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An Amarok (UHM-uh-rohk; Inuit Amarok "wolf") is a yeti-like Wesen seen in the Grimm diaries in "Hibernaculum" that is described as a human-like creature covered by fur with breath that could chill its victims to death.

As Hank and Nick looked through some Grimm diaries in the trailer for any possible information on a Wesen that could freeze its victims, Hank came across an excerpt about the Amarok.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

As I crossed the frozen tundra with my guide Akiak en route to Nordvågen, he told me about the Wesen I was looking for, describing it as a human-like creature his people called an Amarok, fur-covered, whose breath he swore could chill its victims to death.

We tracked the beast for fifty miles until we encountered him. Sadly, he saw us before we saw him. My guide was not as quick on his feet as I. I managed to get away but I will always have that awful memory etched in my mind.


  • In Inuit mythology, the term Amarok is actually exclusively reserved for a legendary, gigantic gray wolf that stalks and kills those who are foolish enough to hunt alone at night.
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