that's okay. No harm done.
Juliette: Yeah, Nick almost burned the house down once trying to make me a birthday dinner. Some sort of flambé, wasn't it?
Nick: Yeah, it's hard to tell after I was done with it. We went out.
Trubel: I was just trying to cook something for you guys.
Juliette: That's sweet. What were you trying to make us?
Trubel: Bacon and eggs. If it worked, I was gonna make breakfast, but... Well, I never really got past the bacon.
Juliette: Well, I can never get past the bacon. I'm addicted.
[The phone rings]
Juliette: I'll get the phone.
Nick: And by the way, I need your help tomorrow. We have something important to do.
Trubel: What?
Nick: We're moving the trailer.
Juliette: [She answers the phone] Hello?
Adalind: Juliette.
Juliette: Adalind?
Adalind: Hi. I'm so sorry to bother you, but I thought I should warn you. Something happened tonight that I just can't quite explain.
Juliette: Why are you calling me?
Adalind: Because it's about you.
Juliette: Me? How is it about me?
Adalind: I was with Sean tonight, and he said some things that just weren't right. I hope I'm wrong, but I think his obsession for you may have returned, and I feel responsible. You haven't had any feelings for him, have you?
Juliette: No. God, no.
Adalind: Good. I might be totally wrong about this, but just in case, I'm gonna mix up a little something to counteract it.
Juliette: No, Adalind. No mixing of anything. No potions, please.
Adalind: I understand your concern. I just thought I should say something. Anyway, you have a good night.
Juliette: No, Ada-
[Adalind hangs up]
Nick: Who was that?
Juliette: Adalind.
Nick: Adalind?
Trubel: Who's Adalind?
Nick: The Hexenbiest who put a spell on Juliette and tried to kill her.
Juliette: Among other things.
Nick: What did she want?
Juliette: She said that she thinks Sean's obsession with me is coming back, and she wanted to warn me.
Nick: Well, are you feeling anything?
Juliette: Yeah. Pissed off at the whole idea.
Nick: Well, she's probably wrong, and I wouldn't trust her anyway.
Juliette: All I'm saying is, this better not be happening again.

Scene: There is a loud thud in the middle of the night at Monroe and Rosalee's house and everyone goes to the living room.

Rosalee: What was that?
Monroe: I don't know.
[Everyone finds a drunk DeEtta wearing Rosalee's wedding dress, which has red wine all over it]
Rosalee: Oh, my God.
Gloria: DeEtta.
DeEtta: Rosalee, I can't let you get married in this dress. I won't let you get married in it. I got married in it twice, and they both ended up in the crapper. This dress is nothing but bad luck. I'm doing you a favor. [She falls to the ground as she passes out]
[Monroe sighs and looks at Rosalee]

Scene: Rosalee, Gloria, Bart, and Alice go try to find Rosalee a new dress.

Bart: [He knocks on the shop door] Come on, come on. Open up. Hello. This is an emergency.
Alice: [Looking at a dress in the window] This one is just stunning.
Gloria: It's beautiful.
Saleswoman: We're not open for another hour.
Alice: Oh, please, we really need your help.
Gloria: She's getting married today.
Bart: Her dress was ruined.
Alice: It's a disaster.
Gloria: It was her sister.
Alice: How much is that one?
Saleswoman: It's $7,200.
Rosalee: Oh, that's way too expensive.
Bart: Hell it is. It's perfect.
Rosalee: No, no, Monroe and I can't afford it.
Bart: We can.
Alice: If they open the store right now.
Saleswoman: [She unlocks the door] I guess we're open for business.
[Rosalee hugs Bart and everyone goes inside]

Scene: DeEtta wakes up when Monroe opens the drapes.

DeEtta: [She gasps when she notices the dress is ruined] Oh, God. Oh, God, what have I done? I'm so sorry. I can never make this up to you. Monroe, I—
Monroe: DeEtta, please. Just listen. [He sighs] I'm gonna have to be honest with you.
DeEtta: Okay.
Monroe: Rosalee and I, we actually hated that dress. [He takes a drink of coffee and walks away]

Scene: Juliette comes downstairs as the phone rings.

Juliette: [She answers the phone] Hello?
Renard: Juliette, it's me. Look, I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna come out and say it. I'm fond of you, but we can't do this again. All right? It ends now.
Juliette: What?
Renard: Look, you can't come and see me no matter how bad you might want to.
Juliette: What are you talking about?
Renard: Please don't play games. This is serious.
Juliette: Yeah, I know this is serious. Why are you calling me?
Renard: To avoid getting into the same problem we were in before.
Juliette: I don't want that.
Renard: Neither do I. So I think enough said.
Juliette: No, more than enough said. What is wrong with you?
Renard: Look, you're the one who started this.
Juliette: I didn't start anything. You called me.
Renard: After you came to see me.
Juliette: That was last year, and we both know why.
Renard: And what about last night?
Juliette: What about last night?
Renard: Wow. Really. That's how you're gonna do this.
Juliette: No, this is how I'm gonna do this. [She hangs up] What the hell.
[Wu knocks on Renard's office door]
Renard: What?
Wu: [He goes in] Um... Sir, I think we know where Adalind Schade might be. Taxi dropped off a woman matching her description at B & B Storage on Northwest Sutton. Checked all the records, nothing in Adalind's name, but there's a unit registered in her mother's name. Number 22. Want me to check it out?
Renard: No, I'll handle this.
Wu: Yes, sir. [He leaves]

Scene: Nick and Trubel move the trailer.

Trubel: Why do we have to move it now?
Nick: Too many people seem to know where it is, and we got this new stuff. It seems like a good time to find it a new home. I bought a piece of land. It's gonna be a lot harder for people to figure out where it is.
Trubel: How many times have you had to move it?
Nick: This is the second time for me, but this came all the way from New York with my Aunt Marie.
Trubel: That's who raised you, your Aunt Marie?
Nick: I had my mom and dad until I was 12.
Trubel: What happened to them?
Nick: My dad was killed, and I thought my mom was too until a couple of years ago.
Trubel: Were they Grimms?
Nick: My dad wasn't, and my mom was-or is.
Trubel: You've seen her?
Nick: Oh, yeah. She's come to visit a couple of times.
[Nick and Trubel arrive at the new place for the trailer]
Trubel: You're right. It is gonna be harder to find. Think it'll be safe here?
Nick: For a little while.
Trubel: You know what you were saying about your mom coming back? I don't know how I'd feel if I saw my mom and dad again. Must have been weird.
Nick: Well, a little bit. [Flashback of Kelly fighting Akira Kimura in "Woman in Black"]
Trubel: I don't know if my parents were Grimms or not.
Nick: One of them had to be. Let's get this trunk inside. Got it?
Trubel: Yeah. [She and Nick bring the trunk from Rolek Porter into the trailer]

Scene: Juliette gets another call from Adalind.

Juliette: [Answering the phone] Hello?
Adalind: It's Adalind. I was just making sure you haven't had any trouble with Sean.
Juliette: He called.
Adalind: Oh, no.
Juliette: You were right. There is something wrong with him.
Adalind: I was afraid of that. Well, I have the stuff that'll make him stop. It's sort of a pepper spray, but not for the face. You spray it... a little lower. I can bring it over right now.
Juliette: No. No, I'm going. I've got way too many things to do.
Adalind: Is Nick there? Because I can just drop it off with him.
Juliette: Nick is getting ready to go to a wedding, okay? He doesn't have time for this. And by the way, this is your responsibility, okay? If Sean needs something sprayed wherever, you do it.
Adalind: You're right. You are right. I'll take care of it. [She hangs up and inhales the potion vapor again. She then leaves the storage unit looking like Juliette]

Scene: Nick and Trubel go through the items from Rolek Porter.

Trubel: Well, it must not have been easy for him.
Nick: Who?
Trubel: The guy that had all this stuff.
Nick: Rolek.
Trubel: Why do you think he didn't want to be a Grimm?
Nick: Well, he probably wanted a normal life.
Trubel: That's possible?
Nick: No. And I guess it caught up to him in the end. [He finds a knife] Ooh. Haven't seen one of these before.
Trubel: Some kind of knife.
[The knife splits into three blades]
Nick: [He chuckles] Impressive.
Trubel: If you could choose to be a Grimm or not, what would you do?
Nick: Well, it hasn't made my life any easier. Or Juliette's. Or yours.
Trubel: [She chuckles] Better being a Grimm than being crazy. [She looks in one of the Grimm books] I think.

Scene: Renard uses a crowbar to open Adalind's storage unit.

Renard: [He picks up the witch's hat off the cauldron and sniffs] You're doing it again. [He throws the hat onto the ground]

Scene: Nick and Trubel arrive home.

Nick: Want me to order you takeout for tonight?
Trubel: Oh, you mean so I won't cook?
Nick: Is that what you call it? I'm kidding. Sort of. [He finds some takeout menus] All right, we got pizza, Chinese.
Trubel: You know, I appreciate all you've done for me, but I can't keep living off you guys.
Nick: Well, you can for a little while. Just until you know what you need to know.
Trubel: Do you know what you need to know?
Nick: [He chuckles] I'm working on it. And like I said, I like having another Grimm around.
Trubel: At some point, I'm gonna have to... I just can't keep living here. If I get hungry, I will figure it out. [She takes the menus from Nick and goes to her room. She lays on her machete but then tosses it on the chair next to her]
[Nick goes to his room to get ready for Monroe and Rosalee's wedding]
Adalind: [From the bathroom, disguised as Juliette] Nick, is that you?
Nick: Yeah.
Adalind: You had me worried. I thought you were gonna be late.
Nick: No, we've got plenty of time.
Adalind: [She comes out of the bathroom wearing Juliette's negligee] Well, that's good to know.
Nick: Whoa.
Adalind: Whoa what?
Nick: Whoa, you wearing that to the wedding?
Adalind: Unless somebody takes it off me first.
Nick: Really?
Adalind: Yeah. This whole wedding thing has kind of put me in a romantic mood. [She and Nick kiss]
Nick: I support that.
Adalind: You do, do you? [She and Nick kiss more]
Nick: I wish our friends would get married more often. [He takes the negligee off of Adalind]

Scene: Renard figures out what Adalind is up to.

Renard: [Reading the book] "Dich so mit 'm Spiegelbild beglücken." And to a mirrored image it will make. "Den Topf dann mit dem Hut bedecken." Cover the pot with your hat. "Um das Gebräu wohl auszuhecken." And breathe in the mixture from the vat. Oh, you bitch.

Scene: Nick and Adalind finish having sex.

Nick: [He sighs] What?
Adalind: We should do this more often.
Nick: No arguments here. [He tries to kiss Adalind]
Adalind: Uh-uh, 'cause then we will be late.
Nick: Okay, I'm going. [He goes into the bathroom]
[Adalind gets dressed and goes downstairs to leave, but she runs into Trubel]
Trubel: Oh, Juliette, sorry.
Adalind: No problem.
Trubel: Don't worry, I wasn't cooking anything.
Adalind: Mm-hmm.
Trubel: Except bacon.
Adalind: Whatever, I hate bacon. [She opens the door]
Trubel: Are you going to the wedding?
[Adalind leaves and Trubel, suddenly suspicious, follows her. Upstairs, Nick is in the shower as Renard tries to call his cell phone. The scene shifts to Renard in the storage unit]
Renard: Damn it. [He empties a little bottle and puts some of the liquid from Adalind's potion into it. He then leaves]
[The scene shifts to Trubel following Adalind as she watches Adalind get into a taxi. Suddenly, Trubel realizes that Adalind looks like a completely different person and not like Juliette anymore]

Scene: Juliette arrives home.

Juliette: [She goes into the bedroom as Nick gets dressed] Wow, you look so handsome.
Nick: Well, that was fast.
Juliette: What?
Nick: Your hair.
Juliette: You like it?
Nick: Yeah, it looks great.
Juliette: Good.
Nick: It looked great before. Why'd you change it?
Juliette: Because we're going to a wedding. And we need to be gone in ten minutes.
Nick: I'm ready. I'll be downstairs.
[Juliette prepares to get dressed, when she notices her negligee on the ground and the bed a mess. Trubel arrives home as Nick and Juliette head to the car. She hides and watches as they drive away. The scene shifts to inside the car]
Nick: You look beautiful.
Juliette: Thanks.
Nick: You okay?
Juliette: I don't know.
Nick: You don't know? Well, you seemed pretty okay not that long ago.
Juliette: What was my negligee doing on the floor?
Nick: I think that's just pretty much where it fell.
Juliette: When?
Nick: [He chuckles] You're joking.
Juliette: No.
Nick: Oh, come on. Was I that bad?
Juliette: Nick, why don't you just go ahead and tell me what's going on.
Nick: I would, but I don't know what you're talking about.
Juliette: I'm talking about when I just came home, and my negligee was all scrunched up on the floor, and the bed was messed up.
Nick: Yeah, well, I didn't do that by myself.
Juliette: All right, want to tell me who you did it with? [Nick looks at her] Don't look at me like that. You did this, not me.
Nick: I didn't. I came home, you were wearing that negligee.
Juliette: My God, how stupid do you think I am? I was gone. I was getting my hair done.
Nick: Yeah, you got your hair done. It looked great.
Juliette: Stop. I cannot believe that you would do something like this in our home, in our bed.
Nick: All right, this isn't funny anymore.
Juliette: If we weren't going to Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, I would make you pull over, and I would get out.
Nick: Juliette, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Juliette: Nick, you were in bed with somebody.
Nick: Yeah, I was in bed with somebody. You. We made love.
Juliette: We didn't.
Nick: Okay, then it was somebody who looked and sounded exactly like you, was in our bedroom, and was wearing your negligee.
Juliette: Nick, it wasn't me.
Nick: Well, it had to have been you. Who else could it have been?
Juliette: [She thinks about it] Adalind called me.
Nick: Last night.
Juliette: Today. She wanted to come over, and I told her I was gonna be out.
Nick: She knew you weren't gonna be home.
Juliette: Oh, my God.
Nick: If that was Adalind...
Juliette: Oh, my God, I'm gonna be sick.

Scene: Renard arrives at Nick and Juliette's house and bangs on the door.

Renard: Nick! Nick, come on, open up. Nick!
Trubel: [She walks up to the door] Who are you?
Renard: I'm Sean Renard. I'm Nick's Captain. Is he home? Look, I need to speak to him. It's very important.
Trubel: Yeah, I remember you from the police station. [She lets Renard in]
Renard: Hey, Nick. Nick!
Trubel: Nick's not home.
Renard: Where is he?
Trubel: He went to the wedding with Juliette. What's wrong?
Renard: Who are you?
Trubel: I'm-I'm a friend of theirs. I'm just staying with them for a while.
Renard: Was Adalind here?
Trubel: I heard of her. I don't know her.
Renard: Long, blonde hair. Pretty. [Renard notices Trubel's expression change] You saw her, didn't you.
Trubel: I don't know. I saw Juliette leave the house and then walk away and get into a cab. And then she said she didn't like bacon, which was weird, because Juliette said she did. Anyway, I thought she got into a fight with Nick, and the cab drove past, and it wasn't Juliette. It was...
Renard: Adalind.
Trubel: I thought I saw two Juliettes.
Renard: The one that you followed, was she ever alone with Nick?
Trubel: [She thinks about it] Yeah, and she acted like she didn't know me. Is Nick okay?
Renard: No. No, and I need to know where he is. Look, I know this sound crazy, but he has to drink this. [He shows Trubel the liquid from the cauldron]
Trubel: What'd she do to him?
Renard: Something very bad if I don't get to him. You know where the wedding is?
Trubel: Yeah, hold on. [She grabs a piece of paper from the computer desk] It's, uh... [She hands the paper to Renard] I should go with you.
Renard: No, you stay here. I'll handle this. [He opens the door to leave, and just as he walks outside, he is shot three times in the torso, and falls, collapsing back into the house]
[Weston Steward enters the house. He sees Trubel and shoots at her as she runs. He chases after her as she runs upstairs to her room. She blocks the door with a chair as Weston shoots through the door. Trubel falls backwards and hits her head on the edge of a bedside table, and Weston bangs on the door]

Scene: Nick and Juliette arrive at the wedding site.

Nick: Juliette... This is so screwed up.
Juliette: Yeah, I know.
Nick: I would never have—
Juliette: It's just this whole life of ours, the way it's being infected by you being what you are, you know? I don't know if I can take it anymore.
Nick: Juliette, I was going to propose to you. I had the ring. I was just about to, and that's when my mom showed up with Adalind and the baby—
Bud: [Jogging up] Nick, Juliette. [He chuckles] Is this the most wonderful day or what? Hey, I'll see you both inside. [He walks away]

Scene: Weston Steward breaks into Trubel's room.

[Trubel stands up and grabs her machete, holding it behind her back]
Weston: Well, this is what I call being in the wrong place at the wrong time. [He puts his gun away] But I'm not gonna shoot you. Where's the fun in that? [He woges] You're a Grimm.
Trubel: [She kicks Weston, causing him to fall back into the hallway. She runs up to him and cuts his head off, and it bounces down the stairs. She runs downstairs and calls 911] Hey, someone's been shot. It's a cop.

Scene: Monroe finishes getting ready for his wedding.

Hank: It's going to be fine.
Monroe: [He groans] No, I know. I know it's gonna be fine. But, you know, you've been through this, like, a million times.
Hank: It wasn't a million times. It just felt like it.
Nick: [He groans] Damn it.
Monroe: You forgot the ring.
Nick: No, I've got the ring. I forgot the sunglasses.
[Monroe sighs]
Nick: I must have left them at home. Things were getting a little crazy.
Monroe: Dude! We got to call off the wedding.
Bart: [He comes into the room] What are you talking about?
Monroe: Nick forgot his sunglasses.
Bart: We're not calling off anything. You need to calm down, son. Here, use mine. [He hands Nick his sunglasses]
Nick: [He puts the sunglasses on and looks in the mirror, and he then quickly takes them off] They're prescription.
Bart: I can't help that.
Hank: Can you see?
Nick: [He puts the sunglasses back on] Yeah, I guess. Sort of.
Monroe: Okay. This is happening.

Scene: As sirens approach, Trubel grabs Renard's keys and the bottle he brought and leaves the house.

Scene: Everyone prepares for the wedding to begin.

[DeEtta, Nick, and Juliette walk down the aisle and stand next to Judge Mason. The scene shifts to Trubel driving Renard's vehicle as the GPS gives her directions to the wedding site. The scene shifts back to the wedding as everyone stands up as Rosalee walks down stairs. Hank meets her at the bottom of the stairs and walks her the rest of the way down the aisle. Rosalee hands her bouquet to Juliette and then holds Monroe's hands. The scene briefly shifts to Trubel before shifting back to the wedding]
Rosalee: [She begins her vows] Monroe... When we first met, I didn't know what to make of you.
[Everyone laughs]
Rosalee: And it wasn't under the best of circumstances. I had just lost my brother and was going through a very difficult time. But once I met you, you just lifted my spirits, and you poured happiness back into my life. [She chuckles] And it's only gotten better ever since. I love you.

Scene: The paramedics take Renard out of Nick and Juliette's house.

Paramedic: Okay. Down.
Paramedic: Steps. Keep him level. Let's go, go. All right, easy, easy.
Wu: Come on, guys. We got to go fast. Let's go.
[Renard is loaded into an ambulance]
Paramedic: All right, lock it down.
[The ambulance doors are closed]
Paramedic: Let's go!
Franco: Hey, Wu. There's no sign of Nick or Juliette inside. There's a couple of things you're gonna want to see. [He and Wu go inside the house]

Scene: Monroe says his vows to Rosalee.

Monroe: I wasn't really a believer in love at first sight until I met you. Although, to be honest, it wasn't really love at first sight so much as it was love at first brick.
[Everyone laughs]
Monroe: Because if you hadn't hit that guy when you did, I don't think I would be standing here today.

Scene: Wu sees Weston's head.

Wu: Uh, where's the rest of him?
Franco: Upstairs.
Wu: [He sighs] You I.D. the body?
Franco: Yeah. Came back as Weston Steward, FBI agent. The weird thing is, he's carrying a passport with his picture but another name, Walter Rathenau. What the hell do you think happened here?
Wu: I have no idea. [He and Franco go upstairs]
Franco: There's a bloody machete. It's a good bet that's how he lost his head.
Wu: Looks like a 9-millimeter.
Franco: Doesn't it seem to you like a lot of weird stuff happens in this house?
Wu: Nick's a cop. He's gonna make enemies.
Franco: What, enemies that chop people's heads off?
Wu: You better contact the FBI if this is really one of their guys. And I'll keep trying to contact Nick.
Franco: Yep.
[Wu calls Nick and the scene shifts back to the wedding]
Monroe: It is the life you saved with that brick...
[Nick's phone vibrates in his pocket]
Monroe: I now give to you heart and soul.
[Nick reaches into his pocket to turn off the vibration]
Monroe: Now and forever.
[The scene shifts to Wu as he waits for Nick to answer, but he starts reading the text of one of the Grimm books on Trubel's bed]
Wu: "I waited in the dark most of the night. When the treacherous beast returned, I cut off its head." [He moves the book that's on top and turns the page, seeing a Lausenschlange drawing, which makes him think of his Aswang encounter. Flashback of Wu seeing the Aswang in "Mommy Dearest"]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee get their rings.

Judge Mason: Do you have the ring?
Nick: I do. [He hands the ring to Monroe]
Monroe: [He puts the ring part way on Rosalee's finger] I, Monroe, take thee, Rosalee, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward. [As he speaks, the scene briefly shifts to Adalind collecting what she needs and leaving the storage unit before shifting back to the wedding] For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part. [He slides the ring all the way onto Rosalee's finger]
Judge Mason: [To Juliette] Do you have the ring?
Rosalee: [Juliette hands her the ring and she slides it part way onto Monroe's finger] I, Rosalee, take thee, Monroe, to be my wedded husband, [As she speaks, the scene briefly shifts to Renard in the ambulance as paramedics work on him before shifting back to the wedding] to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, [As she finishes speaking, the scene briefly shifts to Trubel before shifting back to the wedding] to love and to cherish till death do us part. [She slides the ring all the way onto Monroe's finger]
Judge Mason: Rosalee and Monroe, by the power vested in me by the state of Oregon, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!
[Everyone claps as Monroe and Rosalee kiss, and the Wesen guests woge. Trubel arrives and runs into the lodge]
Judge Mason: It is with great pleasure that I now present Mr. and Mrs.—
Trubel: Nick! Nick!
Nick: Oh, God.
[Everyone looks at Trubel and many guests woge]
Trubel: Nick.
Various Guests: She's gonna kill us! She's here to kill us! She's a Grimm! She's a Grimm! Oh, God! She's here to kill Monroe and Rosalee! She's gonna kill us!
Rosalee: Oh, no.
Monroe: Oh, boy.
[The guests start going after Trubel]
Trubel: Nick, you need to drink this. Nick, take it!
Nick: It's okay. It's okay. We're all friends.
Trubel: [She is grabbed] Take it, Nick. You have to drink this! [She gets swarmed] Take it, Nick! No! [The bottle is knocked out of her hand and shatters as it hits the ground]
Nick: Everybody just back off!
Trubel: No!
Nick: Back off. Come on... unh! [The sunglasses are knocked off his face and stepped on]
Monroe: Please, please! Everybody has to calm down now.
Guest: She's a Grimm!
Trubel: Wesen!
Nick: What?
Trubel: Wesen!
Monroe: Nobody will be hurt if you calm down.
Hank: Just get her out of here.
Nick: Come on, let's go!
Trubel: [Guests try to grab her as she runs by] No!
Monroe: Let's go, let's go! Please, everybody relax!
Bart: No, just...
Alice: Everybody calm down!
[Nick, Juliette, Hank, Trubel, Monroe, and Rosalee escape to another room]
Bart: [He, Alice, and Gloria block the doors] Everyone back off!
Alice: Back off!
Bart: Just back off!
Nick: How did they know that she was a Grimm?
Monroe: What are you talking about? Trubel walked right in when everyone was woged.
Nick: No, they weren't.
Rosalee: Yes, they were, Nick.
Nick: Well, I didn't see it.
Monroe: [He woges] Oh, my God, Nick. Your eyes. Something's wrong. They're normal. Can you see me?
Nick: Are you woged?
Monroe: Oh, my God. [He retracts] Are you serious? You really couldn't see me?
Juliette: What do you mean, he couldn't see you?
Monroe: You're not a Grimm anymore.
Hank: What?
Juliette: Oh, my God.
Trubel: It's what she did to you. You were supposed to drink the stuff in the bottle. He said something bad was gonna happen if you didn't.
Nick: Who?
Trubel: Your-your Captain. He came to the house after you left, and he said Adalind did something to you. And then he got shot, and I had to kill this other guy.
Hank: Shot? The Captain's been shot?
Trubel: And I don't know who he was. He was just a Hundjäger, and-and he's the one that shot your Captain.
Nick: What-
Bart: [He comes into the room] They're gonna tear her apart. You got to get her out of here.
Hank: Nick, we got to go now.
[Nick, Juliette, Hank, and Trubel leave]
Monroe: Oh, my God.
[Everyone gets into Renard's vehicle and Hank drives away. The scene shifts to Renard in the ambulance as he coughs up blood. The scene then shifts to Adalind on a plane. Flashback of Adalind dreaming about handing Diana to Viktor in "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen." The scene then shifts to everyone in the vehicle. Juliette looks at Hank and then at Nick]
Trubel: You really couldn't see them?
Nick: [He looks out his window] No.


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