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Bernhard Forcher
Bernhard Forcher
Character: Hans Tavitian
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IMDb: Bernhard Forcher
Twitter: @bernhardforcher
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Bernhard Forcher is an actor/writer living in Los Angeles, California. He sang in various rock bands in his teen years and then did a lot of theater work in his early twenties. He has a weak spot for story telling, because at its purest and most powerful, it has always possessed the ability to enchant him or at least draw him in and engage him wholly. Film is his favorite story-telling medium – "there’s something about watching a great movie in a theater that can make me feel like everything is possible. That there are no boundaries to our ideas and dreams and to that deep, deep power we all share as human beings. I like that feeling."

As an actor and writer, he wishes to be a part of the kinds of stories that inspired him as a little kid, and he still does so today. To hopefully tap into a potential to excite or move his fellow contemporaries, make them laugh and maybe feel, and – if it’s not too much to ask – to perhaps get a shot at touching something inside the one or other which is beyond words and human intellect... that would be something.

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