Andy Harrison
Actor: Hank Harris
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living

Andy Harrison is the son of John Harrison who appeared in "Trial by Fire".


"Trial by Fire"Edit

After the fire at the Harrison and Sons store that killed two employees, Nick and Hank spoke to John and Andy Harrison to talk with them about where they were when the fire started. John said they were out celebrating Andy's promotion at the time of the fire, an alibi that Wu later confirmed.

Andy and his father had a heated conversation over the family business, in which his father told him that he would learn more about his responsibilities once he took over the family business. This upset Andy, however, who told his father that the store was gone. After John simply replied that they would rebuild, Andy finally asked his father if he'd ever even considered whether Andy wanted to be a part of the legacy of the family business. Andy then left the house angrily when he received a call from Damien Barso, the lead suspect in what was now both a homicide and arson investigation. Barso told Andy that he had screwed up because he said nobody would be inside the store, adding that they needed to talk about fixing the situation, but Andy replied that they didn't need to talk and hung up on Barso.

Later, Andy returned home to find that his dad was not there. He called him to confess what he had done in having someone burn down the store, and that he never meant for anyone to get hurt, but John ignored this and told him that he had just received a call from a lieutenant, whom he was on his way to meet, and that Laney was the one responsible. Andy told him that he was on his way and would tell him everything. However, just as Andy was leaving, Nick, Hank, and Peter Orson arrived. Andy filled them in on everything, including that he was the one who had hired Barso.

Once they all arrived at the store, where Barso was holding John Harrison hostage now, Monroe and Rosalee arrived soon after with four Super Soakers filled with a fire retardant solution they had concocted to combat Damien Barso, who was an Excandesco. Andy scoffed at the idea that a criminal like Barso could be brought down with "toys" and went to go get his dad, but Hank stopped him and put him back in their vehicle.

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