Billy Capra

Billy Capra2


Actor: Patrick Fischler
Gender: Male
Type: Ziegevolk
Status: Living
Job: Bed and breakfast owner

Billy Capra is a herder Ziegevolk who appeared in "Lonelyhearts".



He suffocated Faith Collins on a bridge in Portland. During background checks run by Portland Police Bureau, it was discovered that before coming to Portland, where he purchased Bramble Haus Bed and Breakfast, the Ziegevolk attacked and impregnated 17 women in three cities across three states: Des Moines, Iowa, Detroit, Michigan and Tucson, Arizona.

He kept women prisoners in the basement of the bed and breakfast, where he locked them in cages and used a gas to ensure they remained sedated so they couldn't escape.

In Portland, he targeted Lisa at the Blue Moon Bar and lured her back to the Bramble Haus. Hank broke into the bed and breakfast and located the women trapped within the basement, and with Nick's help, he freed the women.

Billy initially escaped, but he was later found with Lisa from Blue Moon Bar. After a confrontation, Nick and Hank chased him through a park where he was hit by a car; he was debilitated but still alive. Shortly thereafter, Billy was tended to by a female paramedic. Billy used his pheromones, and the paramedic smiled at him comfortingly.



  • "Billy goat" is an English term for a male goat.
  • "Capra" is the biological name for the genus of goats (and also the Latin word for "female goat" and the word "goat" in several other languages).

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