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Andrew Dixon
504-Andrew Dixon
Actor: Michael Sheets
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Dead Jeremiah Rogers, associate
Dead Rachel Wood, associate
Sean Renard, acquaintance
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Marwan Hanano with a sniper
Job: Mayoral candidate

Andrew Dixon was a mayoral candidate who first appeared in "Maiden Quest".


"Maiden Quest"Edit

He and Jeremiah Rogers met with Sean Renard and told him that Andrew was going to announce that he'd be running for mayor of Portland. Andrew asked Renard for his support.

"The Rat King"Edit

He and Jeremiah met with Renard in his office at the precinct to show him a promotional political ad for Andrew's campaign for mayor. They proposed the idea of him supporting Andrew at the end of the ad, and Renard thought the ad looked good but thought they didn't need his support. Andrew told him he wanted him on their team and enticed him further, adding that he wanted him to run the department as Chief.

"Map of the Seven Knights"Edit

He met with Jeremiah Rogers, Rachel Wood, and Renard in Renard's office to discuss the current state of his campaign. Jeremiah commented that the polls had the election as a toss up, and Rachel thought it was because Gallagher, Andrew's opponent, wasn't taking the high road as they had. Andrew didn't want to change their tactics and get elected due to being the candidate that was hated the least, but Jeremiah thought there wasn't anything wrong with pointing out some flaws in the opponent. Renard then suggested they make bacon out of the "pig," Gallagher, using previously covered-up information about his youthful indiscretions, drug charges, gambling debts, and association with known mob members. Andrew still didn't like the idea of using that information against Gallagher, but Rachel said that people needed to know who they were voting for and implied that the information could be leaked to the press without the general population knowing it came from them.

"Key Move"Edit

Andrew arrived at a political rally that was being held for him. A large crowd had gathered and cheered for him as he made his way to the stage. Renard said a few words first in support of Andrew before introducing him to the crowd, and Andrew then thanked Renard and then the raucous crowd that was once again cheering their support for Andrew. He then proceeded to give his speech to the crowd about what he sought to achieve for Portland as the next mayor. After he finished his speech, he stayed on stage for a bit as he smiled and waved to the crowd. Suddenly, he was shot in the area of his heart, and Renard caught him as he collapsed to the ground. As the crowd fled in fear, Renard tried to get Andrew to stay with him.

"Into the Schwarzwald"Edit

Paramedics eventually arrived to the scene with Andrew barely hanging on, and he ultimately did not survive the gunshot.



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