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Opening Quote: "No one is so thoroughly superstitious as the godless man." – Uncle Tom's Cabin

Scene: Nick takes his gun out and points it at Juliette after seeing her woge.

Nick: You're not Juliette. You're Adalind. What did you do with her?
Juliette: [She retracts] Nick, it's me.
Nick: I don't believe you.
Juliette: Listen, you... you proposed to me on this couch. You had a ring. I said no. You hid it upstairs in the dresser drawer. I found it. Adalind would never know that.
Nick: [He lowers his gun] How did this happen?
Juliette: I don't know. I didn't know what was happening at first. I was really nauseous. I thought I was pregnant. I had headaches. And then it just happened. And it's been happening more and more. It's how I killed the guy from the tribunal. [Flashback of the back of Jonah Riken's head exploding in "Tribunal"] And the Manticore. [Flashback of Juliette killing Jonathon Wilde in "Maréchaussée"] And how I almost just killed Adalind.
Nick: Why didn't you tell me?
Juliette: Because I was scared.
Nick: [He puts his gun away] Look... we're gonna figure this out, and get rid of it.
Juliette: We can't.
Nick: Why not?
Juliette: It's permanent.
Nick: You don't know that.
Juliette: I do. Henrietta told me.
Nick: Who's Henrietta?
Juliette: The Hexenbiest who's been helping me figure this out.
Nick: You've been seeing a Hexenbiest?
Juliette: I had to. I didn't want to hurt you.
Nick: Well, how did you find Henrietta?
Juliette: Sean Renard.
Nick: You told him before you told me?
Juliette: I needed help, Nick. His mom's a Hexenbiest. He's half Zauberbiest.
Nick: You should have told me.
Juliette: [Crying] I was afraid you were gonna kill me.
Nick: Juliette, I would never hurt you. Never. This is all because of me. This is... because I became a Grimm again.
Juliette: Well, we took a chance, you know? We knew that there might be side effects. It's what we wanted.
Nick: Juliette, I am so sorry. [He opens the front door]
Juliette: Nick, where are you going?
Nick: I don't know. [He leaves]

Scene: The Bennett family cleans up after having dinner.

Chloe: You're dripping water everywhere.
Peter: Just take it, Chloe.
Beverly: Come on, you two. Oh, Peter, please don't make a mess.
Peter: I'm not, she's-I just really think I need to go to bed.
Beverly: This early? You feeling all right?
Peter: I'm fried. Coach killed us today. I'm running the 800 and the 1,500.
Beverly: Okay. Go rest. I don't want you getting sick.
Peter: I won't. Good night, mom.
Beverly: Good night.
[Peter goes to his room]
Beverly: So, what's your homework situation like?
Chloe: Terrible. I have a paper due in English, an entire page of algebra, and a biology test I haven't even started studying for.
Beverly: Go. I'll finish up.
Chloe: Thanks, mom.
Beverly: You're welcome.
[Peter gets ready to sneak out]
Chloe: Tired? Really?
Peter: Shh. Don't be such a loser.
Chloe: Kayla's having a party tomorrow night.
Peter: You're not going.
Chloe: Okay, guess I'm gonna go tell mom you're having trouble sleeping. I'm sure she'll bring you some warm milk.
Peter: All right, fine, fine. I'll cover for you tomorrow. But you got to get back at a decent hour.
Chloe: Deal. Catch you on the flip.
[Peter sneaks out and goes into the forest to find his girlfriend, who jumps out at him]
Peter: Are you crazy? [He and Jeanine kiss]
Jeanine: What took you so long?
Peter: I had to make a deal with Chloe so she wouldn't tell my mom.
Jeanine: Your mom needs to lighten up.
Peter: She's just paranoid something's gonna happen to us, that's all.
Jeanine: Well, she's right. Something is gonna happen. [She and Peter kiss again and then start walking] I brought us a blanket and a pretty candle to get you in the mood. [She and Peter lie down on the blanket and start making out]
Peter: [He hears a noise nearby] What was that?
Jeanine: Nothing. Relax.
[There's a crunching sound]
Jeanine: I think somebody's out there.
Peter: It's probably my mom looking for me.
Jeanine: What? Now?
Peter: I need to go. [He hands Jeanine the blanket] Go. Hey, hey, hey. I love you. Now text me as soon as you're home, okay?
Jeanine: Okay. [She and Peter kiss and she leaves]
[Peter heads back towards his house and hears an accordion playing, causing him to stop. He then heads towards where the music was coming from to investigate and finds the accordion on the ground]
Edmund: [Walking up from behind, holding a labrys] Hello, lad.
Peter: [He turns around] Oh, my God. No.
[Edmund woges into a Vulpesmyrca, and Peter woges into a Willahara and runs. He tries to climb over a fence, but Edmund catches up to him and pulls him down]
Peter: [Edmund hits him in the face with the labrys] Aah!
[Edmund lifts up his labrys]
Peter: No, no, no, no! [Edmund cuts off his left foot] Aah!
Beverly: [Hearing Peter scream] Peter. No. [She grabs a gun]
Chloe: Mom?
Beverly: Stay inside. Lock the door behind me. [She runs outside to look for Peter] Peter? Peter? Peter? [She finds Peter on the ground passed out] Oh, my God! Oh, no, Peter! Peter. Oh, my God. [She sobs] It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. Okay, Peter? [She tries to stop the bleeding] Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Somebody help me!

Scene: Nick walks down the street as he thinks about all of the bad things that have happened to Juliette since he became a Grimm.

[Flashback of Nick trying to tell Juliette the truth about the Grimm world in "Woman in Black." Flashback of Juliette not remembering Nick in "The Kiss." Flashback of Juliette telling Nick he needs to be a Grimm again in "Cry Luison." Flashback of Juliette inhaling the potion vapor so she would turn into Adalind in "Highway of Tears." Flashback of Juliette turning into Adalind in "Highway of Tears." Flashback of Nick and Juliette, morphed as Adalind, preparing to try to get Nick his powers back in "Highway of Tears"]
Nick: [He tears up until his phone rings, so he clears his throat and answers] Hank? Where?

Scene: Nick arrives at the Bennett's house.

Hank: Hope you had time to grab some dinner.
Nick: Nope.
Hank: I'm DVR-ing the fourth quarter of the game, so if you hear a score, I don't want to know. You all right?
Nick: Yeah. Hey, where's the body?
Wu: Right this way. 17-year-old kid, Peter Bennett, snuck out to meet his girlfriend, ended up getting his foot cut off.
Hank: What?
Wu: Yeah. Mother heard the screams, ran out, found him unconscious, tried to save him. Kid was dead by the time paramedics finally got here. I think he bled out. No other sign of trauma. Blood's contained to the area around the body.
Nick: Whose shotgun?
Wu: Mom's. Had it with her when she ran out to find her son.
Hank: Where's the foot?
Wu: Still looking.
Nick: The killer take the foot with him?
Wu: Hell of a foot fetish.
Hank: Who called 911?
Wu: His mom.
Nick: Let's talk to her.
Wu: Yep.
[Nick and Hank go talk to Beverly]
Beverly: There was so much blood. I couldn't stop it. I-I tried.
Nick: Has anyone ever threatened Peter?
Beverly: No.
Nick: How long have you lived here?
Beverly: Just a few months.
Nick: You like your neighbors?
Beverly: They're good people. They would never hurt Peter.
Hank: Any other family? Peter's father?
Beverly: My husband was, um... uh, he was killed in a car accident about a year ago, and that's why we moved from Seattle. I wanted to give my children a new start. He told me he was going up to bed.
Hank: We're gonna do everything we can to find whoever did this.
Beverly: [She starts crying and woges into a Willahara. She then retracts] I'm sorry. Um... Is there anything else? My daughter's back at the house, and she just lost her brother, so I'd really like to be with her.
Nick: All right, that's all.
Beverly: Thank you. [She walks away]
Nick: [To Hank] She's Wesen. [Nick walks away]

Scene: Ted and Sally Spinelli arrive at a cabin in the woods.

Sally: Is this it?
Ted: Must be. [He and Sally walk up to the door and he knocks] Hello? [He opens the door]
Edmund: Did you bring it?
Ted: Of course. [He takes money out of the bag he is carrying]
Edmund: Throw it here. [Ted tosses him the money]
Ted: It's all there.
Sally: We've been trying for so long.
[Edmund tosses Peter's woged foot in front of Ted and Sally]
Ted: [He puts the foot in the bag] You're sure this will work?
Edmund: It always does.
Sally: Thank you. Thank you. [She and Ted leave]
[Edmund begins playing his accordion]

Scene: At their house, Ted and Sally prepare to have sex with Peter's foot under their bed.

Ted: I love you.
Sally: I love you too.
Ted: Let's start a family.
Sally: Hm. [She and Ted start making out]

Scene: Juliette comes downstairs and finds Nick asleep on the couch.

[Nick quickly wakes up]
Juliette: Not gonna kill you.
Nick: I got home late. I didn't want to wake you.
Juliette: Yeah, I'm sure it had nothing to do with me being a—
Nick: I want to talk to Henrietta.
Juliette: I'll call her.
Nick: I want to talk to her face-to-face.
Juliette: I should go with you.
Nick: I think it'd be best if I went alone.
Juliette: Okay. I'll let her know you're coming. This is the address. [She writes the address on a piece of paper] You should really memorize it. It can be a little bit tricky. [She shows Nick the address just before the numbers and letters disperse] It's not me, I didn't do that.
Nick: Juliette, I want to make this right. I love you. I'll see you later. [He leaves]

Scene: Nick arrives at Henrietta's house.

Henrietta: So you're Nicholas Burkhardt. I've heard a lot about you. Come in.
Nick: [He goes in] You told Juliette what happened to her is permanent?
Henrietta: And you've come to prove me wrong.
Nick: It's not what she wants.
Henrietta: I can't help that. I thought I could at first, but not now.
Nick: The blood of a Grimm can destroy a Hexenbiest. I've done it before with Adalind, and I can do the same for Juliette.
Henrietta: You can't. Your blood is in Adalind, and because of what she did to Juliette, the blood of a Grimm can't save her now.
Nick: Then I'll find someone else to help her.
Henrietta: There's only one way to stop your Hexenbiest. Kill her. Or accept her for who she is, just like she accepted you being a Grimm. And while she's discovering what she's capable of, I would suggest you keep a safe distance.
Nick: What's that supposed to mean?
Henrietta: [She rubs Nick's face] You walked in here doubting me, and now look at you. [She leans in like she is going to kiss him, but she pulls back] See how easy that was? And I'm not nearly as skilled as Juliette will become. Beware, Mr. Grimm.
[Nick leaves]

Scene: Nick arrives at the precinct as Hank and Wu discuss a similar case.

Wu: So this guy just moved to Portland. Before that, he was living in Lincoln, Nebraska.
[Nick walks up]
Wu: Somebody forget to set their alarm?
Nick: Not in the mood, Wu.
Wu: Sorry.
Nick: We got anything?
Hank: Similar case. The body was found in the woods, foot chopped off, three years ago in Lane County. Victim was a 23-year-old male.
Wu: Only lead was a young boy on his bike who saw a big guy in a long coat walking through the woods with, and I quote, "A really big-ass axe."
Hank: There was an all-out man hunt, but the case went cold. I'm thinking serial killer.
Wu: I'm thinking serial foot collector.
Nick: Yeah, but why the foot? I mean, if it's a Wesen.
Wu: Is it?
Nick: The mom is.
Wu: What kind?
Nick: I'm not sure, but... she looked a little rabbit-like.
Hank: So Peter must be a rabbit-like Wesen too.
Wu: Okay, wait, Peter is a rabbit-like Wesen, and somebody cut off his foot? Anybody else thinking lucky rabbit's foot?
Nick: Let's go.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu look through diaries in the trailer.

Wu: I don't think this will ever get old. I could spend days in here.
Hank: We have.
Nick: Found it. It's a called a Willahara. It's written in some kind of Old English. Dates back to... 1217.
Wu: That's Middle Ages.
Nick: Here. Oh, Willahara were considered sacred. Here we go. "Due to the fecund nature of this Wesen, it is believed that good fortune and fertility is bestowed upon newlywed couples who participate in a practice known as Spedigberendess."
Wu: What is that?
Nick: It says here, "Before relations are to begin, the severed Willahara foot must be placed beneath the couple wishing to procreate."
Wu: You're joking. [Nick shows him the entry] Okay, not joking.
Hank: There's more. "The fresher the foot, the more fertile the female will be. Within three days, conception will occur."
Wu: They leave a severed foot under the bed for three days?
Hank: That's what it says.
Wu: Uh, does anybody else think this is messed up?
Nick: Well, here's something about the Wesen that hunt them. They're called Leporem Venators.
Hank: There's something to be proud of.
Nick: If these Willahara are still being hunted by the Leporem Venators, then maybe the car accident that Peter's father died in wasn't an accident. See what you can find out.
Wu: I'll hop right on it. I tried to stop myself before I said it, sorry.
Hank: This is happening in Portland?
Nick: Well, if this has anything to do with Wesen fertility, I'll bet you Monroe and Rosalee know something about it. [He gets up to leave and notices a Hexenbiest entry]

Scene: Renard gets into his vehicle after getting coffee and Adalind gets into the passenger's seat.

Adalind: We need to talk.
Renard: Do we?
Adalind: Viktor's obsessed with finding our child. He knows you're looking too.
Renard: That's an expensive coat. Viktor buy that for you?
Adalind: Listen to me, Viktor's gonna have you killed as soon as he finds her.
Renard: Uh-huh.
Adalind: Our little girl's been through so much in her short life, and all without the two people who love her most. She needs us now more than ever.
Renard: Are we the two people who love her the most?
Adalind: Don't mock me. I'm taking a huge risk coming to you.
Renard: Come on, Adalind. Why are you really here?
Adalind: When Viktor finds Diana, and he will find her, he's not gonna need me anymore either. It's gonna get ugly. I mean, Viktor, the Resistance, Nick and his Hexenbiest.
Renard: Do you know about Juliette?
Adalind: [She takes off her sunglasses revealing a black eye] Caught me a little off guard. When did you find out?
Renard: She had nowhere else to turn.
Adalind: Well, isn't that sweet? What'd you tell her?
Renard: Nothing much I could tell her.
Adalind: Oh, you sent her to Henrietta, didn't you? Well, that explains a lot. If this happened to Juliette, that means someone helped Nick become a Grimm again. So it's true.
Renard: Why don't you ask him?
Adalind: I don't think so. [She holds Renard's hand] You and I need to be on the same side. It's us against them, and I'll do whatever it takes to save our daughter. I want you with me.
Renard: Damn, you're good. I really do want to believe you.
Adalind: For once, you should. [She gets out of the vehicle]

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the spice shop to talk to Monroe and Rosalee about Willahara.

Monroe: Willahara? Yeah, I've heard of them. Never seen one, though. My grandfather swears he found one hiding in the Bavarian Forest.
Hank: He didn't cut off—
Monroe: Oh, no, no. He already had kids. He did eat him, though. But that's beside the point.
Rosalee: From what I've heard, Willahara don't stay in one place too long.
Monroe: It's the same reason they don't want to woge in front of other Wesen, you know? Fear of being exposed.
Rosalee: The thought that they're still being hunted, don't get me started.
Hank: If the killer is selling their feet—
Rosalee: That is, I am sorry, outrageous. God, you're getting me started.
Hank: Sorry, but... who are they selling to?
Monroe: Couples trying to get pregnant. I mean, why else would you want a Willahara foot under your bed? It's not exactly romantic.
Nick: How does the Leporem Venator find these couples? There's got to be a middleman.
Rosalee: Fertility clinics.
Monroe: Wesen fertility clinics.
Hank: There is such a thing?
Monroe: There's Wesen fertility doctors in every big city, although what we're talking about is illegal. They're not gonna be, like, advertising, "Come on in for the Spedigberendess severed foot option."
Rosalee: But a Wesen couple could speak with these doctors without raising any suspicion.
Nick: Are you guys volunteering?
Rosalee: Hell, yes. If we can help put a stop to this savagery, we're in.
[Nick's phone rings]
Monroe: See, that's what happens when you get her started.
Nick: [He answers his phone] Wu, what did you find out? I'm putting you on speaker.
Wu: Peter's father was killed in a hit-and-run accident, driver never apprehended, left foot severed off, not found at the scene.
Nick: Left foot? Does that matter?
Wu: It's supposed to be the lucky one. I just went out there to follow up on the accident report. They're gone. Nothing left in the house.
Nick: They're running scared.
Hank: We need to find them.
Nick: We're coming in.
Rosalee: We'll speak with the Wesen fertility doctors.

Scene: Beverly and Chloe arrive at a hotel.

Beverly: [She sighs] It's just for one night. I got us a flight to Calgary in the morning.
Chloe: We're just gonna leave Peter here? No funeral, nothing?
Beverly: We have to keep moving, honey.
Chloe: I'm sick of moving.
Beverly: I know you are. I know. Come on. [She and Chloe get out of the car]
[Edmund watches Beverly and Chloe as he pulls into the hotel parking lot. After, getting settled into their room, Chloe watches TV]
Beverly: We're low on cash. There's an ATM in the lobby. I'll get us something to eat while I'm out there.
Chloe: I'm not hungry.
Beverly: You will be later. I'll be right back. [She walks to the ATM as Edmund watches]

Scene: Juliette puts the ring Nick used to propose on her finger.

[Juliette woges her hand and arm, and she quickly takes the ring off and puts it away]

Scene: Nick and Hank try to figure out where Beverly and Chloe went.

Hank: [On the phone] When did she do that? Did she leave a forwarding address? Okay, thanks. [He hangs up] Final arrangements for Peter Bennett were made this morning. Mother paid in cash, left no forwarding address. The body is to be cremated.
Nick: [His phone rings] Well, she's not coming back. [He answers] Monroe?
Monroe: So it looks like there's three Wesen fertility doctors in Portland.
Rosalee: I know one of them, I've been delivering morning sickness remedies to him for years now. I trust him. There's no way he's involved.
Monroe: The second one is a woman doc, but it looks like she retired a month ago, so...
Rosalee: That leaves us with a Dr. Redfield. Monroe and I have his last appointment today.
Nick: Give me an address. I'll meet you there.
Monroe: Nick, we can't just walk into this guy's office with a Grimm.
Rosalee: If there's even a hint that this guy's involved, we'll call you.
Nick: Okay. [He hangs up and sees Renard arriving]

Scene: Beverly is at a vending machine when she sees Nigel Edmund drive past her.

Beverly: Chloe. [She runs back to the room] Chloe? Chloe? Chloe! [She finds the door open and Chloe gone] God. Chloe!

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee sit in the waiting room at the fertility clinic.

Monroe: Did you know that by week 16, your baby's only the size of an avocado but it can hear? It says you're supposed to, like, talk and sing to it. I think I'd probably play my cello. My singing might scare it. [He sees Rosalee looking at him] What?
Rosalee: You'd make a great father.
Monroe: You think?
Rosalee: I do.
Dr. Redfield: [He walks up] Monroe and Rosalee? I'm Dr. Redfield.
Rosalee: Oh.
Monroe: Right. Sorry. [He and Rosalee woge for a few seconds and retract]
Dr. Redfield: Thank you. Come in. [He takes Monroe and Rosalee to his office] So, you've been trying for some time?
Monroe: Yeah, several months now.
Dr. Redfield: Any history of infertility in either of your families?
Rosalee: Not that we're aware of.
Monroe: You know, we've... we've done all the tests. We've been to the other fertility clinics.
Rosalee: We've tried everything.
Dr. Redfield: Well, I can see that you're both in good health, and your age isn't a factor. I need to look at your previous tests.
Monroe: Well, that's kind of the problem, is nobody has been able to figure out what's wrong.
Rosalee: We were hoping there's something you can do.
Dr. Redfield: I'm sure once I look at the tests—
Rosalee: Something a little less conventional.
Monroe: Something a little more... Wesen-specific?
Dr. Redfield: I'm not sure I follow.
Monroe: We heard something you could put under the bed?
Rosalee: Everyone swears it works.
Dr. Redfield: If you're referring to what I think you are, that's an appalling practice I have nothing to do with. Now... [He throws Monroe and Rosalee's file into a garbage can] If you'll excuse me.
[Monroe and Rosalee leave]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at the hotel to talk with Beverly about Chloe.

Beverly: You have to find her. Please, please. She sh-sh-she's all I have left.
Nick: I know what's going on. I know you're a Willahara.
Beverly: No, no, no. I don't know what you're talking about.
Nick: We don't have time for this. I'm a Grimm. And we need to find the Leporem Venator who's hunting you.
Beverly: [She woges for a few seconds and retracts] Oh, my God. You do know.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee head for the exit of the fertility clinic.

Rosalee: I'm relieved he's not involved.
Monroe: Yeah, well, unfortunately that doesn't help Nick any.
Nurse Fran: [She comes up from behind] Excuse me? I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I may be able to help.
Rosalee: Well, the doctor said there was nothing he could do.
Nurse Fran: I know what you're looking for, but it's expensive.
Monroe: How expensive?
Nurse Fran: $10,000 cash.
Monroe: Uh... No problem.
Rosalee: How soon can we do it?
Nurse Fran: I believe there's one couple ahead of you. I'll put you on the waiting list, and—
Rosalee: We'll pay more.
Monroe: We will?
Rosalee: 15,000. We want it as soon as possible.
Nurse Fran: Let me see what I can do. [She makes a call] It's me. I have a nice couple here who's very anxious to get things started. They're willing to pay 15,000. Uh-huh. They'd like to know how soon you'd be ready.
Edmund: 15 grand... Tell them I'll have a nice, fresh cut tonight.
Nurse Fran: [She hangs up] You're in luck. He can do it tonight. I have your cell number. My contact will text you when and where. Be sure to bring the money.
Monroe: That's it?
Nurse Fran: That's it. [She walks away]
Rosalee: Call Nick.

Scene: Edmund drives and looks at Chloe, tied up and whimpering, in his backseat.

Scene: Nick and Hank continue talking with Beverly.

Beverly: I don't know who he is. I don't know anything about him, except he's hunting us down.
Nick: Have you ever seen him?
Beverly: No.
Hank: How do you know it's the same man that killed your husband?
Beverly: He's the Leporem Venator. All Willahara know.
Nick: How did he find you?
Beverly: My job, the kids' school, you don't know. We stayed here too long.
Nick: You'll stay under police protection until we find this guy. [His phone rings]
Beverly: But how are you gonna do that? You you can't find him.
Nick: [He steps aside and answers his phone] Yeah, Monroe.
Monroe: It's going down tonight.
Nick: What's going down?
Monroe: It's not the doctor. It's the nurse. She just made the deal. She gave my number to her contact who's gonna text us when and where.
Nick: Where are you now?
Monroe: We're at the clinic, 23rd and West Burnside.
Nick: Don't let the nurse leave. The victim's sister was just taken. We're on our way to you.
Monroe: Okay. [He hangs up as he sees the nurse leaving] Oh, no, no, no. Nick says don't let her leave.
Rosalee: Excuse me? We just had a few more questions.
Nurse Fran: I was very clear. Wait for the text.
Rosalee: We were just wondering if you could tell us...
Monroe: Yeah, uh... you know... where the feet come from?
Nurse Fran: No, I'm sorry, I can't. [She starts walking away]
Rosalee: Wait, I need to know something.
Nurse Fran: What?
Rosalee: How much of that blood money do you get?
[The nurse woges into a Drang-Zorn]
Monroe: Oh, no, you don't. [He woges]
[Rosalee punches the nurse, causing her to slide against a wall to the ground]
Monroe: [He retracts] Damn.

Scene: Edmund takes Chloe to his cabin.

Edmund: Come on now, my little love. Let's get you inside.

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at the fertility clinic.

Monroe: Hey. So the... don't let her leave thing...
Rosalee: It got a little tricky.
[Nick and Hank go to talk to the nurse]
Nick: [To an officer] We got this. [To the nurse] Who's your contact? Give us a name. We need to find him.
Nurse Fran: I don't know his name. I swear I've only met him once.
Nick: Where does he meet the couples?
Nurse Fran: I don't know. I-I-I have nothing to do with that. He calls me when he's in town.
Hank: You find the buyers.
Nurse Fran: I'm helping couples that have given up hope.
Nick: Is that how you justify it? It's accessory to murder.
Nurse Fran: I'm not involved in murder.
Hank: Nobody ever is.
Wu: [He walks up] Found the nurse's phone. Her contact is using a burner.
Monroe: He's gonna text us tonight with the where and when if that—
Nick: Chloe will be dead by then. Wait a minute, who's the last couple you set him up with?
Nurse Fran: The Spinellis. They're patients here. Dr. Redfield couldn't help them.
Nick: Give us an address.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the Spinelli's house.

[Knocking at the door]
Ted: Just a second, I'm coming. [He opens the door]
Hank: Police.
Nick: Where's the Willahara foot?
Ted: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Nick: [He pins Ted up against a wall] Don't lie to me!
Ted: [He briefly woges into a Mauzhertz before retracting] Oh, my God.
Nick: I'm not here as a cop.
Sally: [Coming from upstairs] What's going on here?
Ted: Sally, he's a Grimm!
Sally: [She runs back upstairs and tries to close her bedroom door, but Nick gets into the room] Wait, please, don't.
[Nick looks under the bed for the foot]
Hank: [Coming into the room with Ted] Did you find it?
Nick: No. [He lifts up the mattress and finds the foot]
Hank: Where'd you meet the guy who sold you that?
Ted: A cabin in the woods off Highway 22, a mile north of Post Road.
Nick: [He gives the foot to Ted] I can't arrest you for this, but good luck when the Wesen Council finds out about it. [He and Hank leave]
Sally: No, please don't say anything. All we wanted was a baby! Please.

Scene: Edmund sharpens his labrys.

Edmund: [He grabs Chloe's foot to strap it down] Stop your struggling, love. It won't do you no good, you know. You're better off relaxing. [He straps her foot down and takes her sock and shoe off] Oh, there's a nice foot you've got there, love. It's good luck. Just not for you. Now be a good girl and woge for me.
[Chloe shakes her head. Outside, Nick and Hank arrive]
Edmund: I asked you to woge. We'll have to do this the hard way.
[Nick and Hank get out of the car, and Hank cocks his shotgun, which Edmund hears. He sniffs the air and slowly stands up. Hank kicks in the cabin door, but Edmund and Chloe are gone]
Hank: Nick. [He points to Chloe's sock and shoe. He and Nick then head out to find Edmund and Chloe]
Edmund: [He carries Chloe into the forest and then ties her to a stake] Not a sound, love. [He jogs away]
[Nick and Hank look around as Chloe tries to get free. Nick and Hank suddenly hear an accordion playing and follow the music. Just before they arrive to the accordion on the ground, Edmund, woged, attacks Hank. Hank fights off the attack initially, and Nick helps fight Edmund. Hank gets knocked to the ground and Nick fights Edmund until he gets his labrys stuck in a log. He then runs and Hank prepares to shoot him]
Nick: No, Hank! Hank! [He stops Hank] He's got Chloe.
[Edmund runs through the forest until Chloe hits him across the head with the stake she was tied to, knocking him to the ground]
Chloe: [She hits Edmund in the back with the stake] That's for my brother!
[Edmund retracts]
Chloe: This is for my father! [She stabs the stake through Edmund's foot]
Edmund: Aah! [He smacks Chloe, knocking her to the ground, and pulls the stake out of his foot] Well, this is for— [Hank shoots him] Aah!
Nick: How about we go find your mom?
Chloe: Yeah. Okay. [Nick helps her up] Where is my mom?
Nick: She's safe. She's with officers now.

Scene: Nick arrives home.

Nick: Juliette? I talked to Henrietta. I'm not giving up. We're gonna get through this.
Juliette: You can't change it.
Nick: I'm not gonna let it destroy what we have.
Juliette: I see the way you're looking at me.
Nick: Juliette...
Juliette: It's not the same. It'll never be the same.
Nick: You learned to understand me, now I have to learn how to understand you.
Juliette: [She walks up to Nick] Is that forever?
Nick: I'm not going anywhere.
Juliette: [She woges and Nick turns his head] Is this what you want to spend the rest of your life with? Is it?
Nick: Why are you doing this?
Juliette: If I'm the girl of your dreams, the least you could do is kiss me. Kiss me. You can't even look at me. This is what's forever. [She retracts and leaves]

Scene: Adalind goes to Henrietta's house.

Henrietta: Adalind.
Adalind: I hope you don't mind me just showing up.
Henrietta: I heard you were back in town.
Adalind: I bet you did. So... I understand a mutual friend came by to see you.
Henrietta: Juliette. Lovely girl.
Adalind: Not so much anymore.
Henrietta: Oh.
Adalind: What?
Henrietta: Congratulations.
Adalind: For what, figuring out it was you?
Henrietta: You don't know, do you?
Adalind: I know Sean Renard sent Juliette to you, and I want to know how she got so good so fast. What did you teach her?
Henrietta: Oh, my. You really don't know. [She feels Adalind's hair] Definitely.
Adalind: Definitely what?
Henrietta: You are going to have another baby.
Adalind: That's impossible. I haven't been with anyone.
Henrietta: Well, you must have been with someone. You didn't do this by yourself.
[Flashback of Adalind inhaling the potion to turn into Juliette in "Blond Ambition." Flashback of Adalind turning into Juliette in "Blond Ambition." Flashback of Adalind disguised as Juliette, about to sleep with Nick in "Blond Ambition"]
Adalind: [She sighs] No. No, no, no!
[Henrietta laughs]
Adalind: No!


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