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Akira Kimura

Akira Kimura

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Actor: Brian Tee
Gender: Male
Type: Schakal
Service of: Dragon's Tongue (bounty hunter)
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Poisoned by Sean Renard

Akira Kimura was one of four Schakals who were hunting for the Coins of Zakynthos, the others being Soledad Marquesa, Hans Roth, and Ian Flynn. In 1994, the four of them were all suspects for the alleged killing of Reed and Kelly Burkhardt. Until then, Kelly had been the guardian of the coins. The coins ended up in another man's hands, however, who sold them to Sam Bertram. Kimura beat the man to death for selling the coins.

Kimura had a blue ægishjálmr tattoo on the upper left side of his face and had connections with a group called the Dragon's Tongue. This snowflake-like shape is the Old Norse "helm of awe," representing invincibility. It is related to the Japanese Imperial army, which went underground upon the defeat of Japan in World War II but since then, resurfaced recently with the Yakuza. He also had tattoos of the Coins on his back, along with some Japanese script that is assumed to have confirmed his affiliation with the Dragon's Tongue. Reading from right to left, top to bottom, the first four characters (literally "wind, forest, fire, mountain") are a saying that means "as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, as immovable as the mountain"; the second two lines are an attempt at "know thy enemy as ye know thyself" (phrased oddly and using archaic pronouns), and the final two kanji on the far left read, "Dragon Tongue." ("Bad Teeth")


"Woman in Black"Edit

Akira Kimura was hunting down the Coins of Zakynthos, flying to Portland, Oregon to receive information from Nathaniel Adams, a New York private investigator. After getting what he needed, he tore Adams' throat out and went to Renard, where he trashed Renard's home in search of the coins, killed Renard's maid named Patty, and held Renard at bladepoint in a violent interrogation. Threatened by Wu's intent to enter the condo, Kimura spared Renard and made his getaway. Subsequently, Kimura trashed Hank Griffin's home and Nick Burkhardt's house, where he was caught when Nick returned.

Kimura dodged Nick's crossbow bolt containing Schlaftrunk, but Nick beat him up badly, and Kelly Burkhardt stabbed him with her switchblade, stunning him. Later, Kelly injected him with something to knock him out.

"Bad Teeth"Edit

Kimura was arrested and taken to jail. He was later given a meal, which poisoned him and killed him. It was later revealed in "Season of the Hexenbiest" that Sean Renard was responsible.



  • He was the first character who died in one of the precinct's holding cells.

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