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Arnold Rosarot

322 Arnold Rosarot

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Actor: Kevin Carroll
Gender: Male
Type: Eisbiber
Relationships: Bud Wurstner, friend
John Oblinger, friend
Status: Living

Arnold Rosarot is an Eisbiber who first appeared in "Leave It to Beavers". He is a friend of John Oblinger and Bud Wurstner.


Season 1Edit

"Leave It to Beavers"Edit

Arnold Rosarot was employed by Grosszahn Construction when witnessed the murder of Robert Grosszahn at the hands of the Hässlich, Sal Butrell. He called 911 and then ran when Butrell noticed him. Later, he hid to prevent the Hässlichen from killing him to keep him silent. After a failed attempt to convince him at a Lodge meeting that he should inform the police of what he witnessed, John Oblinger and Bud Wurstner eventually managed to convinced Arnold that he needed to come forward for the sake of all Eisbibers. He then went with them to the precinct to see Nick Burkhardt and reported what he saw, identifying Butrell in a lineup.

Season 3Edit

"Blond Ambition"Edit

He was one of the wedding guests at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding.

Season 5Edit

"Wesen Nacht"Edit

He was one of several Wesen at the spice shop who were concerned about recent attacks by the Wesen Uprising. He told the others at the spice shop that he'd heard from someone named Pete Walton that the attackers were Wesen, including a Skalengeck.



  • Arnold lives at 3863 Woodland Rd. in Portland.

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