An Ak-Moho-Alii (ahk-MOH-hoh-ah-LEE; Māori "king of all sharks") is a shark-like Wesen that was seen in a Grimm diary in "Map of the Seven Knights".


The Ak-Moho-Alii appears to be distinguishable in its human form by what was described as "The Mark of the Shark" in a Grimm diary. When woged, they gain a shark-like fin on their head, black eyes, a shark-like mouth, gray skin, and gills on the sides of their neck.


They are prone to a berserker blood-rage that makes them nearly unstoppable and are known for being one of the fiercest predators in the Wesen world. However, their blood frenzy also is a weakness if exploited properly by a Grimm, as they stop thinking logically. According to a Grimm diary entry, they were viewed as warriors who lived by the oaths or doctrines of the tribes they lived with and protected, serving as a kind of "warrior's code," or code of honor.

Grimm Diary ExcerptEdit

Large in frame with a prodigious strength in their limbs, as well as their massive tooth-filled jaws, the Ak-Moho-Alii is a fearsome opponent. The greatest chance for victory is also the most dangerous: drive the wesen (sic) into a rage for when it enters this 'blood frenzy' all reason is abandoned. A Grimm who keeps his wits about him, and his sword arm steady, can overcome this fearsome wesen.

The Mark of the Shark

Ak-Moho-Alii live among the tribe as warriors. They are the strong right hand of their gods, but only if those with the 'mark of the shark' honor the divine edicts to never consume the flesh of any creature. Those who do not honor it are banished, as is their entire line, for fear of their blood frenzy. Having encountered this wesen (sic) as both tribal protectors and outcasts, I know this: an Ak-Moho-Alii's dedication, be it for protection or destruction, is absolute.

Jacob Kelly, Quartermaster of the HMS Resolution, 1779

510-The Mark of the Shark Grimm Diary


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