Opening Quote: "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." – A Midsummer Night's Dream

Scene: Monroe expresses his love to Eve, Nick expresses his love to Rosalee, Adalind expresses her love to Monroe, and Eve expresses her love to Nick.

Monroe: My God, do you feel that? That is the tingling of like souls. That's love. That is the real thing.
[The scene shifts to Nick and Rosalee]
Rosalee: Nick, before you say anything you're about to regret—
Nick: I love you.
[The scene shifts to Adalind and Monroe]
Adalind: Monroe-
Monroe: What do you want?
Adalind: You. [She kisses Monroe]
[The scene shifts to Eve and Nick]
Eve: There's never been anyone else for me. There never will be. [She kisses Nick]

Scene: 36 hours earlier, Diana puts her hand on Eve's cheek, waking her up.

Diana: Does your tummy hurt?
Eve: [She sits up] No, I don't think so.
Diana: My tummy hurts when I'm sad.
Eve: Are you sad?
Diana: Sometimes. [She sits on the bed] Like when my mommy went away. I thought your tummy might hurt because Nick's not your boyfriend anymore.
Eve: Yeah, I guess my tummy might hurt sometimes.
Diana: Do you want him back?
Eve: That wouldn't be right. Things are really different now.
Diana: Sometimes I miss my other mommy too. Her name is Kelly, just like my brother's. You know her, don't you?
[Eve slightly nods]
Diana: I don't know where she is anymore. Do you?
[Flashback to Nick finding his mom's head in "Headache"]
Adalind: [She comes out of her and Nick's room] Diana, there you are. Time to get dressed and packed for Dad's house.
Diana: Right now?
Adalind: Yes, right now.
[Diana goes to get ready]
Adalind: [To Eve] Morning.
Eve: Morning. I can make the coffee. [She gets out of bed]
Adalind: Oh. Thanks.

Scene: Monroe meets Rosalee in the kitchen.

Monroe: Morning.
Rosalee: Morning. [She holds up a cup of coffee to Monroe]
Monroe: Oh, let me guess. [He smells the coffee] Yeah, that's Stumptown.
Rosalee: Mm-hmm.
Monroe: Okay. [He smells again] It's Colombian.
Rosalee: Mm-hmm.
Monroe: [He smells again] Mauricio Shattah Red Gesha.
Rosalee: Oh, you're disgusting.
Monroe: Yes! [He takes the mug from Rosalee]
Rosalee: [She chuckles] Close your eyes.
Monroe: [He closes his eyes] Do I get a kiss?
Rosalee: Yes. [She kisses Monroe] But that's not all. Keep your eyes closed. [She walks away]
Monroe: Ooh, you sure we're in the right room for this?
Rosalee: Slow down. That comes later, bub. [She blows a party horn while wearing a party hat and holding a pamphlet] Happy birthday.
Monroe: What is this?
Rosalee: [She hands Monroe the pamphlet] It's where we're going for your birthday.
Monroe: We're going to the Columbia Gorge Hotel?
Rosalee: Yep, for the whole weekend.
Monroe: Just the two of us?
Rosalee: No, your parents are coming.
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: I'm just kidding, but there is a guest list. Nick, Eve, Adalind, Hank, Wu, and us.
Monroe: Wow. Everybody's coming?
Rosalee: Yep. Our bags are packed. We're ready to go. You just have to get dressed.
Monroe: Wait a minute. When's the "later, bub" stuff?
Rosalee: Get dressed. [She chuckles]
Monroe: I love you. [He kisses Rosalee. He then starts walking away] Ah, this is gonna be so much fun!
Rosalee: Ah!

Scene: Adalind helps Diana pack to go to Renard's house.

Adalind: Blue sweater or purple sweater?
Diana: Can I take both?
Adalind: Sure.
Nick: We are ready to go for the weekend. Did you...
Adalind: I was just about to.
[Nick walks away]
Adalind: Okay. Now, um, honey, come here for a second. [She and Diana sit down] You know what a secret is, right?
Diana: Uh-huh.
Adalind: Sometimes it's important for people to keep things just between themselves.
Diana: Do you have a secret?
Adalind: Yes, and so do you. Remember what you saw in the tunnels? What Eve drew?
[Flashback of Diana looking at the drawings in the tunnels in "The Seven Year Itch"]
Diana: Uh-huh.
Adalind: That's what I want you to keep just between us.
Diana: So you don't want me to tell Daddy?
Adalind: I don't want you to tell anybody.
Diana: Why not?
Adalind: Well, because we don't know what it means yet, and it could be dangerous. Do you understand?
Diana: Uh-huh.
Adalind: Good. Okay. We are ready. Here you go. [She hands Diana her backpack] Let's grab your coat, and we'll get in the car. [To Nick] I'll be back as soon as I can.
Diana: Bye, Nick.
Nick: Bye, Diana. Have fun with your dad.
Diana: I will.

Scene: Eve finishes taking a shower.

[Eve gets out of the shower and wipes the steam off the mirror, and starts brushing her hair. Suddenly there is hissing and scratching, as well as the sound of thunder as a portal starts opening in the window. Eve touches where the portal is opening and the window ripples, causing her to quickly pull her hand back]
Eve: Nick?
[Nick looks in the direction of the bathroom as he washes his coffee mug. Eve watches as the portal takes over the entire mirror. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. A green eyed, skeleton-like figure comes forward and looks at Eve. Nick sees flashing coming from the bathroom]
Eve: Nick!
[Nick hurries to the bathroom and Eve gasps as he opens the door. Nick stares at the window portal and skeleton figure, as the figure turns its attention to Nick before the portal and skeleton figure disappear]
Nick: What the hell was that?
Eve: Did you see that?
Nick: Swirling blue tornado, a skull-like dude with green eyes staring right at us? Yes, I saw that.
Eve: You've never seen anything like that in your mirror before?
Nick: No, if I had, I probably would have warned you.
Eve: It-it's almost as if it was a window.
Nick: [He touches the mirror] Yeah, but... to where?
Eve: I-I don't know, I don't know, but it looked a lot like what I saw with the Death Grip Guy, except for Skull Man wasn't there.
[Flashback of Eve in her death grip trance in "Fugitive"]
Eve: I'm just glad I'm not the only one seeing it this time.
Nick: Yeah, me too. I think.
Eve: Should we tell Monroe and Rosalee?
Nick: Not until we have a better handle on what it is we just saw.
Eve: Okay. [She leaves the bathroom]
[Nick looks at the mirror and touches it again]

Scene: Adalind and Diana arrive at Renard's house.

Renard: [He opens the door] Hey!
Diana: I missed you!
Renard: [He lifts Diana up] Oh, I missed you too.
Diana: I'm hungry. Want me to make breakfast?
Renard: Sure, if you like.
Diana: Yeah.
Renard: [He puts Diana down] All right.
[Diana goes to the kitchen]
Renard: How's life at the loft?
Adalind: It's fine. Uh, I'll be back early Sunday night to pick her up. What are you guys gonna do?
Diana: How many chocolate chip cookies do you want for breakfast, Dad?
Adalind: Have fun.
Renard: Mm. [He chuckles]
[Adalind leaves]
Renard: Hey, honey, how about pancakes instead?
Diana: It's okay. I'm making both.
Renard: Oh. [He goes to the kitchen]
[Renard and Diana are watched from nearby bushes]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee pull up outside the Columbia Gorge Hotel.

Monroe: [He gets out of the car and quickly goes to Rosalee's door as she opens it] Ah, ah, ah, ah. [He holds the door open for Rosalee]
Rosalee: [She laughs as she gets out of the car] Monroe, I'm pregnant, not helpless.
Monroe: I know. I know. It's really more for me than you. It's just an excuse to take you in my arms.
Rosalee: You need an excuse?
Monroe: Thank you so much for making this happen. [He and Rosalee kiss]
[Monroe and Rosalee go inside the hotel and meet up with Nick, Adalind, Eve, and Kelly]
Monroe: My God, they'll let anyone stay at this place.
Adalind: Hey. [She hugs Rosalee]
Nick: Happy birthday. [He hugs Monroe]
Monroe: How you doing?
Rosalee: Hey.
Adalind: This is gonna be so fun.
Rosalee: I know.
Eve: Such a great idea.
Rosalee: [She hugs Eve] Oh, thank you.
Adalind: Happy almost birthday. [She hugs Monroe]
Monroe: Thanks for being here.
Rosalee: Hi, little sir. I'm so glad you made it, Kelly. Hey, did you get that babysitter?
Adalind: Done.
Nick: We're good to go. Uh, what time are we getting together?
Rosalee: Drinks whenever you want them.
Monroe: Ooh, how about now?
Rosalee: [She laughs] Check in first, sweetie.
Wu: [He and Hank arrive] Oh, let the party begin.
Everyone: Hey!
Rosalee: Now we're all here.
Wu: Happy birthday. [He pats Monroe and hugs Rosalee]
Monroe: Thank you. [To Hank] Thanks for coming.
Hank: Oh! Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Rosalee: So, uh, dinner is at 8:00 in the dining room.
Nick: We'll meet you at the bar.
Wu: Oh, yes, you will.
Rosalee: Bye.
[Nick and Adalind start walking away]
Randy: Let me get the elevator for you, sir. It's kind of old-fashioned. Needs an operator. Owners like to keep the hotel as original as possible.
Adalind: It's like going back in time.
Nick: It's a nice place. How long have you worked here?
Randy: Uh, a couple years. Got a cute kid.
Adalind: Thanks.
Randy: Floor?
Nick: Three, please.

Scene: Randy calls his mom as he heads back downstairs.

Randy: Mom, it's me. I'm at work. Listen, you got to get Dad to call me. 'Cause you're not gonna believe who's here. It's that son of a bitch Burkhardt.

Scene: Renard puts some cookies on a plate.

Renard: Diana, these are amazing. [He takes a bite of a cookie] Mmm! These cookies are perfect.
Diana: I know.
Renard: What are you drawing?
Diana: Stuff I saw.
Renard: Interesting stuff. You saw this?
Diana: Yeah.
Renard: Where?
[Diana stays silent]
Renard: Diana?
Diana: Mommy said I can't tell you.
Renard: Mommy said you can't tell me what?
Diana: It's our secret. I promised Mommy I wouldn't tell you what I saw in the tunnel.
Renard: Mm-hmm. Wow, these are really nice. [He picks up one of Diana's drawings] You're a really good artist, you know that? You mind if I take a picture of these?
Diana: I guess.
Renard: Okay. [He takes a picture with his phone] Wow. You say you saw this in a tunnel, huh?
Diana: Daddy, I told you I can't tell you. I promised.
Renard: Well, can you tell me where the tunnel is?
Diana: [She looks up at Renard] No.
Renard: Okay. All right. Well, it's good that you can keep a promise. Mommy probably thought these were very important if she wanted you to keep that secret.
Diana: Uh-huh.
Renard: Do you know what these symbols mean?
Diana: No, she just said it might be dangerous.
[The doorbell rings and Renard answers the door]
Nursery Guy: Delivery for Sean Renard.
Renard: What's this?
Nursery Guy: Picea glauca 'Conica.' Or, for those not versed in tree talk, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, a dense conifer used as an accent tree—
Renard: No, I get all that, but what what's it doing here?
Nursery Guy: Says, "Happy housewarming, Captain, from your friends at the precinct." Where do you want me to put the accent? I've got another one on the truck.
Renard: I don't care. Somewhere on the porch, I guess.
Nursery Guy: Excellent choice. Sign here and here.
[Inside the house, Diana is chloroformed from behind]
Nursery Guy: [He puts the other tree down] That's it. Have a nice day.
Renard: You too. [He goes back inside. He notices Diana isn't where she was so he searches the house] Diana? Diana? Diana? Diana! Diana? Diana! [He finds a leaf on the floor and picks it up] No. No, no, no. No, no, no, no. No! Oh, God. [He takes out his phone and starts dialing a number, but he stops. He chuckles softly and puts his phone away before he starts eating another cookie]

Scene: Randy works on setting a table while the gang talks and has drinks before dinner.

Rosalee: Monroe before and after.
Nick: Yeah, yeah.
Randy: [His phone rings and he answers] Yeah.
Operator: Will you accept a collect call from Willard Goode in Multnomah State Prison?
Randy: Yeah, yeah, put him on.
Willard: Randy.
Randy: Hey, Dad.
Willard: What's the problem?
Randy: No problem. I'm at work, right? Just doing my job. Guess who walks in.
Willard: I ain't got time for games, son.
Randy: It's not a game, Dad. It's Burkhardt. The cop who took you down, he's here at the hotel. He didn't even know who I was.
Willard: He alone?
Randy: No, no. He's here with a bunch of friends for a birthday. Gonna be here two nights. I'm gonna make him pay for what he did to you. To us.
Willard: [His face ripples] Burkhardt. You gonna do what I think you're gonna do?
Randy: [He woges his eyes] Amor de Infierno.
Willard: Double the dose.
Randy: No. I'm gonna triple it.
Willard: They'll be tearing each other apart with their bare hands. Call me when Burkhardt's dead.
Randy: I'll call you when they're all dead. [He retracts his eyes. He hangs up and goes to everyone's rooms, collecting a piece of each person's hair]

Scene: The gang tells stories while having pre-dinner drinks while waiting for their table.

Nick: Anyway, now, I saw you coming out of the house—
Monroe: No—
Nick: And he goes into his backyard.
Monroe: Do we need all the details?
Rosalee: Oh, let him tell the story.
Adalind: I definitely want to hear this.
Wu: Me too.
Monroe: Dude.
Nick: So I'm on the side of his house, and I'm looking at him in the backyard, and I see him peeing on his own fence.
Rosalee: Oh, my God.
[Flashback of Monroe peeing on his fence in "Pilot"]
Rosalee: Oh, my God! You were marking?
Monroe: I still had a few bad habits.
Nick: I thought that was very strange, and I knew this guy has to be involved in some way.
Monroe: And that's when I got a whiff of you.
[Flashback of Monroe as he sniffs the air as he pees in "Pilot"]
Nick: And that is when you jumped through the window.
[Flashback of Nick and Monroe meeting for the first time in "Pilot"]
Monroe: I had to make a point. By the way, did you ever pay for that window?
Nick: Yes, I paid for that window.
Monroe: Why don't I remember that?
[Rosalee laughs]
Hank: All right, well, here's to how Nick and Monroe met.
Rosalee: Because none of us would be here if it wasn't for that broken window.
Monroe: Amen. Hear, hear.
Hank: Indeed. Indeed.
Maitre D': [He walks up] Your table is ready.
Monroe: All right. Let's do it.
[Everyone finishes their drinks]

Scene: Randy starts pouring wine.

[Randy woges into a Cupiditas and spits into one of the wine glasses. He then puts a hair into each of the glasses and the wine temporarily turns a different color in each glass. The scene shifts to the gang at their dinner table]
Hank: Well, question is, what not to order?
Adalind: I know. It all looks so good.
Nick: Oh. Hank.
Wu: Maybe we should just order everything seven times.
Monroe: Make that ten, 'cause, you know, Rosalee's eating for four now.
Rosalee: And loving every bite.
Monroe: Look, before we get into the whole food-ordering rigmarole, I just wanted to say thank you all for coming. I mean, it really-it means so much to Rosalee and me that you're all here, so... thank you.
Nick: Of course.
Adalind: Aww.
Hank: Hear, hear.
Nick: I wouldn't miss it, man.
Eve: Happy birthday.
Wu: Thanks for having us.
[Randy starts bringing the wine to the gang, but runs into Holly in the kitchen]
Holly: [She catches one of the glasses] Oh! Jeez, Randy. [One of her hairs falls into the glass] Almost lost that one. [She puts the glass back on the tray with the others] Sorry.
Randy: Forget it. [He makes his way to the gang]
[The scene shifts back to the gang's dinner table]
Adalind: Monroe, when you met Rosalee, was it love at first sight?
Rosalee: Hard to say.
Monroe: [He and Rosalee laugh] No, it is not. She just didn't know it yet. But I remember exactly when I fell, because I'll tell you what, there is nothing quite so dazzling as a beautiful woman saving your life.
[Flashback of Rosalee saving Monroe in "Island of Dreams". Monroe and Rosalee then kiss]
Eve: How about the first kiss?
[Flashback of Monroe and Rosalee kissing in "Face Off"]
Rosalee: That was-that was nice.
Nick: Nice? No, that was epic. I would know because I was there.
Randy: [He walks up with the wine] Here comes something special for the birthday boy, compliments of the house. [He starts handing everyone glasses] 2005 Brut from right here in our very own Willamette Valley.
Wu: Thank you.
Monroe: Wow, thank you. [He smells the wine] That is a very good wine.
[Randy tries to hand Rosalee a glass]
Rosalee: Oh, no, thank you. I'm pregnant.
Hank: Well, shame to let it go to waste.
[There's laughter]
Hank: [He gets two glasses of wine] Yes.
Monroe: Lucky man.
Adalind: Thank you.
[Randy walks away, but pauses and watches the gang]
Nick: Monroe, to a wonderful friend and a soon-to-be even better father. Happy birthday, man.
Rosalee: Aww.
Monroe: Very thoughtful. Thank you, guys.
Wu: Cheers.
Everyone: Cheers.
Hank: Bottoms up.
Randy: Enjoy it while you can, Burkhardt.

Scene: Nick and Adalind get ready to go to sleep.

Adalind: Ah, we are so lucky to have friends like these.
Nick: Yeah, and for us to have us. [He kisses Adalind]
Adalind: Mm.
Nick: That, uh, waiter who brought us the champagne?
Adalind: Yeah? What about him?
Nick: He looked a little familiar.
Adalind: Maybe you arrested him at some point?
Nick: No, that I would have remembered.
Adalind: Well, unless you're gonna invite him up, will you turn off that light?
[Nick sighs and turns off the light before making out with Adalind]

Scene: Renard eats more cookies and looks at Diana's drawings.

Renard: Hmm. [He gets a text including a picture of Diana sleeping. His phone then rings and he answers] Yeah?
Grossante: You should've kept your word.
Renard: Lieutenant Grossante.
Grossante: If you ever want to see your little girl again, listen carefully.
Renard: You have my daughter.
Grossante: You stabbed me in the back.
Renard: Look, there were things out of my control.
Grossante: You threatened to have me arrested for a murder you had me commit.
Renard: I never threatened to arrest you.
Grossante: I was in your office! You said it to my face!
Renard: Um, no, no. Look. I-I was not being myself back then.
Grossante: You're going to keep your end of the bargain. Just like you promised.
Renard: Now, are you sure you want to be doing this?
Grossante: You owe me.
Renard: I understand you're upset. I just—
Grossante: You are gonna make me captain of that precinct, or your little girl dies. [He hangs up]
[Renard sighs]

Scene: Nick and Adalind wake up the next morning.

Nick: [He sighs] I need some coffee.
Adalind: Me too.
[Nick gets out of bed]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee wake up.

Rosalee: [She kisses Monroe's cheek] Good morning, birthday boy.
Monroe: Morning.
Rosalee: Are you okay?
Monroe: Yeah, sure. I think so.
Rosalee: Maybe one too many last night?
Monroe: Yeah, that's probably it. I need coffee. [He gets out of bed]
Rosalee: I can go with you.
Monroe: Or I can just bring you one.
Rosalee: No, go ahead. I'll meet you on the patio.
Monroe: Whatever.

Scene: Hank dries his face in front of the bathroom mirror.

[Hank looks into the mirror and his eyes briefly turn purple]

Scene: Diana wakes up.

Diana: Where am I?
Grossante: You don't need to know that.
Diana: Who are you?
Grossante: I'm the man your daddy stabbed in the back.
Diana: No, that was Mr. Bonaparte. I want to go home.
Grossante: You're not going anywhere till I get what I want.
Diana: Please, I want to go home now.
Grossante: [He woges] I told you, you're not going anywhere.
Diana: I said "please."
Grossante: [He retracts] Well, you can say "please" all you want. That's not gonna matter-
[Diana woges her eyes and telekinetically throws Grossante across the room]
Grossante: Ah! [He looks up at Diana] I... [Diana telekinetically starts throwing him back and forth into the walls] Ah! Ah! Oh! Please stop! Ah! Oh!

Scene: Nick and Monroe get coffee.

Monroe: Morning.
Nick: Morning.
Holly: [She walks up] Morning.
Monroe: Morning.
Nick: Morning.
Holly: Are you enjoying your stay?
Monroe: Yeah.
Nick: Yeah. [He walks away]
Wu: [He walks up] Morning.
Monroe: Morning. [He walks away]
Holly: Morning. Hope you're enjoying your stay.
Wu: [He looks up at Holly and his eyes briefly turn an icy white] Wow.
Holly: "Wow," what?
Wu: You are really beautiful.
Holly: [She chuckles softly] Thank you. [She walks away]
Wu: Wow. [He follows Holly]

Scene: Nick heads back to his room with coffee for Adalind, while Monroe brings coffee to the patio for Rosalee with Randy watching.

[Monroe sees Eve and his eyes briefly turn green. Monroe puts his coffee down and walks towards Eve, passing by Randy]
Randy: Morning, sir.

Scene: Rosalee comes out of her room as Nick walks by with the coffee.

Rosalee: Morning.
Nick: Good morning.
Rosalee: Did you see Monroe?
Nick: [His eyes briefly turn pink] Yeah, he was just getting some coffee.
Rosalee: Okay. I'll see you soon. [She walks away]
[Nick sets his and Adalind's coffee down, and follows Rosalee]

Scene: Hank looks at himself in the mirror.

Hank: [He sighs] You know, I hate to admit it, but... You are one... damn fine-looking man.

Scene: Wu starts talking with Holly in the kitchen.

Wu: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Holly: What?
Wu: Ah, I don't know how else to explain it. I-and I know it might sound absolutely preposterous. I mean, we've never really even met. I saw you last night, but this morning... [He sighs] There's just something about you...
Holly: Well, guess it does sound a little preposterous.
Wu: Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no. Don't say that.
Holly: I really got to get all this together.
Wu: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the heart, and therefore is lost to Cupid's mighty dart.
Holly: That was... very sweet. But I have to get all this food out there. [She walks away]
Wu: The course of true love never did run true. Now it's up to me, my love to prove. [He follows Holly]

Scene: Monroe makes it to Eve as she looks at the view.

Monroe: Eve.
Eve: Morning.
Monroe: Yes. Morning. Made more lovely by you saying the word "morning." I feel the dawn of a crystalline new day in your voice, and your hair is more exuberant than ever. I adore it.
Eve: Okay. I was just looking at the view. It is so—
Monroe: Beautiful, yes. But it could never hold a candle to the view of you. Oh, Eve, there's something I've never told you. I admire you so much for everything you've been through. For losing Nick. For losing yourself.
Eve: Are you all right?
Monroe: [He takes Eve's hand] Oh, my God. Do you feel that? That is the tingling of like souls. That's love.
Eve: [She forces a chuckle] Is Rosalee in her room?
Monroe: Forget her. [He puts Eve's hand over his heart] Feel my heart.
Eve: Okay, you stay right there. I'll be right back. [She walks away]

Scene: Rosalee goes to the patio to look for Monroe with Nick close behind, and Randy watching.

Nick: Rosalee.
Rosalee: Nick, have you seen Monroe?
Nick: I never realized how beautiful your eyes were.
Rosalee: Thanks. I like your eyes too.
Nick: Ever since the first time I saw you, I knew you were special. And I knew we were meant to be.
Rosalee: "Meant to be"? What are you talking about?
Nick: Us. You and me.
Rosalee: Are you joking?
Nick: I know you must feel it too. How can you not?
Rosalee: Nick, before you say anything you're about to regret—
Nick: I love you.
Rosalee: Nick, I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's gotten into you, but please stop.
Nick: It would be easier to stop the world from turning.
Rosalee: Okay, now you're-you're starting to freak me out. I'm gonna go find Monroe. Please stay here. Nick, I mean it.
Nick: I do too. [He gets down on one knee] You're the only one in the world for me.
Rosalee: Good God! [She walks away]
Nick: Rosalee! Please!
Eve: [She comes out to the patio and sees Nick, and her eyes briefly turn bluish green] Nick.
Nick: Oh. Hi.
Eve: Thank God I found you. Thank God it's not too late. Do you feel that?
Nick: Feel what?
Eve: There's never been anyone else for me. There never will be. To think we almost threw it all away.
Nick: What? [Eve kisses him]
[Randy smiles as he watches]

Scene: Adalind leaves her room with Kelly as Monroe searches for Eve.

Monroe: Eve! Have you seen Eve?
Adalind: [Her eyes briefly turn orange] No.
Monroe: [He sighs and knocks on Eve's door] Eve! Eve, we need to talk!
Adalind: Monroe...
Monroe: What? I need to talk to Eve.
Adalind: Monroe. Monroe!
Monroe: What do you want?
Adalind: You. More than I've ever wanted anything in my entire life. [She kisses Monroe]
Rosalee: [From behind Monroe] Monroe!
Monroe: It's not what it looks like.
Rosalee: Okay, what is it?
Monroe: Love. Real love. Finally.
Rosalee: What are you talking about?
Monroe: I cannot live a lie. I mean, you wouldn't want me to live a lie, would you?
Rosalee: Of course not.
Monroe: I'm in love with Eve.
Rosalee: Monroe.
Monroe: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But Eve is everything to me now.
Adalind: [She gasps] How dare you? [She slaps Monroe]
Monroe: You stay away from me.
Nick: [He and Eve walk up] Rosalee.
Eve: Nick!
Monroe: Eve.
Adalind: Monroe! Monroe!
Nick: [He is grabbed by Eve] What is wrong with you?
Eve: Nothing, now that we're back together.
Monroe: What do you think you're doing? You dumped her!
Nick: I did not.
Adalind: Monroe, please.
Monroe: She's mine. Now and forever.
Eve: No, no, I'm Nick's.
Adalind: She's not yours. I'm yours.
Nick: You need to back off.
Monroe: You need to back off!
[The scene shifts to Hank singing Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" to himself in the mirror]
Hank: ♪ I've been really trying, baby Trying to hold back that feeling For so long ♪
[There is indistinct yelling]
Hank: ♪ And if you feel Like I feel, Henry Come on Come on Let's get it on ♪
[The scene shifts back to the hall as everyone fights over each other]
Adalind: We were meant to be together!
Monroe: No, we weren't!
Nick: Rosalee!
[Kelly cries]
Eve: Nick, don't! God, now look what you've done. It wasn't enough to steal Nick from me. It wasn't enough to have the baby that should have been ours.
Adalind: [She gasps] Back off, you crazy bitch.
[The scene shifts to Hank as there is a heavy thud]
Hank: What the hell?
Monroe: I thought you were my friend!
Nick: Rosalee, please.
[Hank sighs as there is indistinct yelling in the hall]
Hank: [To his reflection] Don't you go anywhere. [He goes out to the hallway] People! People, people, people, what the hell is going on?
Rosalee: Hank, thank God. I need your help. Something terrible is happening.
Hank: No, no, no. Don't I know it. I have been interrupted in a beautiful place on a beautiful day from the one true love of my life. Do you hear me? [He sees his reflection in a mirror] You. Baby. ♪ Come on, come on, come on Stop beating round the bush ♪
Rosalee: Oh, my God. It's the Amor de Infierno. [She figures out that she wasn't affected because she didn't have the wine the night before and hurries away]
Adalind: Monroe. Monroe!
Nick: My love, please!
Eve: Nick! My love!
Nick: No! You go!
Monroe: She's mine!
Hank: [While everyone else fights, he sings to his reflection] ♪ Let's get it on ♪

Scene: Renard gets a call from Grossante.

Monroe: [He answers] Hello.
Grossante: Help me.
Renard: Grossante.
Grossante: Please. You have to hurry. Help me.
Renard: Where are you?
Grossante: I'm-I'm at the old Portland Metalworks shack. 2872 Northwest Industrial. Please, for God's sakes. You got to hurry.
Renard: Yeah, listen, I just got a couple of things I got to take care of first, but I'll be there as soon as I can.
Grossante: No. No! No, listen to me. For God's sakes, you got to get here. She's gonna kill me.
Diana: I found you. That's not a very good hiding place.
Grossante: Oh. Oh, no. Please? Oh, God! Please-
[Grossante is telekinetically thrown by Diana as Renard listens on the phone]
Grossante: Ah! No! Ah! Ah, sor-
[Renard hangs up]

Scene: Nick, Monroe, Adalind, and Eve continue to fight.

Nick: She can't love you if you're dead!
Adalind: Don't you dare touch him!
Monroe: I'm gonna tear you limb from limb!
[The scene shifts for Rosalee as she gets to the bottom of the stairs]

Scene: Wu continues his quest to woo Holly.

Wu: Darling, please. Listen to your heart.
Holly: Sir, you are really out of line. Now, please, leave me alone.
Wu: We never have to be alone again. Don't you see? We have what everyone dreams of.
Randy: [Watching from above] That's right. You'll die without her.
Holly: I'm gonna get the manager.
Wu: Can he marry us?
Holly: Oh, my God.
Wu: I have been waiting for you my whole life. The only one I've ever loved is my cat.
Holly: Now, please stop this and let me get back to work.
Wu: If you leave me, I'll kill myself.
Holly: I can't deal with this anymore. [She walks away]

Scene: Rosalee finds Randy and sees Wu going after Holly again.

Rosalee: You. You did this.
Randy: Excuse me? I haven't done—
Rosalee: You did it with the champagne last night.
Randy: I don't know what you're talking about.
Rosalee: I'm talking about the Amor de Infierno.
Randy: What do you know about that?
Rosalee: Make it stop now! [She slaps Randy]
Randy: [He woges] Ain't gonna happen, babe. They're all gonna die.
Rosalee: Unless you die first. [She woges]
[Randy starts running away]

Scene: Adalind pulls Nick away from Monroe.

Adalind: Leave him alone! [She slaps Nick]
Eve: You leave him alone! [She smacks Adalind] You leave him alone, or I'll kill you, which is something I should have done a long time ago. [She is grabbed by Monroe]
Nick: [From his knees] Rosalee!
[Monroe kisses Eve]
Adalind: No!

Scene: Wu runs up to Holly.

Wu: If you can't stand my love for you, you leave me no choice but to end this ghastly farce and throw myself off this cliff. Farewell, my sweet, my darling, my one and only... [He looks at Holly's name tag] Holly. [He heads to the edge of the cliff]
Holly: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. What are you doing? Mr. Wu, stop. Oh, my God. What are you doing?
Wu: What dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil.
Holly: What are you doing, Mr. Wu? Come back. Please don't-ah! [She is grabbed from behind by Randy]
Randy: Come any closer, I kill her.
Rosalee: Why in God's name are you doing this?
Randy: Your cop friend Burkhardt put my dad in prison. So him and all of you are gonna pay for it.
Rosalee: Oh, no, we're not. These are my friends and the people I love. And you are messing with a pregnant woman!
[Randy moves Holly closer to the cliff's edge]
Holly: [She screams] Help! Help!
[Wu hears Holly screaming and morphs into his primal state]
Rosalee: She has nothing to do with this!
Randy: You think I care?
[Rosalee and Randy both woge, and Primal Wu jumps at Randy, knocking him off the cliff. As he falls, a woged Adalind fights with Eve, while a woged Monroe fights with Nick. Once Randy hits the ground below, dying, the Amor de Infierno effects wear off of everyone]
Adalind: Oh, my God.
Monroe: What happened?
Eve: I don't know.
Nick: I don't feel so good.
Hank: Why was I crying? Why am I in my underwear?
Nick: Adalind.
Adalind: Nick. [She and Nick hug]
[Rosalee runs up to everyone]
Monroe: Oh, my God. What have I done? I love you.
Rosalee: You haven't done anything. It wasn't your fault.
Monroe: I love you. Only you.
Rosalee: I know. It wasn't anyone's fault. It was the Amor de Infierno.
Adalind: What? But only a Cupiditas can do that.
Rosalee: I know.
Adalind: And there's only one way to break that spell.
Rosalee: Yeah, he took a bit of a fall. [She kisses Monroe]

Scene: Nick talks with the police about Randy.

Nick: I don't know what happened. He just snapped. All right, thanks.
Officer: Okay, thanks.
Nick: [He sighs as he walks over to the others] Well, there's a reason why Randy looked so familiar. I arrested his father seven years ago for murder.
Monroe: Before you were a Grimm?
Nick: Yeah, and that's why I didn't know he was Wesen.
Rosalee: And that's why he didn't know you were a Grimm and who your friends were.
Hank: He probably wouldn't have tried anything if he'd known that.
Nick: Hey, I'm so sorry this happened on your birthday.
Monroe: Please, it's gonna take a lot more than that to break up this group.
Rosalee: And this party is just getting started.

Scene: Grossante slides himself across the ground.

Grossante: Oh, God. Please. No more. Just... just let me die. Ah! Ah! Ah! [He makes it to the door as Renard arrives]
Renard: Oh, hey there, Lieutenant. You and Diana have been having a lot of fun, I see.
Diana: Daddy!
[Grossante covers his head as Diana runs up to Renard]
Renard: Ah! Hey, honey. [He picks Diana up] Oh! Did you have a good time with the lieutenant?
Diana: I sure did. Can I stay a little longer?
Renard: I think you've had enough fun for now.
Diana: But we can have another playdate sometime?
Renard: Of course. Anytime you want.
Diana: Bye. See you soon. [She and Renard leave]
Grossante: Oh. No. Please! Ah! [He sobs]

Scene: Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Monroe.

All: ♪ Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Dear Monroe Happy birthday to you ♪
Wu: Whoo!
[Monroe blows out his candles]
Rosalee: Whoo!
Adalind: Whoo-hoo!
Waitress: Who would like some champagne? On the house!


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