April Granger


207-April morphed

Actor: Jade Pettyjohn
Gender: Female
Type: Drang-Zorn
Relationships: William Granger, father
Lilly Granger, mother
Status: Living

April Stacey Granger is a Drang-Zorn that appeared in "The Bottle Imp". She began to woge prematurely at nine years of age, causing a lack of control over her anger.


"The Bottle Imp"Edit

Before her father, William, arrived to her mother's house, April woged and attacked Lilly. William picked April up and planned to take her to an underground den he had constructed so he could protect April and others like Lilly from her impulses.

On the way there, she killed a man working at a gas station after William briefly lost his temper with him. She killed him too fast for William to stop her, who did not know April had gotten out of his truck. With significant help from April, William later convinced a man to lend them a ride, but the man heard an amber alert announced on his radio, and when April said she heard her name, he got very suspicious of her father and threatened to drive his truck into a ditch if William tried anything. William knocked him out, however, and placed him in a tree by the side of a road, with April concerned for the man's well-being. William eventually made it the rest of the way to his hideout with April, where he told her that he would have to leave in the morning to get more supplies and that they would go hunting for meat later the next day as well.

When William left the next morning, April was worried he wouldn't come back, but William promised he would and made sure she knew to stay in the den until he came back. However, she was found by Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin, who brought her back to the precinct. William was believed to be the one who assaulted Lilly and killed the gas station worker, so April met with a child services worker who sent her to a foster home. While there, she got into a fight with one of the other foster children and became angry when the foster home father put her in a time out. She attacked her foster father, sinking her elongated fangs into his arm, and was then taken back into police custody and placed under the protection of a Juvenile officer, who was a Löwen.

April took a liking to Nick, which was apparently unrelated to his status as a Grimm, and she was seemingly calmed by his presence.



  • She is the youngest killer on the show so far.
  • The name April is likely originally derived from the Latin word aperire, meaning "to open" in reference to the blooming of flowers, which is apropos to April Granger, who "blossomed" earlier than expected as a Drang-Zorn.

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