Betty Frame


502-Betty woged

Actor: Susan Ruttan
Gender: Female
Type: Drang-Zorn
Service of: Black Claw
Relationships: Dead Paul Wemlinger, co-worker
Dead Mr. Beau Childs, boss
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Suicide

Betty Frame was a Drang-Zorn who appeared in "Clear and Wesen Danger". She was a part of Black Claw and assisted Paul Wemlinger as they stole money from their work for Black Claw.


"Clear and Wesen Danger"Edit

After her boss, Mr. Childs, was brutally murdered, she was called by her co-worker, Paul Wemlinger. She was questioned by Hank and Pogue at the office, where she acted as if she was distraught and in shock. She claimed that Wemlinger was very upset on the phone when he called her and that she came to the office right away. When Hank asked how long she had worked there, she told him 17 years, and when he asked her about Wemlinger's relationship with Mr. Childs, she said that it was "very professional" and that everyone got along well.

Later, Hank, Nick, and Wu tracked Wemlinger down at Betty's apartment. When they forced their way in and Hank yelled that the police were there, Betty came out wondering what was happening, and Wemlinger quickly went over to her and grabbed her by the throat. He woged and told the detectives that he'd kill her if they moved, backing his way into the room Betty had come from. Once he kicked the door shut behind him, he retracted, but Nick and Hank quickly came into the room afterwards, and Wemlinger shoved Betty towards Nick so he could get away via the fire escape. Betty feigned being upset and told the detectives that Wemlinger forced her to help him. She told Hank that he was "some kind of animal," and as she seemed to be on the verge of tears, he told her to stay there as he went after Wemlinger.

While the detectives were gone, she started deleting all the files on the computers, though not before Nick and Hank returned. She finished deleting all the files before they could stop her and sinisterly told Nick that not even a Grimm would be able to stop what was coming. She then woged into a Drang-Zorn and yelled, "Occultatum Libera!" before jumping out of a glass window, falling to her death.



  • (To Nick): "Not even a Grimm can stop what's coming."
  • (Before jumping through a window): "Occultatum Libera!"

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