Anselmo Baledin
606-Anselmo Baledin
Actor: Carlos Gomez
Gender: Male
Type: Unknown
Service of: Black Claw
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Renard

Anselmo Baledin was a high ranking member of Black Claw who was first heard on the phone in "Fugitive" and first appeared in "Breakfast in Bed".


"Breakfast in Bed"Edit

Baledin visited Sean Renard in his office at the precinct. He informed Renard that they had spoken on the phone and told him that it was important that they speak, since Bonaparte was dead and Renard's political career was over. Renard reiterated that Nick was responsible for both these issues, and Baledin pointed out that the Grimm had handled Renard quite well, despite Renard's assurances that he'd be able to handle Nick. Renard retorted that Nick's help was much better than the help he had gotten, implying Black Claw's support hadn't been enough, and Baledin told Renard that he had come to clean up Renard's mistakes. Renard asked what that meant, and Baledin told him that Black Claw's goals hadn't changed and that they wanted Renard "to pick up where we left off." Renard was in disbelief that nothing had changed with everyone being dead, and Baledin observed that everyone was dead except for Renard. He asked Renard how he knew that Nick killed Bonaparte and if he was there when it happened, and Renard said he was there and that Nick should've died but was being protected by something very powerful. Baledin said he was having a hard time understanding exactly what was protecting Nick, and Renard, growing impatient, declared he was done with Black Claw and taking orders from them. He opened his office door for Anselmo to leave, and Baledin smirked briefly before leaving.

Later that day, Baledin sought to carry out a plan to kill Renard. He and another Black Claw agent waited by Renard's vehicle in the precinct parking lot to kill him, but, unbeknownst to them, their plan was foiled by Renard's newfound protective spirit, Meisner, who informed Renard of what the two men planned to do. Renard was then able to stealthily sneak up on Baledin and quickly kill him.

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