Beati Paoli
Notables: Handcuff Karl Herman
Dead Bob Taylor
Dead Anubis Prisoner

The Beati Paoli (bey-AH-tee POW-lee) is a group of Wesen dedicated to preserving the Wesen culture. They are quite fanatical in regards to their cause and are completely against the display of a Wesen mummified and fully woged, as they consider it a disgrace and sacrilege.


"Once We Were Gods"Edit

Two members of the Beati Paoli, Karl Herman and Bob Taylor, break into Professor Vera Gates' lab to steal a mummified Anubis because they think the sarcophagus grave is unholy. They get caught by two security guards, and Bob is killed by a stray bullet after Karl attacks one of the guards. Karl then shoots the other guard, killing him, and leaves the lab.

Later, Karl breaks into Professor Gates' house and holds her at knife point. He takes her to her lab and makes her open the sarcophagus, but before Karl can get the mummy out of the lab, Nick and Hank show up. Karl attacks Nick, and the two briefly fight before Nick subdues Karl and arrests him.


The group was created in the 17th century, and the members go after things such as museums, archaeological digs, antique auction houses, and sometimes private Wesen collectors, if the collector is trafficking in stolen Wesen antiquities. While other Wesen and the Wesen Council do not condone their methods, they do agree in regards to the issue of the public display of deceased Wesen and the potential risk that could come with it. Their motto, often written in Hieroglyphs, is "I protect the dead."


  • The name in Italian would translate as roughly "Holy Pauls," from the same root as "beatification." In Latin, the translation would be akin to "Saint Paul," with Paoli originating from paulus. An alternate translation in Latin could also be "blessed" + "humble."

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