Barry Rabe

Barry yee

102 Barry Morphs

Actor: Parker Bagley
Gender: Male
Type: Jägerbar
Relationships: Frank Rabe, father
Diane Rabe, mother
Handcuff Jason Colbert, friend
Handcuff T.B. Colbert, friend
Status: Living

Barry Rabe is a Jägerbar who appeared in "Bears Will Be Bears".


"Bears Will Be Bears"Edit

Barry and two of his friends, Jason Colbert and T. B. Colbert, captured Rocky, who had broken into Barry's parents' home. When Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin questioned the family about Rocky's disappearance and the break in, Barry briefly woged into his Jägerbar form, revealing the family's nature to Nick. Later when Gilda Darner attacked his mother, he woged and captured her. He and his friends then held the two humans in a secret cave, prior to releasing them for the experience of chasing and killing them in a ritual hunt known as a Roh-hatz, which is also the coming-of-age rite in traditional Jägerbar circles. Barry's father and Nick Burkhardt intervened and saved the lives of the prey. The three young Jägerbar were then arrested along with Gilda and Rocky.


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