Participants: Dead Lisa Kampfer
Carly Kampfer
Hayden Walker
Kyle Walker
Todd Walker
Cousin 1
Cousin 2
Location: Hayden Walker's farm
Comments: Only the preparations for the event occurred in "Bad Moon Rising". It was stopped when Nick and Hank arrived at the farm.

When a female Coyotl reaches the age of seventeen, she is initiated into the pack in a ceremony called Aseveración (uh-sev-er-ah-see-OHN), which in Spanish means 'affirmation'. It is a brutish, fertility-like ritual whereby the female first undergoes ritual ablutions, and is clothed in a white garment. The males of the pack prepare by feasting upon wild animals. The female is then tied by her hands to two poles on either side of her body, with her arms stretched laterally, a primitive banner displayed overhead. Although not shown, it appears the pack, including her direct relatives, have carnal relations with her. This ceremony ideally occurs on the night of the first full moon after the female's 17th birthday. For the pack, the ritual is thought to confer strength and longevity, as the number seventeen signifies immortality.

Due to this ritual's bestial nature, some Coyotls turn their back on the pack and strike out on their own to spare their daughters these depredations, breeding ire and vengeance in the pack.


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