• Cottonpaws72

    Which Wesen Am I?

    September 27, 2019 by Cottonpaws72

    {{Which Wesen are you? |1=1 |2=3 |3=1 |4=3 |5=3 |6=2 |7=1 |8=2 |9=1 |10=2 |11=1 |12=1 |13=1 |14=3 |15=1 |16=1 |17=1 |18=3 |19=1 |20=2 |21=3 |22=2 |23=2 |24=3 |25=3 |26=3 |27=3 |28=3 |29=2 |30=3 |31=1 |32=1 |33=1 |34=1 |35=3 |36=3 |37=1 |38=2 |39=1 |40=2 |41=1 |42=1 |43=1 |44=1 |45=1 |46=1 |47=3 |48=1 |49=1 |50=2 |51=1 |52=1 |53=1 |54=1 |55=1 |56=1 |57=3 |58=3 |59=1 |60=1 |61=3 |62=3 |63=1 |64=1 |65=1 |66=1 |67=1 |68=1 |69=2 |70=2 |71=1 |72=2 |73=1 |74=1 |75=1 |76=1 |77=1 |78=1 |79=1 |80=2 |81=1 |82=1 |83=1 |84=1 |85=1 |86=1 |87=1 |88=1 |89=1 |90=1 |91=1 |92=1 |93=1 |94=3 |95=2 |96=1 |97=1 |98=1 |99=1 |100=2 |101=3 |102=1 |103=2 |104=1 |105=1 |106=1 |107=1 |108=2 |109=1 |110=2 |111=1 |112=2 |113=2 |114=1 |115=3 |116=3 |117=1 |118=1 |119=1 |…

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  • Kyle12ellis

    The End

    August 9, 2019 by Kyle12ellis
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  • Vrm3

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  • Minky082193

    The end

    September 2, 2018 by Minky082193

    The end doesn't make sence to me at all but it just my opinion? Also it should have a better end  what do you think? 

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  • GrimmXHex


    July 4, 2018 by GrimmXHex

    Grimm is the best show out there. Supernatural can't beat this show. When I first saw Grimm I fell in love with it. Wesen are the greatest

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  • DaveF1953

    Grimm Cancellation

    September 9, 2017 by DaveF1953
    Cancellation of GRIMMDaveF1953 [1]

    Early Work

    I realize this is an exercise in futility, yet I feel I must keep trying as hard as I can to be heard. The show " Grimm " which was recently cancelled is a big mistake for this Network. I will be trying to find a group, who, like myself feel the show was wronged due to The name of the show being Grimm. To the many people who thought this series was a " Hansel & Grettle"  type of show have no idea what they've missed. Simply re-naming the show - like Burkhardts Monster Hunters - Grimm. You get the gist. The show has left a lot of special things on the back burner. There really is no end in sight as to where this show could go. Supernatural is now in its 13th? season. The CW has a winner as did you…

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  • Great Nart

    Hi, there are all major characters theme songs. Some of them are rock, metal and pop. These are my favorite genres, so just enjoy it.

    1) Nick Burkhardt - On My Own - Ashes Remain

    2) Adalind Schade - Points of Authority - Linkin Park

    3) Juliette Silverstone - Gone Forever - Three Days Grace

    4) Sean Renard - Haunted - Disturbed

    5) Hank Griffin - Pass Out - Tinie Tempah 

    6) Monroe - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Set it Off

    7) Rosalee Calvert - The Fox - Ylvis

    8) Drew Wu - Cops and Robbers - The Hoosers

    9) Trubel - Trouble - P!nk

    10) Krampus - Holiday - Green Day

    11) Zerstörer - Destroy what you enjoy - Powerman 5000

    So, thats all. I wonder if this list could even play on YouTube.

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  • Scout Trooper 164


    April 2, 2017 by Scout Trooper 164

    Hey, Grimmsters and other contributors to the wiki of Grimm. I just want to say....Well, goodbye. I stopped watching after the fifth episode of season five, and for some reason besides schoolwork, I never got myself back into the show (and it's not just because Bitsie returned from the show, don't even get started on that), and I feel like I'm never going to watch the show, even if I get the complete collection on either DVD or Blu-ray. You see, guys, I just got uninterested in returning to watch the show, and I never liked the way they had every character that was 'Main' return alive at the very end. It reminded me of Criminal Minds where as long as you're a member of the BAU, you're pretty much un-killable, something that I utterly d…

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  • Scout Trooper 164

    Hey, fellow grimmsters, it is I Scout Trooper 164 returning with another blog. You may be wondering where I was this whole time? Well, truth be told, I disappeared during Season 5 of the show after I saw Bitsie Tulloch return (as much as I get the part of never being truly dead, I can't help but feel like that ruined the whole 'vengeance' part of the season for me). Then, during the December of 2016, my computer ended up dying out because the processor burnt up (I am looking at a new PC on Best Buy right now, the CyberPowerPC to be precise), making editing, if I ever wanted to, a whole lot harder. I think though I'm glad I disappeared for a while, because it helped clear my head from here about the anger I caused here, and it made thin…

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  • Scout Trooper 164

    Grimm is going to be airing it's very last episode in just a couple of days. I know shows have to end at some point (although I don't know why a ton of anime last so long though), but that's not what I want to know. The truth is...What will happen after the show ends? Most of the users here only contribute to this wiki, and once the show ends and no other news of spin-offs or anything for this show will cause it to be completely abandoned. I haven't been around for years since I learned that Bitsie Tulloch returned (good actress, but her eyes don't match up the rest of her face) mainly because I felt it ruined the whole 'vengeance' part of Season 5. But still, what's gonna happen when the show is finally done for good? A wiki can onl…

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  • LapisLazuliisthebest

    Has anyone else noticed that they hardly ever base episodes on fairytales enymore?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's just a bit strange that the whole piont of Grimm was that the episodes where all twisted version of classic fairytales, myths, legends and the like, Which is why they have quotes at the begining. And the Wesen were all based on such as well

    However from season 4 onwards ( and half of season 3) it just seems to be a case "write what you want and find a good quote that maches, even if it's just something a famous siad once". A good example would be the Season 4 episode "Thanks for the Memories" which litteraly had "Knolege is Power" as it's quote, That and the Gedachtnis Esser didn't seem to make any reaference to pa…

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  • Grimmaniac

          "Wow." I think that was the first thing I said, with teary eyes to be sure, at the conclusion of "Blood Magic," as Grimm's 120th episode pretty much left me speechless. Despite the many great episodes that have come of this series, this one truly felt different and stands alone. It was spectacular on so many levels – beautifully written, acted, produced, edited, directed... everything you can think of, they completely nailed it. A huge, huge shout out to guest stars Nancy Linehan Charles and Frank Birney, who did an absolutely incredible job of portraying the Stantons. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give to those involved in making this episode happen is this: as best as I can remember, never before has an episode of Grimm introd…

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  • Jiskran

    As someone with a background in linguistics, I am endlessly, joyously surprised by Sasha's ability to handle differing languages with a variegated toolbox of sounds and modes of expression, rather than the common occurrence of it being clear that an actor has been drilled phonetically with Anglicized thoughts re-dressed in the necessary other forms.

    In a Canadian, phenomenal French is not a shock, but his German and Russian each display the clear, known qualities of their root without slipping off into parody, and his personal background as one born in Tel Aviv presumably feeds into this. However, as a British person, I was impressed by how much Guildford has remained with him, as shown in the tone and consistency of 'Jack'. All in all, his…

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  • Jiskran

    A tilt in the axis

    February 4, 2017 by Jiskran

    Overall, I am enjoying many things about Season 6, including Rosalee and Monroe's preparations for parenthood and Sean Reynard's apparent remorse, but there is one element which frequently assails my willing suspension - Diana, and specifically her power level and range. The always potent little girl has become the 'deus ex machina', fixing the problems, furnishing the clues and, for me, rendering the team largely redundant much of the time. Even if they want to, it doesn't appear they can fight her, and a little girl who can make her daddy kill and smother his girlfriend to death doesn't seem like someone who will hesitate to do whatever her whims prod her to. It feels occasionally as though Nick is only alive because Diana likes Kelly, s…

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  • Jcre3534

    Info on plichttreue

    January 19, 2017 by Jcre3534

    Some characteristics about this wesen 

    • it gains sharp teeth 
    • dull
    • white fur grows all over their body 
    • with a black mark that varies between spots and stripes 
    • eyes go from a glowing yellow green to an amber color 

    the question i like to ask is that arw they real or is there a beast living in all of us ?

    i also noticed with the coins that hitler was wesen what kind of creature was he 

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  • Georgian Grimm Fan

    i love grimm and also superheroes. as they say, next grimm Kelly Schade-Burkhardt, he would be zauber-grimm or super-grimm. i will call him grimm patrol and also i made his villains.

    King Konigsburg

    king heinrich von konigsburg is son of king viktor von konigsburg, he is king of austria. he is equivalent to marvels baron zemo. he owns magical sword who hexenbiests gave him. the sword gaves him power and immortality.

    Frau Percht

    so anyone knows her, she is adalind schade. but i've call her frau percht. frau percht is witch goddess in alpine folklore. so i thought that hexenbiests are based in that goddess. she's enemy of camma (diana schade-renard), eve (juliette silverstone), grimm patrol (kelly schade-burkhardt).


    he is fuchsteuf…

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  • Recapwizard

    Hello there fellow Grimmsters!

    Now that the new Grimm game is available, I have gotten many questions about it from friends and people who read my blog. I started to write mini updates about it in addition to my regular blog posts about Grimm and other TV shows and movies I like to watch. 

    One of the most liked posts is a couples counseling session I wrote about starring NADALIND

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  • Georgian Grimm Fan

    Georgian Wesen

    January 1, 2017 by Georgian Grimm Fan

    Let me show my countrys culture and mythology to us.


    Apsat is celestial bird like wesen, Apsat is god of birds in Svan mythology. When woged, they gain colorful feathers, beak and green eyes. They have wings in their arms, that they can fly. They are also Pureblood wesen like others (Maahes, Hippoi Athanathos, Ichor Athanathos and others).


    Ali is red demon like wesen, they haunt pregnant woman like Aswang. they live in caves, woods and ruins. They are both, male and female. While males are monstrous and females are beautiful and seductive. When woged they gein red hair, blazing eyes and grey face. The name means "flame".


    Another name to Schinderdivs.


    Another name to Dämonfeuer, the name means "snake-whale".


    Kaji is dem…

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  • Georgian Grimm Fan

    Dunkler Krieger

    November 27, 2016 by Georgian Grimm Fan

    Dunklerkrieger (German: dark warrior) is Orc like wesen. they thought to be enemies of Reminders, all of centuries. most famous feud in history was Hundred Years' War (France vs England), it was unknown which country was Dämonfeuer or Dunklerkrieger.


    when woged, they grew tusks on their teeth, dark green skin, elf ears, ugly face and red eyes. they can wrestle Dämonfeuer, other wesen, Grimm and Human. they are strong wesens and saddistic ancient warriors. they are vengeful, angerous and brute wesens. they are relatives to Siegbarstes, Fuchsteufelwilds, Hässlichs and other human like wesens. they hate all animal like wesens, seriously Dämonfeuers (they are its enemies). but they like their relatives and Hexenbiests. both, Hexen…

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  • 14giobetlemeli

    I need some help!

    September 24, 2016 by 14giobetlemeli

    I need help to find actresses who looks like Danielle Panabaker, but teenager actresses. I need that for Kelly's series that Ariel Eberhart have daughter who looks like her. Please, write ideas in comments.

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  • 14giobetlemeli

    Wesen Superheroes

    September 15, 2016 by 14giobetlemeli

    Hey guys, I have many thoughts to making Wesen Superheroes, we know that Grimms can protect humans, but Wesen. Grimms would be certainly superheroes, but Wesens would be amazingly. I have my thoughts here.

    1) Drakaina- female Dämonfeuer superhero, teenager, the name is meaning in Greek "female dragon". So, I don't think about her costume, but it's similar to DCs Fire. That was my thought for Kelly's girlfriend.

    2) Beowulf- male Blutbad, teenager too, his name is referenced to Beowulf epic poem. That Beowulf means "wolf".

    3) Vulpecula or Rennert- female Fuchsbau, teenager, one name is meaning to constellation fox and second is for her slyness ( Reynard the Fox is trickster in some poems, but this bad idea because it is Sean's surname). Her cos…

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  • 14giobetlemeli

    Wesen Rogues

    September 13, 2016 by 14giobetlemeli

    The Rogue Wesen Gallery for Apollo/Kelly and his gang.

    1) Hrimthurs-Schneetmacher, similar villain-Captain Cold.

    2) Salamander-Excandesco, similar villain-Heat Wave.

    3) Sylph-Tourbillon (French:"Whirlwind", Wind elemental Wesen), similar villain-Weather Wizard.

    4) Earthmancer-Harriukabila (Basque:"Stone Fist", Earth elemental Wesen), similar villain-Geomancer.

    5) Undine-Vandens dvasia (Lithuanian:"Water Spirit", Water elemental Wesen), similar villain-None.

    6) Jimmy Squarefoot-Bauerschwein, similar villain-None.

    7) Night Raven-Fluchvogel (German:"Curse Bird", Crow Wesen, Enemies of Fuchsbaus), similar villain-None.

    8) Thriae-Mellifer, similar villain-Bug Eyed Bandit.

    9) Pied Piper-Reningen, similar villain-Pied Piper.

    10) Bluebeard-Ziegevolk, simila…

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  • Grimmaniac

    A Grimm Farewell

    September 6, 2016 by Grimmaniac

    * * * * * *

         When I first heard the news that the sixth season of Grimm will be its last, there's no other way to describe my reaction--my heart sank. I was admittedly emotional about it, despite the fact that I knew this might happen, but, being the optimist I am, I was hopeful that the only Grimm-related news that would soon arrive would be when season 6 was premiering. That said, over the past few days, I've really enjoyed thinking about how special this show truly is, sending my gratitude to a few people, and reflecting on how much Grimm has meant to me. Reading some of the thanks that have come from the cast and crew to the fans, I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd thank them right back. But that thank you does not only go o…

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  • Rafe Adler

    Grimm will premiere its sixth and sadly final season in January of the upcoming year. These are the  things I really want to see before the show sadly ends.

    10. More episodes based off of fairy tales

    Lately we have had episodes that are based off of books or sayings more than we have had episodes based off of fairy tales. There are still many fairy tales that can be used as inspiration for episodes and I hope they go back to this concept.

    9. Wu learning to manage NeanderWu

    Wu's primal state is something I hope he can learn to control. This will help the team if he doesn't go primal when he can't control it.

    8. More storyline episodes

    More episodes that focus on wrapping up the show.

    7. The return of Wesen we haven't seen in a while

    There are Wesen…

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  • Jiskran

    Paring down to essentials

    September 3, 2016 by Jiskran

    I was struck by how much Sean Renard is "The Slave of Duty" (to borrow the sub-title of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Pirates of Penzance'), and I wondered how far, reasonably, the other main characters might be summarised with single quotes. Here's what I came up with, and if you disagree, please feel free to say so in the comments. Better yet, offer an improved alternative.

    Sean Renard – Necessitas dat legem non ipsa accipit. (Necessity gives law, it does not recognise law for itself) Publilius Syrus

    Juliette – Was aus Liebe getan wird, gescheiht immer jenseits von Gut und Bose. (Whatever shall be done out of love, takes place beyond Good and Evil) Nietzsche

    Rosalee - Man propounds negotiations, Man accepts the compromise. Very rarely will he…

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  • Secret Grimm

    These cards are in Spanish, hopefully the translation will show. There are wesen from the show in this collection.

    botom half of page

    Carnival of monsters complete collection

    Another view

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  • Restineed

    A question

    August 1, 2016 by Restineed

    I really hope that someone can explain to me why Frau Pech looks really older than Sean's mother and Henrietta. I can't understand it, because, as when Sean explained to Juliette who Henrietta was, Hexenbiests look younger than the way they should look as their real age.

    Sorry for my bad english.

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  • MichaelMay24

    Will Nick and crew be the fugitives or will it be Renard?

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  • MichaelMay24

    Do you think things will turn out good for Nick and the gang, or not?

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  • XD1
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  • Darth-Mynockk

    Has anyone else noticed that when Bonaparte woges he looks EERILY like Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie??

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  • Darth-Mynockk

    Been reading alot of posts that refer to the stick Nick and Monroe recovered in Germany is part of the shaft of the Spear of Destiny or a branch from the Tree of Life. while certainly both ideas are plausable..... I present a different take:

    Numerous references to Grimms and Knights Templar are used in the show. Relics the Templars were known to have possessed is the Holy Grail, and oh yeah........  A PIECE OF THE TRUE CROSS!!

    Think about it: they say it looks like it broke off of something, right? and one of it's long edges appears to be squared off at an almost perfect 90` angle.  If it was part of the spear it would be rounded off. Same for the Tree Of Life. 

    What do YOU guys think?

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  • Voltron The Robot King

    Hey guys, I decided to make a blog post about my theories for a Grimm video game. I know there's already one, Dark Legacy, but I had a few ideas I wanted to suggest. For those of you who have played ANY Elder Scrolls game, then some of these suggestions might just sound familiar. First, I wanted to start with character creation.
    Section 1: Character Creation:
    First step of character creation, you select whether you want to be a Grimm, a human, or a Wesen. Second step (if you chose Wesen) you pick your Wesen race and then gender. If you picked human or Grimm, you skip the Wesen race selection and just go on to gender. From then, you complete the rest of character creation.
    Section 2: Quests:
    First mission is when you arrive at Portland. You mak…

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  • Grimmaniac

    * * * * * *

    Thank YOU, Norberto Barba. For those who did not know, Norberto Barba disclosed on Twitter (April 7, 2016) that he will not be back next season on Grimm, but really thinking about it a bit, I don't think that's entirely true.

    Even though I've never met or spoken with him, if you listen to what those who have worked with Norberto have to say about him, he's nothing but a true professional, incredibly generous, and definitely loved in particular by the Grimm family that has been built over the past five seasons. Check out some pictures of Norberto with the cast of other shows that he's worked on, such as Law & Order, and you'll see that he has a knack for forming great relationships with those he works with. As his tweet today surely i…

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  • Alibek73

    fanmade wesens

    March 12, 2016 by Alibek73

    hello! i like wesens and i like grimm. because that i make something like grimm diary. and my works are in that link . i know that my english is not perfect but i like do that. sorry i'm not a perfect painter too))

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  • Yaguaraté

    I hope this hasn't been made into a blog yet, but I'd like to share what I think might go down in Grimm Season 5 based on what I've seen of the first 10 episodes of the season.

    DISCLAIMER: This isn't a spoiler discussion; it's only my thoughts/premonitions on the show that may or may not transpire. The below points contain subjective opinions on my part which other readers may or may not agree with.

    1. The Grimm Keys may reveal the last resting place of the Knights Templar of the Crusades (i.e. some of the first Grimms) along with Grimm artifacts that were used by the Knights. I can't help but feel a Da Vinci Code-esque vibe to them.

    2. Meisner may know more about the funds of Hadrian's Wall than he's letting on. In fact, I believe he and thi…

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  • PolarBearMan


    February 8, 2016 by PolarBearMan

    Okay, So recently I was thinking about Human evoloution, And then after I was thinking about it I watched Grimm, I then started to wonder how Wesen became a thing. Here is my theory

    Just like homo-sapiens and Neanderthal sharing a common ancestor but spliting into two different species, I think Wesen were all at one point animals, However they somehow started evolving into hominid form, Walking on two legs ect, And they were constantly woged. 

    Now lets go to the Wesen wars, Wesen wared with Humans so they don't have to hide their Animal form, However they loose the wars and are cursed, They get a curse put on them trapping them into human bodies, And they can't reveal their animal selves without pain.

    That would also explain Black Claw wantin…

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  • Jiskran

    In the eyes of a Grimm

    January 28, 2016 by Jiskran

    "Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird. Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein." - Jenseits von Gut und Böse: Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    This quote, usually rendered as "Wrestle not with monsters, lest a monster ye become. And if you gaze into the Abyss, know also the Abyss gazes into you." in English, seems to me to encapsulate the Grimm-Wesen dyad, the impact of the Wesen darkening the Grimm's worldview with monsters and the Grimm's eyes of bottomless, swallowing darkness which enfolds the Wesen. It was just an idle thought, but one I felt the urge to share. :)

    NB As the German 'Ungeheuer' shares conceptual links wit…

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  • Wildesheer


    January 17, 2016 by Wildesheer

    Will Diana return and see Adalind again? When Kelly gets older, will he and Diana face off?

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  • Lilabet

    Going off book?

    January 14, 2016 by Lilabet

    I am writing a fanfic action/romance for my favourite man, Cpt Renard.  Would anybody read fanfic with not only a new character but a new Wessen?  I want to create a seductress who uses her powers for good.  Renard falls for her with a great big thunk reversing the norm where woman throw themselves at him.  He's going to be desperate but she's going to  be tough want g a man who wants her  for her and not because of her  Wessen power.  She'll be a Zaurberin .

    I need feedback please?

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  • Lilabet

    Greetings & Hellutionations

    January 13, 2016 by Lilabet


    I'm new here.  Love the show, and as much as I like Nick, I'm a huge fan of Sean Canadian bias ;-p.  I am a frustrated writer and years ago I wrote fanfic for Stargate SG1.  Now I'm going to give Grimm my spin.

    I hope it's okay if I use this site for research and meeting new people.  I searched the net & this is by far the best set up & most informative out there.  

    I guess that's it for now.  I am not so patiently waiting for the return of the show, so any info on when it will be back would be appreciated!

    I wrote under the pen name Hatchepsut if anyone is interested.

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  • JohnnyDragin

    My favorite editor

    January 5, 2016 by JohnnyDragin

    Hey, I'd like to say that my favorite editor on this sight is probably Grimmaniac, he seems to help a lot and I hope that I can help him sometime if he needs it, I've got time. Thanks

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  • PolarBearMan

    The Wesen Games

    December 20, 2015 by PolarBearMan

    this blog page is gonna be abit like Deadliest warrior, Ill match up different wesen and their abilitys to see who is... The deadliest Wesen!

    The fight started when the Wildermann Woged and taunted the Glühenvolk, The Glühenvolk woged and charged the Wildermann with incredibly speed, He hit the Wildermann in the lower abdomen, The Wildermann was shocked and even thrown back a little bit, But he obviously wasnt hurt, The Wildermann grabbed the Gluhenvolk and threw him on the ground, The Wildermann got on his knees over the Gluhenvolk and was apart to start punching the Gluhenvolk, But the fight was ended quickly when the Gluhenvolk tore the wildermanns throaght out and started eating it.

    WINNER: Glühenvolk!

    reason why he won. I think a Gluhenv…

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  • Jujumagia

    Funniest Moments on Grimm

    December 16, 2015 by Jujumagia

    I hope there hasn't been a blog post with a similar title/subject.

    Just wanted everyone's take on the funniest moments in Grimm that they can recall.

    I don't mean running gags like:

    1. Sarcastic Wu

    2. Worrywart Bud

    I mean specific scenes you can remember that made you really laugh out loud (if these are specific Wu/Bud/etc. scenes, please list them!).

    For me personally, the one scene that made me laugh very hard was during the first episode of season 3 (The Ungrateful Dead) where Nick approaches a bar all zombie like (with a distinct swagger). His head moves and we see the name of the bar (The Tippy Canoe). Very silly, I know, but I had to pause the episode due to laughing so hard. What can I say? I laugh easy :D


    Please don't throw anyth…

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  • Wildesheer


    December 3, 2015 by Wildesheer

    Some would think that because of Meisner's fighting skills, he may be a Grimm. If he was a Grimm, then the Resistance would not be impressed at Renard's speech on having a Grimm working for him.Twelve Days of Krampus

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  • Lurkenfrau

    Is Diana...Cursed?

    November 19, 2015 by Lurkenfrau

    Okay, let's review...

    • Kelly had her for a while...she's dead.
    • Kenneth & Juliette had her for a little while...they're dead.
    • The King had her...he's dead.

    So this made me wonder if there is some sort of 'curse' connected to Diana.

    The old folk tales & fairy tales sometimes had a Gypsy Curse that was featured in the story.
    This show had a Gypsy Queen, Stefania, whom Adalind sold Diana to in exchange for getting her Hexenbiest powers back.

    Stefania kept her side of the bargain...but Adalind did not.
    Betraying a Gypsy was often what led to a Gypsy Curse being cast upon the betrayer...and often that curse was on the entire family line of that betrayer.

    But what about Adalind and Meisner? -- You might ask. Heh.
    I thought about them too.

    Adalind might be o…

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  • Lurkenfrau

    If you've watched Grimm since the beginning, then you may have noticed...and been frustrated by...characters or story elements that appear and then are gone, and rarely mentioned again.
    The Keys, the Coins, are two of these story elements.
    Then there are characters like Elizabeth and Diana, who appeared and then disappeared.

    They may come back, or we may never see them again.

    It occurred to me that this is like the storytelling that we see in old folk tales and fairy tales.
    In those, there are elements and characters that appear simply to further the Main Story...then they are gone.
    We don't question this because it is a stand-alone story.

    In a TV Show, we've come to expect a different way of presenting a story though.
    Most of the time, a TV Show i…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Silence is Deafening

    October 31, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    The lack of comments after the airing of the first episode of Season 5 has me worried. Has the Grimm audience disappeared? Are they in shock not knowing what to think?

    There is no great criticism. But there is no great enthusiasm. My husband's attitude was sort of neutral. I suggested it was a very unfocused episode where Nick ran in circles reacting to emotions inside of him but having no clear purpose or plan. He was ready to agree with me. Usually he argues points with me but this time he readily agreed the episode was disappointing in some vague way. 

    All the other websites I follow are quiet too. There was more enthusiasm before the episode aired than there seems to be tonight.  If it was bad, then certainly there would be many comments…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German linguists, cultural researchers and academics at a time when their native Electorate of Hesse was occupied by Napoleon's troops from 1806 to 1813.  Since the French ran the government, French language and culture was promoted by the occupiers over German native language and culture. 

    The Household Tales of the Brother's Grimm, published in 1812, became immediately popular with other German academics as a sort of intellectual resistance to the occupying French.  In that regard the Grimm fairy tales are connected closely with tyranny (as Germans saw it) of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

    NBC's Grimm has quoted Ferdinand Foch's non fiction work on the Napoleonic Wars in the episode Face Off.Bonaparte's Victory over the …

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Meisner and Juliette

    October 18, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    How did Meisner know Diana was in danger and specifically where to highjack that helicopter the King was going to use? There had to be a spy in King Frederick's household for that information to get out. Who was the spy?

    The closest ally to Meisner has been Renard.  Renard sent Meisner to watch over Diana before the night she was born.  If he knew King Frederick, like no one else knows his own father, was planning to take Diana would Renard ask Meisner to save her again from the royals?

    Who does Renard know inside King Frederick's household? Juliette was staying at Renard's house. Renard had taken her in when Nick had rejected her.  Would Juliette protect Diana for Renard's sake?  Would Juliette tell Renard what his father's plans were?

    In al…

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