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Adalind Schade
Actor: Claire Coffee
Other Actor: Mary McDonald-Lewis (impersonation)
Elizabeth Tulloch (impersonation)
Gender: Female
Type: Hexenbiest
Relationships: Nick Burkhardt, husband
Diana Schade-Renard, daughter
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt, son
Dead.svg Catherine Schade, mother
Unnamed father
Dead.svg Unnamed maternal great-aunt
Sean Renard, father of her daughter
Dead.svg Eric Renard, former sexual relationship
Hank Griffin, former sexual relationship
Harrison Berman, employer
Dead.svg Serena Dunbrook, former coworker
Dead.svg Camilla Gotleib, former coworker
Lane, coworker
Stefania Vaduva Popescu, business relationship
Dead.svg Frau Pech, former accomplice
Dead.svg Martin Meisner, acquaintance
Dead.svg Sebastien, acquaintance
Viktor von Konigsburg, former employer
Rosalee Calvert, friend
Theresa Rubel, friend
Drew Wu, friend
Bud Wurstner, friend
Juliette Silverton, adversary
Eve, friend
Status: Living
Job: Attorney
Languages known: English
German (fluent)
Comics: X

Adalind Schade (born April 14, 1985) ("Map of the Seven Knights") is a Hexenbiest who first appeared in "Pilot". Nick Burkhardt first noticed her outside a jewelry store where she momentarily woged into her Hexenbiest form. She resigned from her job as a lawyer at Berman, Rautbort Law before leaving Portland, ("Woman in Black") and temporarily returned to the law firm nearly four years later. ("Inugami")


Season 1


Adalind attempted to kill Marie, per Sean Renard's command, but Nick intervened and was injected with a portion of the drug she was planning to use on Marie. She left the hospital and got into a vehicle driven by Captain Renard, to whom she reported Nick's presence. Adalind was already known to Marie, as there was a detailed entry about her in Marie's diary.

"Bears Will Be Bears"

Renard again instructed Adalind to end Marie's life before she could give Nick some unspecified information that would make him unlikely to join whatever group the Hexenbiest and Renard represented. Adalind found assassins - human ones at Renard's instruction - and this time she succeeded, although the hirelings were killed by Monroe and Marie, who fought back. Adalind attacked a human who threatened to mug her and Captain Renard.


When Mellifers attacked and killed two of the Hexenbiest lawyers working for the same law firm as Adalind, and she was the next target, Nick protected Adalind from harm, as was his duty as a policeman, even though he recognized her from the attack on his aunt. Adalind was genuinely afraid and suspected that Captain Renard would sacrifice her. However, she was loyal and kept his secrets. She was attacked by Melissa Wincroft and wrestled with her; the Mellischwuler gained the upper hand in the fight until Hank appeared to save Adalind and Nick was forced to shoot Melissa, sparing Adalind's life.

"Danse Macabre"

Adalind had recently arranged to run into and socialize with Nick's partner, Hank. Apparently this was done in service to Captain Renard. When Hank was out having a drink with Sergeant Wu, Adalind was seemingly stood up by a business associate. She and Hank then had dinner together.

"Island of Dreams"

In front of a painting in an art gallery, Renard asked Adalind to report on her progress in getting Hank to like her. She replied that Hank was not interested since he believed she only liked him because he saved her life. Renard reminded her she knew how to make Hank love her. She listened and made potion-laced chocolate chip cookies]]. She offered them to Hank. After he took a bite, she told him not to share them with anyone else.

"The Thing with Feathers"

Adalind continued to feed Hank's obsession with her, staging a scenario involving another man coming to her apartment right after Hank had just seen her ignore a phone call from him from outside her apartment where he was spying. Renard then told her to stop ignoring Hank and to answer the phone the next time he called, which he soon did. They both agreed to have dinner the next night, which they did end up having at the Brasserie Montmartre.

"Love Sick"

Hoping to get Nick's key, Adalind told him to meet her in the woods and give her the key if he wanted Hank to live, whom she had put into a coma by having sex with him. During the fight, some of Nick's blood was ingested by Adalind, killing her Hexenbiest spirit and turning her into a regular human. She returned in tears to see her mother, Catherine Schade, but she slapped her when she discovered what had happened to her. Renard informed her that she was no longer of use to him and "just another pretty girl," and she walked out the door.

"Woman in Black"

Adalind had a Himalayan cat named Majique (Mah-jeek), whom she dosed with some sort of toxin in its milk, turning the cat's tongue yellow. She brought the cat to Juliette's clinic, claiming Majique was acting lethargic and not eating. Majique then scratched Juliette on the hand, apparently introducing said toxin into the scratch. By the time Nick went to her apartment to confront her, she was gone with her apartment cleaned out, leaving behind only the near-empty bowl of milk and apparently the cat herself, who was left in the clinic's kennel.

Season 2

"The Bottle Imp"

Adalind called Sean Renard and asked him who killed her mother. Renard responded that they did not know and asked Adalind what she did to Juliette. Adalind answered that Nick took something away from her, so she took something away from him. When Renard told Adalind that Juliette was awake, Adalind correctly concluded that Renard must have had something to do with her waking up and told him that he was going to be having some fun, as was she. She then hung up.

"The Other Side"

In a Viennese opera house, Adalind met Eric Renard, and they began a conservation, mentioning betrayal and that they knew somebody in common: Eric's brother Sean. Later, during the conversation at Eric Renard's Castle, Eric revealed Sean was his half-brother because his mother was a Hexenbiest and his dad's mistress, and Eric's mother was not happy about having a half-Hexenbiest in the family, forcing Sean and his mother to move to Portland. Then, she revealed to Eric what she knew about his brother and Nick.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"

Adalind returned to Portland in search of the key and to avenge her mother's death. She told Renard that he had forty-eight hours to produce Nick's key. Feigning friendliness, she led Juliette to reveal that Marie Kessler came to Portland in an SUV towing a trailer. She was arrested on suspicion of her mother's murder and taken to jail. She provided a strong alibi, which required verification.

"Face Off"

Adalind was released from jail. As she left the precinct, she was stopped by Renard, who forced her to go with him. He asked her to "fix what's wrong with me," to which Adalind told him, "I can't fix you, but I can make it better." She started kissing him. She broke off to say, "I want you. The real you. I want what you would never show her." Renard then woged, and Adalind said, "Now we're talking." They started kissing as they frantically removed their clothes.

Later on, Adalind was with Renard at his home. Renard asked her if she had given any thought to what would happen to him if his brother got Nick's Key. Adalind countered with the thought of what would happen to her if he didn't. Renard told her there was still time to choose sides, to which Adalind replied that she did choose him a long time ago, and he turned his back on her. He said he would not underestimate her again but that she should not count on his brother for the same consideration. He then left, telling her to make herself at home.

Returning to his home, Renard encountered Adalind, who asked if he had found the key. He lied to her and said he needed more time. Adalind told him he was out of time and that there was a car waiting for her downstairs. She told him she would tell his brother that he tried " awfully hard." She then left. In Vienna, Adalind stood in a bathroom with a home pregnancy test device in her hand. The result of the test was positive, and she smiled.

"Mr. Sandman"

Adalind told Frau Pech, who had been able to detect her pregnancy, that the father was one of two half-brothers. Frau Pech correctly concluded that Adalind was carrying Royal blood and confirmed that she could help with the valuable child.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"

At the castle, Adalind met with Eric Renard and said that Sean Renard had not been able to get Nick's key yet. She told him that Sean told her he couldn't get it within the given time frame, even though he knew what his brother threatened to do if he did not. Eric said he'd have to pay his brother a visit. He then noticed something different about Adalind. She said it was just because she was with him.


Adalind was in Vienna, suffering from morning sickness when Frau Pech knocked on her door and instructed her that she was to meet Stefania Vaduva Popescu. When Adalind said that she was feeling ill, Frau Pech told her, "You do NOT want to offend them."

Adalind and Frau Pech arrived at the Schwarzwald Roma camp and were introduced to Stefania and her sons Dragomir and Lucian. Stefania explained that to calculate the true value of a child, the bloodline must be established. Adalind said she had that information. Stefania said that mothers lie, and only blood was the real truth. Stefania's sons held Adalind down on a divan while Stefania approached her with an archaic instrument with a long needle and a chamber as Adalind screamed.

In the encampment, Stefania mixed the blood with another liquid and the whole lot turned blue, confirming Royal blood. She then said that she would offer 500,000 Euros for a boy or 750,000 for a girl. Adalind said that she wasn't interested in money, only that she wanted her powers back. Stefania said that may not be possible, to which Adalind replied that she may not bring the baby to term and told Stefania, "Those are MY terms."

"The Waking Dead"

Adalind and Eric were starting to make out when Eric had to answer a telephone call from his father. Adalind eavesdropped on the call and heard Eric making disparaging remarks about Hexenbiests.


In her hotel room, Adalind received a visit from Stefania, who told her that it may be possible to restore her powers. Stefania grabbed Adalind's hand and made her sign a contract before she left, which said that Adalind would give up her unborn child in exchange for getting her powers back.

While waiting for a dinner appointment, Adalind was warned about Stefania by Frau Pech, who also warned her that to some people, she was worth more dead than alive.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

Adalind was being served a meal in her hotel room in Vienna when she collapsed. The waiter left the room and told Frau Pech that the deed was done. Frau Pech then entered the room and completed her doppelgänger potion, turning into a facsimile of Adalind, while Adalind turned into a facsimile of Frau Pech. Frau Pech (as Adalind) answered the phone from Stefania and then left.

As Frau Pech died at Stefania's camp, Adalind reverted back to her own form, woke up, and said, "Ding dong! The witch is dead, and another is coming back."

Season 3

"The Ungrateful Dead"

Adalind was summoned to Stefania's abode, where upon arrival, she saw the body of Frau Pech cut open vertically through the chest. Stefania told her that she had to cut off Frau Pech's hands and feet and pluck out her eyes. She had to put the body parts in a bucket held by Stefania.

She then went with Stefania and her sons Miguel and Yanko to a field, where using a hand shaped entrenching tool, she had to dig a hole to bury the body parts. Once she had buried the parts, she had to fill in the hole using her bare hands. Once this was complete, she was embraced by some spirits, and then all the flowers in a circle around her died. Stefania told her she had to pick all the dead flowers.


The Skull on Adalind's stomach

With Stefania and her sons, Adalind returned to Stefania's abode where Stefania told her to put the dead flowers into the chest cavity of Frau Pech's corpse and then sew up the body. Stefania told her to bite the thread with her teeth to cut it.

After a while, the flowers and Frau Pech's insides became a paste that Stefania told Adalind to remove with her hands and put into a jar. Once she had the paste, Adalind took a shower and then applied the paste to her stomach. As it was absorbed into her skin, the paste briefly formed a skull before being fully absorbed into her skin.

"A Dish Best Served Cold"

Adalind was in Eric's castle and asked Sebastien who would be crowned Prince now, and he replied that it would be the "last man standing."

Later, she was in her hotel room watching a news report about Eric's death when she shed a tear of blood. There was a knock at the door, and it was a waiter bringing room service. Adalind said that she did not order room service. Unbeknownst to her, Sebastien was watching, and he photographed her.

"El Cucuy"

Adalind was in Vienna at the Medical Clinic getting an ultrasound by Doctor Hawelka to check on the status of her child. The doctor told her to be healthy, eat right, and exercise in moderation. The doctor then heard what sounded like two heartbeats, and Adalind asked if she was having twins, but the doctor said no and that it was probably just an echo, which left Adalind with worry for her child. She was unaware that after leaving the clinic, Sebastien and Meisner were spying on her under Renard's orders.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"

Adalind was seen entering her hotel in Vienna when she received a call requesting her appearance at the castle by the new prince. She went to the castle and met the new prince.

"Cold Blooded"

Adalind talked with Prince Viktor about Eric's death as Viktor was trying to find those responsible for his assassination. Later, she was seen in her bathroom rubbing paste on her pregnant belly, unaware there were cameras in her hotel room planted there by Viktor.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"

Adalind entered her hotel room where she saw a note and a rose from Sean informing her that there were cameras in her hotel room and to get dressed for a meeting with him in a cafe.

"Red Menace"

Adalind entered the cafe for her meeting with Sean Renard, unaware that Meisner was there to watch out for unwanted guests. Renard kissed Adalind's cheeks, and she returned one on his lips. She and Renard discussed the cameras in her hotel room, her pregnancy, and the paternity of the child. Renard warned her about a rumor about someone selling a child with Royal blood. Renard told her, "When this becomes known, and soon enough it will, you’re going to have to choose a side," and then he left the cafe with Meisner.

"The Good Soldier"

Adalind was at the cafe going over documents, while Meisner was at the bar spying on her on Renard's orders. After Adalind received her cup of coffee, she experienced pain in her stomach, which she ignored. When Adalind reached for her cup of coffee, the cup moved by itself, and Adalind was shocked. She then reached her hand towards the cup of coffee again, and again the cup moved back towards her hand, all of which Meisner saw. Then she experienced pain again, but this time it caused the lights in the cafe to blow out.

Later, Adalind returned to her hotel room, and Meisner informed Renard of the events involving Adalind at the cafe, which Renard responded by saying Adalind was getting her powers back.

"The Wild Hunt"

Adalind was seen entering the castle to meet with Viktor. Before entering the meeting room, she met Sebastian in the hallway, who informed her that Viktor was in a meeting with Gregor Danilov, the head of the Verrat, and that she should be careful with what she says. She entered the room, and Viktor asked her some questions involving Sean Renard and his associates. Adalind told him she received a note from Renard informing her that he figured out who killed her mother and thought it was the Grimm. She told Viktor that she didn't see Renard, and then she left. Viktor and Danilov discussed whether Sean or Eric could be the baby's father and that the baby would be born Royal.


Later, in her hotel bathroom, Adalind applied more of the paste she made with parts of Frau Pech's body on her stomach, and the baby's hands pushed out on her abdomen.

Later, when Adalind was in bed, she woke up in pain and saw the baby's face pushing out. It turned into a skull, and she screamed in agony.

Adalind met with Stefania, who put her ear to Adalind's stomach and told Adalind that the baby would arrive soon and that she needed to go into hiding. Adalind told Stefania that it had only been six months, and she should go the hospital instead of going into hiding. Stefania gave Adalind mandrake root to chew on to slow down the process.


Adalind was seen on the monitor of her bedroom by Prince Viktor, when he received a visit from Stefania informing him of the status of the birth. If he wanted the child to be born in the castle, they had to get Adalind as soon as possible.

Later, Adalind received a call from Sean informing her of Stefania's betrayal and that the Verrat would soon be coming for her to bring her to the castle until she gave birth. She asked why she should trust him, and he responded that he believed he's the father, and Viktor wanted the child, so she should go with Meisner and Sebastien. She then heard a knock on the door. Sean told her it was time to pick a side and hung up. When Adalind opened the door, it was Meisner and Sebastien. Sebastien said he would wait downstairs to keep lookout while Meisner told Adalind to hurry and grab what she needed. Meisner received a call from Sebastien, who said Verrat agents were on their way to the room. Meisner told Adalind to answer the door as he took his shirt off and got into Adalind's bed with his gun. Adalind opened the door to the two Verrat members, and they entered the room where they met Meisner, causing voices to rise slightly. Adalind tried to calm down the situation, but one of the Verrat shoved her stomach hard, causing Adalind pain. Adalind gasped, and then a pen on her bedside table started to wobble. Meisner shot one of the Verrat, and before the other one could shoot Meisner, the pen launched into the eye of the Verrat member. Meisner thanked Adalind, but Adalind told him she didn't think that was her that made the pen move.

Meanwhile, during the car drive, Adalind asked why they were helping her. Meisner told her that she and her child were important to the Resistance, of which he, Sebastien, and Sean were members. Meisner told Sebastien to pull over, and he and Adalind got out of the car and walked into the woods until they reached a cabin belonging to Meisner's family.

Later, in the cabin, Adalind was in the bed after eating dinner and thanked Meisner for the meal, when she suddenly started to feel a lot of pain in her stomach. She told Meisner that the baby was coming and screamed in pain.

"Mommy Dearest"


In the cabin, Adalind was in labor as Meisner tried to get things organized quickly. As he told her to breathe, Adalind told him just to get the baby out of her and to not let it kill her. Adalind held on to Meisner's hand as he was trying to get her to calm down and breathe, but Adalind ended up biting his hand. As soon as she did that, books on the bedside table flew at Meisner, forcing him to quickly duck. He told her to stop that, and she painfully asked, "Stop what?" He told her to keep pushing, and a few seconds later, the baby was born. Right after Adalind saw her baby, she woged into a Hexenbiest. She cracked a small smile as she realized that the trials with Stefania worked, and she had regained her powers.

While Adalind and the baby were sleeping, Meisner called Renard to tell him the news that Adalind gave birth to a girl.


Later in the night, Meisner put another blanket on Adalind. He reached down and pushed Adalind's hair to the side, and it started to wrap around his hand. He tried to get free without waking Adalind, but the baby woke up with glowing purple eyes, staring at him. After a few seconds, Adalind's hair finally unwrapped from around Meisner's hand.

"Once We Were Gods"

Adalind was seen cradling her daughter when Meisner arrived at the cabin and asked what she did to the baby, but she told Meisner that the baby was with her. He told Adalind that he heard the baby's heartbeat in the forest, and then Adalind remembered what the doctor told her about the two heartbeats. ("El Cucuy")

Later, Adalind thanked Meisner for saving her and her daughter from the Royals and the Verrat, and she later found out in their conservation that Meisner's girlfriend was killed two years ago by the Royals. Then, Meisner got a call from Sean informing him of Sebastien's disappearance, telling Meisner to head to Zurich, and he'd make arrangements for them to leave the country.

Then Adalind, Meisner, and the baby were walking in the woods to an unknown location.

"The Show Must Go On"

Adalind was in the woods with her daughter and Meisner watching Viktor and the Verrat trying to find them. Adalind told Meisner about Viktor, and her daughter started crying. Adalind told Meisner that her daughter was hungry, and Meisner said to feed her later.

Adalind, Meisner, and the baby arrived to the cars that Viktor and the Verrat arrived in. They found Sebastien in the backseat of one of the cars, and Meisner checked on him but was quickly held at gunpoint by a Verrat agent. Adalind used her powers to save Meisner by forcing the Verrat agent to turn his gun on himself. She was then saddened when Sebastien decided to stay behind to try to make up for what he had done.

Later on the road, Meisner thanked Adalind for saving his life and received a call from Sean. Sean informed Meisner that Tavitian had someone in Zurich ready to get Adalind and the baby out of the country. Adalind asked Meisner if he was coming with them, but Meisner told her that he couldn't go with them because his fight was "here."


Adalind was seen with her daughter and Meisner driving to the drop point in Rafz, Switzerland. Meisner told Adalind to wait in the car. After he left, she was captured by two Verrat agents and was saved by Kelly Burkhardt. Later on the landing strip, Adalind thanked Meisner for saving her and gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

Then on the plane, Adalind was informed by Kelly of the supplies on the plane, including diapers for the baby. Adalind knew Kelly was American and asked if she was working for the Resistance. Kelly said to Adalind that it was for the better the less she knew. Adalind got emotional and informed Kelly of her situation, and Kelly told her to change her baby's diaper.

While on the plane, Adalind's daughter wailed because of the air pressure on the plane, and Kelly taught Adalind to rub her finger under her daughter's ears. Kelly told Adalind that it was not easy to be a mom. Adalind asked if Kelly had children, and Kelly lied that her sister had one. Then Kelly told Adalind it was tough raising a baby on the run. Adalind thanked Kelly for saving their lives, and Kelly informed her that the Royals wouldn't hurt the child, but they would hurt her. Then Kelly asked Adalind if she was keeping the baby, and Adalind responded, "I won't let anyone take my child," and that they would have to kill her first. Kelly told her, "Now you sound like a Mother." Kelly asked when was the last time she slept, and Adalind let Kelly take the baby while she slept.

When Adalind, Kelly, and the baby arrived in Oregon, they landed on a field nearby a farm. When they were approached by a farmer who wanted to call the Sheriff, Kelly knocked him out. Kelly, Adalind, and the baby then entered his truck. During the drive when Adalind saw the Portland sign, she was upset that she was going back to Portland and asked Kelly if she knew Sean Renard.


Later at night after arriving at Nick and Juliette's home, Adalind, Nick, Juliette, and Kelly got into a disagreement in which Juliette told Adalind off about what she did by putting her in the coma. Adalind asked Nick if he was going to kill her and the baby, but her baby then used her powers to cause the house to shake, bend a spoon on the table, and cause a photo to crack. Juliette then noticed how wet the blanket around the baby was and ordered Adalind upstairs to dry off the baby.

In the bedroom, after Juliette dried off the baby, she asked Adalind how old she was, and Adalind responded maybe 10 days old. Juliette then asked what the baby's name was, and Adalind responded that she didn't have one yet because too many people were trying to kill them. She then asked Juliette why she was helping her and why Nick didn't kill her. Juliette responded that Nick should have tried to kill her the last time she was in Portland.

Later, when Nick, Juliette, and Kelly were arguing about what to do with Adalind and the baby, Adalind snuck out with the baby and took the stolen truck to Sean's condo. There, Sean and Adalind discussed Kelly Burkhardt and the surprise visit to Nick and Juliette's house. Sean eventually held the baby for the first time, as Adalind told the baby to say hello to her father.

"The Law of Sacrifice"

Adalind got food from Sean's fridge while he held the baby. Sean told her she should stay away from the windows of his home because the less people who knew she was there, the better. Sean asked her how she got to his house, and she told him about the stolen truck. Sean's intercom buzzed, and he was told that Nick was downstairs. Sean said to send him up, which didn't please Adalind at all. She told Sean to make sure he was alone and to kill him if he tried to take the baby.

When Nick arrived, Adalind asked what he wanted. He told her he wasn't there to hurt her or take her baby. Nick said that his mom risked her life to help her, and Adalind asked what would she have done if she'd known she was a Hexenbiest and woged. Nick told her that the best chance that her and the baby had was for them to work together. Nick told Adalind and Renard that when they were ready, they'd talk.

After Nick left, Renard told Adalind he would do everything he could to protect the baby, so she should stay with him. Adalind asked if that meant they were back together, and he said he guessed so. While they were talking, Renard got a call from Nick to warn him about the men on their way up. Renard hung up and told Adalind they needed to go. They headed to the elevator, and as soon as they got to it, Nick came out of one. He told them to be quiet for a second, and he used his enhanced hearing to figure out the men were coming up the stairwell. After both Verrat men were defeated, everyone left the building.

Everyone arrived at Monroe and Rosalee's home, but before they went in, Adalind said she wanted to know where she was, but she was told by Kelly that it was better she didn't know; that way, the people after her wouldn't know where to look. Inside, Rosalee got Adalind and the baby settled. After everyone left, Adalind told Rosalee that she didn't want to be alone, and Rosalee said she wouldn't be.

Later that night, the baby was crying, and Adalind couldn't get her to stop. Monroe and Rosalee got out of bed to see what was going on. Rosalee noticed the baby had a little fever, which could have been why she was crying so much. Suddenly, all the clocks in the house went wild as the baby started crying harder. Just as sudden, she stopped crying, and the clocks calmed down. Monroe asked what just happened as Kelly walked into the living room.

The next morning, multiple cops burst into the house to arrest Kelly for the murder of Catherine Schade, surprising Adalind.

Adalind and Renard talked on the phone about what just happened, and Adalind explained her confusion because she thought Nick had killed her mom. Renard said there was new evidence, and he needed her to come to the precinct to make a statement about where she was when her mother died. Adalind said she wasn't leaving the baby, so Renard told her to bring the baby with her, and he would send a patrol car to pick them up.

When Adalind arrived, an officer took her to Renard's office. Renard said the officer would take her to the interview room, so she could leave the baby with him. Adalind handed the baby to Renard, and Adalind said she thought of a name for the baby: Diana.

When Adalind arrived to the interview room, she was surprised to find Kelly there too. Adalind asked what she was doing there, and Kelly said she wanted to talk to her because, at the very least, she owed her an explanation. Kelly told Adalind that she was looking for her the day Catherine died because of what she did to Juliette. ("Woman in Black") ("The Kiss") Kelly said that Catherine wouldn't say anything, so she had to make her because her other choice was to let Juliette die. While they were talking, Renard left the precinct with Diana. In the interview room, Adalind said she was angry at Nick because he took her powers. ("Love Sick") Adalind asked why they were having this conversation, and Kelly said she had to give up Nick because of who she was, and if she hadn't done so, he might have been killed. Adalind told her that was her problem, and if she was looking for forgiveness, she didn't have any. Kelly said she wasn't looking for forgiveness, but she wanted her to understand that "sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most." As soon as Kelly said that, Adalind suddenly realized what was going on and ran out of the room looking for Renard.

318-Adalind woged, screaming.png

Adalind went to Renard's office, only to find him and Diana no longer there. She asked Wu where he was, and he said Renard just walked out a few minutes ago. Adalind ran off and saw Renard as he came back inside. She demanded to know where her daughter was, and Renard said he had no choice because Viktor would have killed both of them if he didn't give Diana to him. Renard said it was the only way to protect her, and Adalind ran outside to the street and frantically looked around for Viktor. Once she realized he was gone, she woged and let out a screaming roar that broke all nearby car windows and set off their alarms before collapsing to her knees, crying in the middle of the street.

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"

Adalind went to Nick and Juliette's house and said she needed Nick's help. She told Nick that Renard gave Diana to Viktor and that he tried to act like he didn't know anything. Adalind told Nick he had to get his mom out of jail and said she didn't care that Kelly killed her mom because it was probably her fault anyway. Nick told Adalind that Kelly was released a couple hours ago and already left town, and he had no idea where she went. Adalind told Nick that he had to help her get Diana back then. Juliette walked up to Adalind and said if the Royals had her baby, they wouldn't be in Portland anymore, causing Adalind to woge. She angrily said she wasn't giving up her baby and stormed out of the house after Nick said there was nothing they could do.

Renard pulled into the parking garage of his condo building, and Adalind stepped in front of him, causing him to slam on his breaks. Renard got out of his car, and Adalind told him to get Diana back. Renard said he couldn't, which caused Adalind to woge and shove Renard back, making him hit the front of his vehicle. He woged, and Adalind said she hated him and hit him in the face, leaving behind three scratch marks. She tried to hit him again, but Renard grabbed her hand and said he didn't blame her for hating him. They both retracted, and Adalind calmly asked him to help her. Renard said he didn't know how, and Adalind said, "Figure it out because one day I'll stop crying."

The next day, Adalind went to Monroe's home, told Rosalee that Diana was taken from her, and hugged Rosalee.

Later in the day, Rosalee brought Adalind a drink to help her rest, despite Adalind saying she didn't want to rest. Rosalee said she needed to go to the spice shop, but she wasn't leaving until Adalind fell asleep. Later, Monroe put a blanket over Adalind as she slept before leaving with Nick and Hank.

Adalind awoke to a knock at the door. Once she realized no one else was home, she got up to answer the door. She was happily surprised to see that it was Sean who had Diana in his arms. Sean started to hand the baby to Adalind, but he then handed her to Viktor, which caused Adalind to scream and wake up from her nightmare. As soon as she woke up, she grabbed the phone and dialed a number. At the castle, Viktor was informed that Adalind was calling, and Viktor said he would take the call. Adalind apologized for everything and pleaded for her baby, saying she'd do anything, even if she had to come back to Europe. Viktor looked at Marcus Rispoli, surprised that Adalind thought they still had the child. Viktor told Adalind he'd think about it and told her to call back later. Adalind sat on the couch, woged, and said she was done crying.

Viktor was sitting in front of his fireplace when Adalind called back. Viktor continued to make her think he had Diana still and said, "It's time to return the favor (after she mentioned that her powers were taken from her). You have the blood of the Grimm in you. That makes him vulnerable."

Renard was getting ready to head home from the precinct when Wu told him that Adalind was there to see him. She slowly walked toward him after saying she wasn't sure she'd ever forgive him. She said that maybe he did make the right decision because the Royals would have continued to come after them. She hugged Renard, much to his surprise, and smiled. Renard then took Adalind home with him.

"My Fair Wesen"

Captain Renard brought Adalind to a hotel suite for her to stay at for awhile. Renard told her he would be across the hall, but she told him she wanted him to stay. Renard said he didn't think it was a good idea, and Adalind asked him if he was afraid of her. He said he was, and she said she was afraid of him too, but she wanted him to stay because she was more afraid of being alone. Renard then agreed to stay with her.

Later, Adalind went to talk to Frank Ellis about her mother's will. He told her that her mother hadn't paid taxes for the past seven years before she died, so once everyone was paid, there was only a balance of a little more than 1,500 dollars left. Frank told her that money had mostly been used up to pay for the storage unit where her personal belongings had been kept and gave her a key to the storage unit.

She went to the storage unit, opened the door, and began looking around for an unspecified object. She found a chest and looked through it. She found a book, but when she tried to open it, she had no luck. She pulled hard and accidentally threw the book into a mirror, shattering the glass. She grabbed a shard of the broken glass from the mirror and tried to pry the book open. She accidentally cut herself, and when blood dripped on the book, it steamed and quickly opened.

"The Inheritance"

Renard arrived to the hotel room that he and Adalind were staying at and found her tending to a cut on her hand, which she attempted to shrug off. ("My Fair Wesen") Adalind then confided in him her worries of their baby's well-being in the hands of Viktor. Renard commented on her cut and told her he could ask more questions about what she'd been up to, but he wouldn't. Adalind walked over to him, and Renard said, "If I didn't know you better, I'd be in love with you." The two of them then began kissing.

Adalind later called Juliette's work to find out when she'd be in and then quickly covered up her call as Renard walked in to investigate.

Outside the Hotel deLuxe, Wu saw Adalind getting into a taxi and called Renard to notify him, who told him to call the cab company to find out where the taxi was taking her.

Adalind went to Nick's house and knocked to see if anyone was home, and seeing that the house was empty, she broke in using her Skeleton Key. She went into Nick and Juliette's room and took some of Juliette's clothing and her hair from a brush. Going back downstairs, Renard approached Adalind and attempted to stop her from taking them. Adalind then used her powers to throw a vase at Renard's head, knocking him out, and she escaped.

Back at the storage unit, Adalind was making a potion. She put the hair she collected from Juliette's brush into the cauldron, and vapor emitted. Adalind grabbed a Witch's Hat and placed it over the cauldron, making a funnel-like chimney for the vapor to come out of. She inhaled the vapor three times, causing her to transform into Juliette.

"Blond Ambition"

In the storage unit, Adalind inhaled the vapor coming out of the top of the witch's hat and changed into Juliette.

At his hotel, Renard was surprised to have a visit from Juliette, but unbeknownst to him, he was really being visited by Adalind disguised as Juliette. She said that she needed to talk to Adalind and him. She expressed her condolences for Adalind, and Renard told her she didn't want to get involved with Adalind at the moment. Renard mentioned Adalind was in her house, and Adalind asked basic questions such as "when" and "how do you know that" to keep her act going. Adalind walked up to Renard and said that she had been confused ever since they went through what they went through and kissed Renard. Adalind's potion started to wear off, so she "apologized" and left quickly, leaving Renard confused, as he thought the situation with Juliette was long over. Adalind got in a taxi still looking like Juliette and told the cabbie where to drop her off. Adalind sat in the backseat as her potion continued to wear off.

Adalind's taxi arrived to the storage unit, and when the cabbie turned around, he was surprised to see that Adalind looked different than when she got in as the potion had fully worn off. Adalind just smiled and paid the cabbie before she got out of the taxi.

Juliette answered the phone, and it was Adalind calling. Adalind told Juliette that she thought Sean's obsession with her may have returned and asked Juliette if she had had any feelings lately for him. Juliette said no, and Adalind said just in case the problem was returning, she would mix something up to help both of them, but Juliette insisted on no potions or mixing of anything. Adalind said she understood her concerns and hung up.

Later, Juliette received another call from Adalind, who said she was checking up on her, and Juliette told her Sean called. Adalind said she had a spray that would make everything between them end again, and Adalind offered to come over. Juliette said no because she had too many things to do. Adalind offered to leave the spray with Nick, but Juliette said he was busy getting ready for a wedding. They both hung up, and Adalind inhaled more of the potion vapor to turn into Juliette once again, and she left the storage unit.

Nick went to his room to get ready for Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, but before he did anything, Adalind posing as Juliette came out of the bathroom wearing Juliette's negligee, which grabbed Nick's attention. Before long, the two of them began having sex. Afterwards, Nick went to the bathroom to get ready for the wedding. Adalind put her clothes on and headed downstairs to leave, but before she could leave, she ran into Trubel coming out of the kitchen. Trubel joked that she wasn't cooking anything... except bacon. Adalind replied that she hated bacon and left. Trubel asked if she was going to the wedding, but Adalind closed the door. Trubel was curious, so she decided to follow her. Trubel watched as Adalind got into a taxi. As the taxi pulled away, she was surprised to suddenly see a blonde woman in the back of the taxi instead of Juliette.

At the storage unit, Adalind grabbed what she needed, including a passport, and locked the unit up. She soon got on a plane to Europe and thought about getting Diana back from Viktor.

Season 4

"Octopus Head"

Adalind arrived at the gates of Kronenberg Castle. Viktor and Rispoli came down, and Adalind told them she took away Nick's powers. Viktor was not sure, but Rispoli said that he doubted she came all this way without accomplishing what he asked for. Viktor let her in, and they led her into the castle's dungeon while Viktor talked about how well her baby had been growing. However, Viktor then pushed Adalind into her dungeon cell and revealed to her that he didn't have her baby and that the Resistance took her. Adalind woged in anger, but Viktor walked away, telling her that the cell was built for Hexenbiests.

Adalind later received a bowl of gruel through a slot in the bottom of her cell door. She looked at it in disgust and threw it against the wall. She went to sleep and woke up to see rats everywhere. She woged and screamed, scaring the rats away. She then saw a hole in the wall appear and heard some chuckling. She approached and said to the voice that her name was Adalind, but the voice responded, "My name is for me to know and you to find out," followed by more chuckling. The hole closed and the voice disappeared.

A little bit later, Adalind and Nick both got a severe headache at the same time and were briefly able to see through the other's eyes.

"The Last Fight"

Adalind was in her cell when she saw the small hole appear in the wall again and looked through it. She saw someone else look though from the other side, and he said, "I see you," before closing the hole. Later, Adalind woke up in her cell and quickly stood up. She walked over to the cell door, woged, and screamed, "Open!" She was met with a high pitched frequency, forcing her to cover her ears.

Adalind sat in her cell as the hole in the wall appeared again. The man on the other side asked if she would be happy if he could show her how to get out. She asked if he knew a way out, and he said he did. He said, "Six stones in, three stones high." She asked what that meant, and he repeated himself. Adalind stood up and felt the stones of her cell wall. She pushed one stone and crawled into a larger room as the stone closed behind her. The man lit a candle from where he was crouching on the floor and told Adalind his name was Hofmann. He then asked if she wanted to find her baby. She hesitantly said yes and asked if he knew a way out. He said that it would be a treacherous journey and that she'd need her strength, and he handed her a small box, telling her to eat what was inside. She grabbed a brownie and began to eat. Hofmann stood when he heard dogs barking and told her that they had to go, leading her down a tunnel out of the cell.

"Dyin' on a Prayer"

Adalind and Hofmann walked up stairs at the Kronenberg Castle, and Adalind asked how much further. Hofmann shushed her and told her not to wake them. Confused, Adalind told him there was no one there. Suddenly, a face appeared in the wall and told Adalind he knew where her baby was. More faces appeared saying the same thing but in different languages. Hofmann told her not to listen to them and to keep going with him. The faces kept repeating themselves, and Adalind yelled at them to tell her where her baby was. She then covered her ears and started crying. The faces then started crying as well, and water began to flood down the stairs. Adalind begged them to stop.

The water kept rising as the faces continued to cry. Eventually, Adalind was underwater at the ceiling.

"Cry Luison"

405-Adalind's hallucination.png

In Vienna, Adalind was struggling in the water until she was suddenly in another part of the castle. She asked how she got there, and Hofmann came up and said that he had told her not to wake them. She said they knew where her baby was, and he told her she heard what she wanted them to say. Hofmann tried to get her to come with him, but she heard crying and ran back. She ran a little bit and stopped. She turned around and saw herself running up stairs and followed. Later, in the castle, Adalind chased her image, asking where her baby was. She lost track of herself and opened a door where she found herself holding a plate with Hofmann's head and rats on it.

Adalind was later passed out on the ground in a new room, and Hofmann came up to her to help her up. He said that he told her not to go back and then told her not to stop when entering the next room and to get to the door on the other side. She asked how she would open the first door, and Hofmann told her she would open it with him and that he was the key. When she turned around, there was a key where Hofmann was standing. She opened the door and entered a brightly lit baby's room. Just before she opened the door to the next room, Adalind heard a baby cooing in the bassinet by the door. She looked in the bassinet and saw Diana. She picked her up, but Adalind suddenly realized she had a pig in her arms instead of Diana. She dropped the pig and turned to the door, but the door handle broke off. Adalind screamed and pounded on the door, and then she suddenly fell through the floor.

Adalind finished falling and realized she was still in her cell. Viktor came in and asked if she'd had enough. Adalind told him she'd do anything if he made it stop. She asked what he wanted from her, and he replied, "I want the same thing you want. To get our child back."

"Highway of Tears"

Adalind was brought into a room at Kronenberg Castle, and Viktor and Rispoli talked about new information that they needed to move quickly on that may involve Meisner. Viktor offered her food, which she was hesitant to eat after what she went through in her cell, but Viktor grabbed a piece of food and took a bite to show her that it was fine. Viktor spoke with Adalind about her escape to Portland. Viktor asked how Meisner knew the Verrat were waiting for them, and Adalind told him he didn’t. Adalind told him that it was Kelly Burkhardt who brought her and Diana to Portland, where they ended up at Nick’s house. Viktor asked how Renard convinced her to give her baby up, and she told him that he had her come to the police station to talk about her mother’s murder. She told Viktor that Renard then told her that he gave the baby to him. Adalind asked Viktor how he lost Diana, and he said the Resistance was waiting for them at the airport.


At Kronenberg Castle, Rispoli looked at a copy of the New York paper reporting Kelly Burkhardt's death 21 years ago and told Viktor and Adalind that because the victims' heads were missing, dental records could not be used, and the bodies were burned beyond recognition. Adalind told them that the woman who took her to Nick's house was definitely his mother, and her head was very much intact. Adalind asked how they were going to find her baby, and Rispoli said that the last place anyone saw Kelly was in Portland.


At the castle once again, Adalind woged as Viktor woke her up. Viktor told her that it was time to go to Portland, but Adalind told him she was never going back there because she'd be killed. Viktor told her that she would not be going alone, however, as the only people who had any connection to her child were there. He told Adalind that he and Rispoli would be going with her to Portland too.


Adalind arrived back in Portland to the Hotel deLuxe with Viktor and Rispoli, and Viktor opened a closet for Adalind that was full of new clothes, shoes, and more as reconciliation. Renard soon after walked in, surprising Viktor, and after a brief conversation on who Viktor suspected had killed Eric, Renard asked where Adalind was. Adalind came out, and Renard began talking about the last time they were in Portland and that Viktor threatened to kill him and his mother. Renard then told them he didn't have Diana, and Adalind said they knew Nick's mother had her. Renard said he gave Diana to the one person he thought would protect her. Adalind started going towards Renard, but Viktor grabbed her arm and said they were going to remain civil for now. Viktor told Renard that he had better make use of the means at his disposal as a police captain to find out where Diana was because they were not leaving without her.

"Trial by Fire"

Adalind went up to Viktor and told him they needed to get to Juliette. Viktor said not yet, and Adalind, growing impatient, asked what they were doing. Viktor told her it was called back channel diplomacy. Rispoli then came into the room and said, "He's here." Adalind asked who, and Viktor told her to watch and hopefully learn. Sam Damerov came in, and Viktor asked what Renard told him. Sam told him about the truck Kelly was driving before she sold it, and Viktor asked if he could find her. Sam assured him that he could. Sam left, and Viktor told Adalind that that was diplomacy. She told him to let her try it on on Juliette. Later, Adalind sat in her car and watched as Juliette arrived home. Once Juliette went inside, Adalind drove away.

Later, Adalind knocked on Nick and Juliette's door, and Juliette asked what she wanted. Adalind said she wanted her child, and Juliette told her she was calling Nick. Adalind used her Skeleton Key to get into the house, and Juliette told her she wanted her out. Adalind told her she should be thanking her for giving her a normal life, but Juliette responded, "Is that what you think you gave me?" They continued bringing up past events to attack each other with until Juliette demanded her to leave again. Adalind said she would leave if she came with her. Juliette said no, and Adalind woged, telling her that wasn't a suggestion. She then telekinetically tried to hit Juliette with a vase, but Juliette stopped it in mid air with her own telekinetic abilities before flinging it at Adalind. Juliette woged, and they began fighting. They both got multiple hits on each other and threw each other around the house, but soon Juliette started to take control of the fight, causing Adalind to run out the door in shock. Once in her car, Adalind started screaming.

"Bad Luck"

Adalind approached Renard outside of the cafe to discuss their daughter and Viktor's search for her, and Renard told her that once he had their daughter, he wouldn't need her anymore. Then, they discussed Nick's getting his powers back and Juliette's new status as a Hexenbiest as the likely reason Nick got his powers back, as well as Sean sending Juliette to Henrietta. She pleaded with Renard to fight for their daughter: "You and I need to be on the same side. It’s us against them, and I’ll do whatever it takes to save our daughter. I want you with me." He responded, "Damn, you’re good! I really do want to believe you." "For once, you should," she responded as she then exited his SUV.

Later at night, she visited Henrietta at her home to discuss Juliette and how powerful she had become. Henrietta then sensed something else and told Adalind, "Congratulations." Adalind said, "For what? Figuring out it was you?" Then, Henrietta stated that Adalind really didn't know what she was talking about and told Adalind that she was having a another baby. Adalind told Henrietta that she had not been with anyone else, and Henrietta said that there must have been someone and that she didn't do this herself. Adalind then remembered the spell she used to trick Nick into losing his powers by becoming Juliette and sleeping with him. Upon this realization, Adalind let out a long yell of "No!"

"Double Date"

At her hotel room, Adalind was waiting for the results of her pregnancy test, and when she entered the bathroom, she saw the results were positive on three different tests. She freaked out and responded, "I can't have another baby, I don't even know where the first one is!" Then, she calmed herself down, telling herself to breathe and told her unborn child that she'd find it another father, deciding that she would have to sleep with someone. Then she heard Viktor's voice and decided that Viktor was the best choice for that "someone," but she was stopped when she saw Frederick Renard in the hallway. She asked where Viktor was, and the King responded by telling her that he had Viktor sent home, and he was bringing another Royal into Portland. He told Adalind that she would stay there since she was family, and he didn't like the way Viktor had put her in the dungeon. ("Octopus Head") Then Frederick told Adalind that once they had Diana, she'd be "where she belongs" and would be raised by the family because she had Royal blood.


Adalind spoke with Rispoli about Viktor, asking him if he was even still alive, to which Rispoli responded that she shouldn't worry about him anymore and that he was loyal to the family, not just one member. Adalind asked him if she was a member of the family, and Rispoli sidestepped the question a bit by only saying her daughter was. She started becoming a bit impatient, asking if anyone was doing anything to find her. Just as Rispoli was about to tell her that the King was doing everything he could do find her, he received a call informing him that Prince Kenneth was on his way to Portland. They briefly discussed Kenneth, with Rispoli telling Adalind to get dressed and that the Royal's reputation was simply "results."

Adalind had not gotten dressed yet when Rispoli let Kenneth in her room to introduce himself. He told her that he was in Portland for one reason only, which was to get her child back to the Royal family. He then asked her how her encounter with Nick's girlfriend, Juliette, went, to which she replied that Nick was a Grimm again. Adalind said that he had apparently undone what she did even though she thought it wasn't possible, but she added that it would explain why Juliette was now a Hexenbiest. After asking Adalind if she had "any other surprises" for him, he opened up her robe and noticed that she was pregnant and asked her who the father was. She lied that it was Viktor's.

Adalind later came back dressed, and when asked by Kenneth if she had told Viktor the "blessed news," she said that she was planning to. She stayed for Kenneth's meeting with Sam Damerov as she had done before when he met with Viktor, but Kenneth gave Damerov a vicious beating in front of both her and Rispoli after telling him that he no longer worked for the family, despite Damerov's claims that he was loyal to only the Royals. With Damerov gasping on the floor, he told Adalind that he was more "hands-on" than Viktor and told her that the latter was sterile. He advised Adalind that she should "re-think" who the father was, revealing that he had caught Adalind in her lie.


She complained to Kenneth that her clothes no longer fit her with her pregnancy continuing to progress. Kenneth told her that he would send someone to go with her to shop for new clothes, which she said she could do herself. Kenneth told her that was not a discussion, however, and had Rispoli assign a bodyguard to accompany her.

When she was shopping, she noticed the reflection of Juliette in a store window. She turned around and briefly saw her before traffic obscured her view, and Juliette got out of sight. At that moment, her bodyguard looked up and noticed a statue of a gargoyle was about to fall on top of her, and he dove to move her out of the way, saving her life as the statue crashed onto the sidewalk.

She returned to the hotel she was staying and was visibly upset while talking to Kenneth about what had happened. She told him that she was sure she saw Juliette and that she had made the statue fall, adding that Kenneth needed to kill Juliette before Juliette killed her. Kenneth told her not to be stupid and that Juliette was still needed because she had helped Kelly Burkhardt take Diana and may know how to get in touch with her. Kenneth added that it might be to their advantage that Juliette was now a Hexenbiest as well because of the likelihood that it had adversely affected her relationship with Nick. Kenneth surmised that Juliette was coming after Adalind because she blamed her for what had happened.

"Iron Hans"

While Kenneth was talking on the phone to the King, Adalind entered the room. Kenneth asked her if she had something she wanted to say to the King, but she shook her head. After Kenneth hung up, Adalind asked if the King was going to kill Renard, and Kenneth asked if that upset her since he was the father of Diana. She then asked if anyone actually cared what she thought, and he told her no. Kenneth then told her that Juliette got arrested after attacking people at a bar, and Adalind said that meant she was starting to accept becoming a Hexenbiest. Kenneth said that could be the opportunity they were looking for, given Juliette's knowledge about Nick and his mother, and therefore, where Diana could be. Adalind said there was no way that Juliette would betray Nick, but Kenneth said, "It's surprising how quickly betrayal becomes a viable option, given the right circumstances." Adalind asked what circumstances those could be, and Kenneth told her that he knew the father of her unborn baby was Nick. Kenneth suggested that he might tell Juliette about Nick being the father of Adalind's child, and Adalind said, "You wouldn't." Kenneth said he would under the right circumstances, and Adalind tried to reason with him and said she was the mother of the child he wanted, but Kenneth replied, "It's surprising how quickly betrayal becomes a viable option," and left.

Later, Adalind went to the precinct and entered Renard's office to tell him she needed to talk to Nick. Renard advised her to leave before Nick saw her, but she told Renard she had something to tell Nick and opened up her coat, revealing she was pregnant. Adalind told Renard that she got pregnant the day Nick thought he was sleeping with Juliette. ("Blond Ambition")

After Renard called Nick into his office, Nick saw Adalind there as well. Upon seeing her, Nick started to leave, but Adalind revealed she was pregnant with his child. He didn't believe her at first, but she told him how it happened. Adalind said she wasn't going to have another child taken from her and told Nick that she needed him to protect her from Juliette. After Nick asked why he would do that, Adalind said she was hoping he would help her for their child. She told him if he wouldn't help her for that, then maybe he'd do it for Juliette because she knew a way to help her. Nick said he didn't believe anything she said, and Adalind asked him if he thought she'd risk coming there if she didn't have anything. She told him she wasn't making any promises and that there wasn't a way to completely cure Juliette, but there was a way to suppress the Hexenbiest in her. Adalind said that this wasn't written in the Zaubertrank Recipe Book and that it was something her mother's aunt told her about. Adalind told them the hardest ingredient to get was a dead Hexenbiest that wasn't fresh and that they could use her mother for that. Renard asked her if she needed anything else, and she said that she'd need Rosalee's help. She told Nick that he needed to convince her. Adalind then felt her baby kicking and revealed to Nick and Renard that it was a boy. She walked over to Nick and told him he should feel, but he stepped back. Nick then pulled his hand back initially when she tried to grab for it, but she finally took his wrist and placed his hand on her stomach.

Adalind told Nick that she was going to have their baby, and there was only one person who could stop her, referring to Juliette. Nick told her that he'd take her to Rosalee, but he didn't know if she'd help. As they walked into the hallway of the precinct, they ran into Juliette. Juliette commented on the baby and started walking towards Nick and Adalind as she told Adalind, "I should've finished you off when I had the chance." Adalind hid behind Nick, telling him to keep Juliette away from her. Adalind told Juliette that she came to the precinct because she had a way to help her, but Juliette said she'd had enough of her help. As Nick tried to tell Juliette she needed to leave, Juliette threatened to rip Adalind's throat out as a crowd started to gather. Nick reminded Juliette that she was in a police station, but Juliette said she was in hell and that it was time Adalind went there with her. Nick continued to try to diffuse the situation as things slowly escalated, and Wu came up to ask Nick if everything was okay. Nick told him they were just working something out, but Adalind said they weren't working anything out and that Juliette needed to leave. Juliette then agreed that Adalind was right and told her, "We'll catch up later," and left.

Nick took Adalind to the spice shop to see Rosalee, where Rosalee was shocked to see Adalind. Adalind showed her that she was pregnant again, and Nick told her it was his baby. Nick said that if Adalind could help Juliette, then they needed to do it, and he asked Rosalee if she'd help. She agreed to help if there was even a slight chance to help Juliette.

"You Don't Know Jack"

At the spice shop, Adalind and Rosalee worked on making the Hexenbiest suppressant. She remarked to Rosalee that Rosalee didn't trust her, and Rosalee asked her why she should. Adalind told her that she was just trying to protect herself and her unborn child from Juliette, noting that Rosalee had seen what Juliette was like now. Adalind asked her if she thought she had planned everything that had happened, and Rosalee answered that she didn't and then asked her how the suppressant was supposed to work. Adalind told her that she didn't know how it worked but that it should work, to which Rosalee replied she preferred to be more sure than just "should." Adalind told her that it wasn't like she did things like this all the time and that her life was pretty much normal before Nick's aunt came to Portland. Rosalee told Adalind that she found it hard to believe that Nick's aunt was responsible for everything, which Adalind said she wasn't saying. Before defending herself further, she muttered, "What's the point?" and said that the gang all hated her anyways even though she had sided with the Resistance and come back to Portland with Diana and Kelly. ("Synchronicity") She then told Rosalee that she trusted her when she stayed at her house and thought that Rosalee was helping her. Rosalee said that she didn't feel good about what they did but that it was necessary to protect Diana. They then finished what they were doing with regards to making the suppressant, and Rosalee asked her what was left. Adalind told her that all they needed now was her mother's remains and that they'd dig her up tomorrow. Nick, Monroe, Wu, and Hank then entered the spice shop with some salvaged items from the trailer and informed Rosalee and Adalind that Juliette had set it on fire, prompting Adalind to wonder out loud what Juliette would do to her if she was willing to burn the trailer. Hank responded, "You mean besides kill you?" They all discussed the best place for Adalind to stay, the last place where Juliette would look, and Nick and Hank brought Adalind to Bud's house.

Once at Bud's, Nick introduced them to each other, and Nick then told Bud that nobody could know Adalind was there, not even Bud's wife. Bud noticed Adalind was pregnant and asked Nick what he needed to do. Nick told her to just keep Adalind inside and to not answer the door or the phone. Bud asked Nick if Adalind's "significant other" liked pie, prompting Adalind to then ask Nick the same question. Bud then eventually realized that Nick was the father of Adalind's unborn child, and Nick informed Bud that he wasn't with Juliette anymore, calling the situation "complicated."

The next day, Monroe, Rosalee, and Sean accompanied Adalind to her mother's gravesite, where her coffin was dug up. Adalind then walked over to where the coffin was placed and spoke about everything that had happened since her death, including the baby she'd had with Sean and that she'd named her Diana, how Diana was stolen, her unborn child, and how she needed her mother's remains to stop Juliette from killing her and her baby. She got increasingly emotional as she lastly said that she was going to get Diana back and raise both of her children the right way. She thanked her mom for being dead when she needed her the most and then turned around to Monroe, Rosalee, and Renard, telling them to get her mother out of the casket.

Back at the spice shop, Adalind held a scalpel and was about to make an incision in Catherine Schade's body, but she stopped just short and said she couldn't do it even though she knew she needed to. Rosalee volunteered, and Adalind informed her she needed her to remove her mother's liver, gallbladder, tongue, and four ribs. Battling some nausea, Monroe suggested that maybe Adalind should sit down, but she said she was fine. Monroe asked Adalind how long her mother needed to cook, and Adalind said that she thought they would know when the suppressant was done. Rosalee asked Adalind if she was okay while Monroe left to answer a knock on the door, and Adalind said that it wasn't so easy being pregnant, digging up her mom, and waiting for someone to kill her.

A little while later, Rosalee and Adalind finished grinding up the last of the four ribs and adding them to the liquid mixture. Nick, Monroe, and Hank came up from the basement where they had been doing some research on Jack the Ripper with what was left of the Grimm diaries, and as they were talking about what they had found, a pungent cloud of smoke rose up from the mixture, and Rosalee noticed that Adalind was about to faint. Nick ran over to get her and had her lie down on a nearby bed. Rosalee assured her that she could take care of finishing the potion and soon noticed some foam form a skull at the surface. Adalind asked if she saw the skull, which Rosalee confirmed, and Adalind then told them that all they had to do was strain the liquid.

Monroe strained the liquid using the witch's hat. Rosalee said it looked like water, and Adalind replied that it wouldn't taste like it. Hank and Nick returned from a crime scene, and Nick asked her how everything went. Adalind told him that the potion was done being strained. They discussed how they were going to get Juliette to drink it, and Adalind suggested that she might take it if she knew that it worked. Adalind then said that she had no choice but to test it on herself first because she'd be killed by Juliette if she stayed the powerful Hexenbiest that she was. After drinking some of it, Nick asked her how she felt, to which she responded, "Like I just drank my mother." Monroe asked her how long it would take for the suppressant to work, and Adalind said it wouldn't be too long and then went to lay down on the bed, adding that she needed them to hold her down. Soon after, she woged and yelled for them to not let go of her. She began convulsing violently, and her Hexenbiest spirit then rose out of her body before returning. She kept on convulsing, however, and Rosalee saw the suppressant about to fall off a table due to Adalind's temporary uncontrolled telekinetic ability. Monroe caught it just as it fell, and glass from the skylight roof then shattered and fell to the floor. Adalind then retracted and lay motionless, seemingly unconscious. Hank detected a pulse, Rosalee said she still felt warm, and Adalind then woke up, wondering what happened. Nick told her that things got a bit intense, and Adalind asked if she had heard someone scream, which Monroe told her was her. Adalind insisted on getting up and seeing if the suppressant worked, and upon trying to woge, only a small ripple appeared across the left side of her face. She then tried to test her telekinetic abilities on a capped bottle of liquid nearby but could only manage to move it very slightly. She then said that she was "good" and that all they needed now was Juliette.

Later at Bud's house again, Adalind spoke to Nick about how she didn't know that Juliette would turn into a Hexenbiest when Nick was getting his powers back as a Grimm. ("Highway of Tears") Nick told her to get some sleep, and as he was about to leave Adalind's temporary bedroom, Adalind asked him what would happen to their unborn child after Juliette drank the suppressant. Nick told her that no one would take their baby and closed the door behind him.


Nick and Hank returned to Bud's house so Nick could speak to Adalind about what was wrong with Sean. Upon opening the door, Adalind asked Nick what happened with Juliette. She assumed that the suppressant had worked and that Nick was now going to "get rid" of her, but Nick assured Adalind that he wouldn't harm her and said that the suppressant didn't work. Adalind, a bit nonplussed, asked how that could be possible since it had worked on her, saying she couldn't do anything anymore. Nick told her that Juliette had destroyed it, and Adalind, under the impression that Juliette had wanted to be normal again, asked Nick why. He said that she didn't want that anymore because she liked the power and liked what she had become.

Nick then said he wanted to ask her about something else and told her about Renard's dreams about being shot and how he was waking up bleeding as if it had just happened. Adalind asked if he was having blackouts, and Nick said he was, adding that he was waking up in places, not knowing how he'd gotten there. Adalind asked if Sean was pronounced dead at the hospital when he was shot, and Nick said that he didn't know, only that the doctors did not expect him to survive. Adalind then asked if anyone was with him, and Nick said that only his mother was. This confirmed for Adalind that Sean had died and that his mother must have been the one to bring him back to life. She told Nick that Sean was dead just long enough for something to "hitch a ride" through a portal being opened, and when Sean was revived, that something was brought back with him. She said Renard was bleeding because it was taking control of him and asked Nick if Sean knew. Nick responded that he knew something was wrong but that he couldn't remember anything, and Adalind replied that was a good thing because when he did remember, it would be too late. Hank entered the room at that time and asked her, "Too late for what?" Adalind said that whatever was brought back with Renard would have taken over him at that point, and that's how spirit possession worked. Adalind said that they wouldn't be able to get the spirit out of Renard unless the portal was reopened by them killing Renard.

"Cry Havoc"

After Nick, Hank, and Trubel arrived at Bud's house, Nick asked where Adalind was because she needed to talk to her, at which moment came into the room and asked, "About what?" He told her that the Royals had Diana and that they had killed his mother. Nick that said he was going to kill whoever did it, and Adalind told him about Kenneth and Rispoli and that they were staying at the Penthouse in the Hotel deLuxe. Adalind asked if he thought they were still there, and Nick presumed they were because they couldn't have thought they'd get Diana tonight. Adalind told him that she still wanted her back and that she thought she still had her key to get into their hotel room. Nick then told her to get ready because they needed her to drop "something" off.

Adalind later got into the hotel room, checked to see if anyone was there, and put a severed head wrapped in plastic wrap in a closet. She then closed the doors, reopened them, and started screaming.

The hotel manager showed Nick and Hank to where Adalind was, and Adalind pretended to tell them how she discovered the head. After the manager left to go get the names and vehicle information of everyone that was staying in the room, Nick asked Adalind if she was alright. When she pointed out that she nearly went into labor with all her screaming, he told her that she did well, and Hank said that they could now put out arrest warrants for Kenneth and Rispoli once they got their information. Wu came in and told them that their plan had worked, and Nick told him to have an officer take Adalind back to Bud's house. Before Nick left, Adalind offered Nick her condolences about his mom, saying that she knew how much that hurt and acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice she made for her daughter. Nick seemed slightly unsettled at Adalind's unexpected compassion and left without saying a word; Adalind winced, fearing that she might have come onto Nick a bit too strong.

Later at Bud's, Adalind, Monroe, Rosalee, Trubel, and Bud discussed what had happened to Nick's mom, and Trubel told them how the Royals left her head in a box for Nick to find, clearly disgusting Adalind. Adalind then told Trubel how Juliette had become a Hexenbiest as a side-effect of Nick becoming a Grimm again, ("Highway of Tears") and Monroe, Rosalee, and Adalind told Trubel how Juliette had torched the trailer ("Iron Hans") and nearly killed Adalind and Monroe. ("Hibernaculum") ("Headache") Nick and Hank then returned from the warehouse where Nick had killed Kenneth, and Nick confirmed to Trubel that Juliette was a Hexenbiest and told Adalind that Juliette was with the Royals, with Hank adding that she had helped them take Diana too. Wu called and told them about the gated compound the Royals were staying in, and as they made their plans to infiltrate it, Rosalee offered to stay with Bud and Adalind in case something happened. After they left, Rosalee asked Adalind how she was feeling, and Adalind said, "Tired, angry, and scared."

When Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu returned from the compound, they broke the news that the Royals had escaped with Diana in a helicopter. Nick apologized to Adalind, who was visibly disappointed and upset. She asked Nick where she was supposed to go, and Nick told her to stay at Bud's until everything was wrapped up.

Season 5

"The Grimm Identity"

As Bud was serving her breakfast and rambling a bit, Adalind started to feel discomfort from the baby, and she soon realized that she was going into labor. She told Bud, who said he was going to call Nick, but Adalind then told him not to call anyone and get her to the hospital immediately.

Once they got to St. Joseph's Hospital, Adalind's water broke on the sidewalk, and Bud called Nick to let him know what was happening as Adalind was taken to a delivery room.

Nick arrived as Adalind was in the middle of giving birth, but the nurses soon realized that something was stressing the baby as his heartbeat dropped and momentarily stopped beating. She was told that an emergency C-section was going to have to be performed, and she was rolled onto her side and taken out of the room.

The C-section was able to be performed without any further complications, as it was discovered that the baby's arm had been above its head and was blocking him from coming out before. Nick entered Adalind's hospital room and found Adalind holding the baby in her arms. Nick asked if she was okay, and she said she was now and that she was glad Nick was there even if he didn't want to be. She told Nick not to hate her for their son's sake and that she didn't want to raise him by herself. Nick said he would be there for him, and Adalind then asked Nick if he wanted to hold the baby. Nick hesitated for a moment, but he then accepted Adalind's offer as she handed their son over to him. As Nick held the baby, Adalind told him that she had named him Kelly. Nick paused before saying, "Okay," and it was visible from Adalind's facial expressions that she understood the significance of the moment.

"Clear and Wesen Danger"

After having slept for a bit, Adalind woke up immediately wondering where Kelly was, and Rosalee calmed her down, telling her that a nurse had taken him to the nursery. Rosalee told her to get more rest, and Nick then came in, who told her he had just been at the nursery and seen Kelly. He then told Adalind he'd be right back as he left the room to go speak with Rosalee.

The next day, Adalind was released from the hospital, and she and Nick went back to his house, where Adalind was stunned at the sight of everything Monroe and Rosalee had prepared for them. Monroe and Rosalee took a look at Kelly, and Rosalee then went to show Adalind where a few things were. Adalind thanked Rosalee and Monroe before they left, and Nick then showed her where the guest bedroom was so she could get some rest before Kelly woke up. In the guest bedroom, she realized that the last time she'd been there, it was when she had Diana, ("Synchronicity") and she said that she hoped Diana was okay. She then asked Nick if he'd heard anything about Juliette, and he told her that Trubel killed her to save his life. Adalind said she was sorry and thanked Nick for his help.

Later, Adalind went down to the kitchen, and Nick made her a ham and cheese sandwich, and Adalind informed him she was allergic to raw tomatoes. Nick then informed Adalind that he was thinking of selling the house to find a safer place and said that it was okay for Adalind and Kelly to go with him. Nick then got a call from Hank, so he told Adalind he needed to go to the precinct, and she said it was okay and went to go take care of Kelly as he started crying.

Later, Rosalee visited Adalind to see how she was doing, and she told her that it was weird getting used to being back at Nick's house and let her look at Kelly again. She told Rosalee she was happy to be a mom again and that Nick had been great, but she had doubts about how long that would last. Rosalee assured her that Nick wouldn't walk away from his responsibilities, but Adalind expressed her concerns that he might because the suppressant she took ("You Don't Know Jack") was going to eventually wear off. She said that she didn't want to be a Hexenbiest again and that she wanted a normal life like Rosalee and Monroe had. Rosalee said that she wouldn't call what they had normal and said that Adalind and Nick both loved Kelly, which was a good start. She then asked Adalind if she'd heard about Juliette, to which Adalind said she did before asking about Trubel, and Rosalee said they didn't know what happened to her. Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door, and Adalind told Rosalee she wasn't expecting anyone, so Rosalee answered it to find that it was the FBI. They sat with them until Nick finally arrived.

Adalind later checked to see if everything was okay and to ask about the FBI, and Nick downplayed it. Adalind said she was worried that something would happen to him and started to panic at the thought of raising Kelly on her own, not knowing if he'd be a Grimm, a Hexenbiest, or some mix between the two, before Nick calmed her down and said everything would be okay. She calmed down a bit and told Nick that she didn't expect anything from him but that she also didn't want anything to happen to him. Nick then got a call from Hank and had to meet up with him and leave the house.

"Lost Boys"

She packed up the rest of her things as she and Nick prepared to move out of his house, which had been sold. She asked Nick how long he'd lived there, and he said he'd been there about 6 1/2 years, which led to them talking about how Adalind was the first woge Nick had even seen and how Nick was the first Grimm Adalind had ever seen, which really scared her at the time. ("Pilot")

Nick then drove her to their new residence, a loft within a rather ordinary-looking paint factory. Once inside, Nick showed her where everything was, including the access points, and he told her that he didn't want anyone knowing where they were. Adalind commented that she did feel safer there than she did before. Nick gave her a credit card to use to buy what she needed and Juliette's former car key. When Nick asked her if having the key to her car was a problem, she said no. Nick then got a call from Hank and had to leave, and Adalind assured him that she wouldn't ask when he'd return.

As she was out grocery shopping, she ran into an old coworker, Lane, who informed her that she could easily get her old job as a lawyer back if she wanted with even better pay.

Later that night, Adalind couldn't sleep as she wasn't used to being in the loft, and she went into Nick's room to ask him if he could sleep with her and Kelly just for the night because she didn't want to be alone. Nick didn't say anything right away, so she started to apologize for the awkwardness and walk away, but Nick replied, "I think we're beyond weird at this point." He grabbed the gun next to him and agreed to Adalind's request.

"Maiden Quest"

At the loft, she and Nick had trouble stopping Kelly from crying, so they decided to call Rosalee for help. In doing so, they unintentionally figured out that the lights on Nick's cell phone got him to stop crying. Later, when Adalind and Nick were having dinner, they talked about each other's childhood a bit and how they both had to be independent at a young age. Adalind then thanked Nick for being there for her and Kelly but let him know that she was starting to think about going back to work because a former colleague she'd run into told her that she could get her old job back as a lawyer. ("Lost Boys") She then asked Nick to sleep with her and Kelly again because she felt a lot safer with him protecting them.

Later the next day, she was talking to Kelly and hoping that they could all be reunited with Diana, when Rosalee called her to check on how she was doing. She went to the spice shop to pick up a few things Rosalee had gotten for them.

Back at the loft that night, Nick wondered where Trubel was and expressed his frustration that the man who had told him to keep Katrina Chavez' phone hadn't yet called him. They both hoped that wherever Trubel was, she was okay. A bit later, Nick let Adalind use the bathroom to clean herself up after Kelly threw up on her, and she asked him if he had found out where the tunnel in their loft led to that Nick had just gone down to explore. He told her there was a big door that he needed some tools to open, and Adalind then realized she'd forgotten to bring clothes with her to change into. Nick let her borrow his shirt, but he told her she needed to buy some clothes using the credit card he gave her, and she agreed despite feeling a little awkward about doing that.

The next night, Nick returned late to the loft, and Adalind noticed how tired he looked. She told him that she had been worried about him and everything that was happening, and Nick hugged her to comfort her, surprising Adalind a bit. They suddenly heard a crash come from outside the building, and Nick told her to stay there as he went to investigate.

"The Rat King"

Adalind watched the surveillance on the monitor in the loft and was shocked to see Nick carrying Trubel in his arms. She came down the elevator to ask Nick if Trubel was alive, and Nick told her he was taking Trubel to a hospital. He then told Adalind to stay at the loft and to lock the doors.

Later back at the loft, she heard a phone vibrating and realized it was Chavez' phone. She tentatively answered and asked who was calling, but the caller only wanted to know where Nick and Trubel were, though he did not refer to Trubel by name. The caller soon recognized Adalind's voice, and Adalind suddenly recognized the caller's voice as being Meisner's, but he hung up after she said, "Meisner?" Adalind then called Nick at the hospital to let him know about the brief conversation.

When Nick came back from the hospital, he told her that Trubel was stable and that even though she couldn't talk much, she knew Nick had brought her to the hospital. Adalind was shocked Trubel was even still alive and wondered if the motorcycle she had crashed outside the loft was hers and how she had even found them. Nick then asked her more about the phone call, and she told Nick that they both recognized each other's voices and that she thought the caller was Meisner, the man who had helped get her out of Europe and brought her to Nick's mom. ("Revelation") ("Synchronicity") Nick then apologized, thinking he had gotten them away from these kind of situations. Nick then got a call from Hank and Wu and listened as they told Nick about Trubel's fake I.D. and motorcycle, and when he hung up, she told Nick that things were starting to get very complicated.

Later, Adalind hummed to put Kelly to sleep when a motion detection alarm suddenly went off. She walked over to the monitor to see what set off the alarm and was stunned to see Meisner, who looked up at the camera focused on him and said her name. She immediately recognized him and went down to open up the garage door just as he was about to leave. Meisner told her he didn't have much time and was glad she was alright, and Adalind said she was glad he was okay as well. Meisner then said he would tell her as much as he could but that he needed to see Trubel, whose motorcycle GPS he had tracked. Meisner then called Nick, and Adalind grabbed the phone to tell Nick that it was Meisner, that he was with her, and that she trusted him. Meisner then left to meet Nick.

Nick returned with Trubel, and Adalind helped get her in a bed. Nick told her she was alright thanks to Meisner; the fact he had gone to the hospital seemed to surprise her. Nick then told her needed to know everything about Meisner.

"Wesen Nacht"

Adalind made her way down to where Trubel was sleeping with Kelly in her arms and saw that Trubel was awake. She apologized for the lack of privacy and then realized that Trubel hadn't seen Kelly yet, so she started to tell Trubel about him and what his name was. Adalind said she and Nick were both glad she was okay, and Adalind informed Trubel that she had been sleeping for 25 hours since Nick brought her home from the hospital the night before. ("The Rat King") Trubel asked what she was wearing, and Adalind told her it was Nick's shirt and that she had washed her clothes that Nick brought back. She then left so she could talk more with Nick.

Later, Trubel filled Nick and Adalind in on what she had been doing the past several months, as well as what Chavez' group knew about Nick and Adalind. Trubel told them that she was now working for their group and had been in Lisbon, and she revealed that the name of Chavez' group was Hadrian's Wall. She told them that they were a part of the government that was so secret, most of the government actually didn't know of its existence, adding that they were fighting an underground war against a group of revolutionary Wesen who were all over the world. Adalind asked Trubel if she was being paid, and Trubel answered that she was being paid, specifically in cash. Trubel had mentioned earlier that they were watching Nick, and Adalind asked her how long they had been doing so, to which Trubel responded, "Ever since I killed Weston Steward, and Chavez found Nick's Grimm book on my bed. They've been watching you too." Adalind asked why, and Trubel said it was because she was a Hexenbiest and that they knew about her powers being suppressed and that she had a baby. Adalind immediately became concerned, but Trubel assured her that Hadrian's Wall didn't want Kelly.

Later, while Trubel was attending to her motorcycle in the garage of the loft, Adalind took the opportunity with Kelly asleep to talk to her and try to get to know her a little better. She walked up to her and said, "Look, I don't know that much about you, and whatever you know about me probably isn't that good, so now that we're living together, I thought maybe we should get to know one another a little better." Trubel told her that she knew Adalind had tried to help Juliette and that she'd slept with Nick, which resulted in her getting pregnant and having their child, Kelly. Trubel then asked Adalind if she was in love with Nick, and Adalind stammered for a while, struggling to answer the question. She tried to explain their current living arrangement by saying that she only was sleeping next to Nick and not with him because she got scared. Adalind then changed the subject and brought up Meisner, wanting to know if he had mentioned anything about her to Trubel, but Trubel said Meisner didn't tell her anything about Adalind. Adalind then said, "He was with me when I gave birth to Diana. Losing her is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I never got a chance to thank you for trying to get her back." Trubel tried to assure her that Diana would be okay, but Adalind said Trubel didn't know the Royals like she did. She then asked Trubel if H.W. had wanted Trubel to kill Juliette, and Trubel admitted that was the case but that Nick didn't know. Adalind said she wasn't going to tell Nick but that Trubel should let him know at some point, before going back to tend to Kelly, who had woken up and started to cry.

"Eve of Destruction"

Adalind heard Nick talking to Trubel in the loft about Juliette, and she asked if Juliette was still alive. Nick said he had just seen her, which did not please Adalind at all. Trubel explained to Nick and Adalind that Chavez wanted to use Juliette as a weapon because she knew Juliette was a Hexenbiest. She added that the last time she saw Juliette was when she got put in a van right after Chavez' agents took her body from Nick's house, and although she had heard rumors that they were trying to turn a Hexenbiest into a warrior, she had no idea if it had worked or not. Nick confirmed that it had worked because she had just killed 20 Wesen by herself, news that Adalind was shocked to hear. She asked where Juliette was now, but Trubel didn't know, and Adalind then thought that Meisner might know where she was because he had known that Trubel was at the loft before. ("The Rat King") Trubel told Nick he could contact Meisner using Chavez' former phone, so Nick called him. After a brief conversation, he told Trubel and Adalind that Meisner said he needed more time until Nick could see Juliette, who didn't even exist anymore. This prompted Adalind to ask in concern, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Later back at the loft, Nick returned to see that Adalind was still awake. She expressed to Nick that she was having a hard time sleeping knowing that "the woman who tried to kill me and you and helped the Royals steal my daughter is alive and well." Nick told her that he wasn't going to let her hurt Adalind, but Adalind continued, "You heard Trubel. She's a weapon. And what if she goes after Kelly? What if she's like the old Juliette and wants you back? I know you feel responsible for what happened to her... And that makes you vulnerable. It makes me and our son vulnerable as well." Nick assured her that Juliette being back didn't change the way he felt about Kelly or Adalind.

Later in the middle of night, Nick and Adalind woke up from the sound of faint clattering, and when Nick checked the security monitor, he realized Trubel had just left.

The next morning, Nick and Adalind spoke about Trubel leaving, and Adalind told Nick that she wished there was something he could do to help him despite her responsibilities to taking care of Kelly, who she said she also wished could have been their choice to have. She commented that she wondered if Nick felt that the baby should have been Juliette's child instead, but Nick told her that he and Juliette passed on the chance to have a normal life when Adalind gave them that opportunity by taking Nick's Grimm powers away. ("Blond Ambition") ("Cry Luison") ("Highway of Tears") Adalind then told Nick she wished she could take back everything she did to him, and Nick then corrected her, "Except for Kelly." Adalind agreed and smiled, suddenly pausing in the moment, staring into Nick's eyes. She then leaned in and they kissed, but afterwards, Adalind said that was not a good thing to do. Nick replied that he wouldn't say that, adding things were just complicated at the present time, to which Adalind replied that she'd thought about it a lot. Nick said he had too and that thinking about it was safer, though Adalind countered that there wasn't much safe about them. She told Nick that if they did start a relationship, that they should make sure it's about them. Suddenly, they heard the loft garage door open, and they realized Trubel had come back. Trubel then told them that she had seen Meisner and that he told her Nick and Juliette were going to meet later that day.

When Nick returned later that night from his meeting with Juliette, Adalind asked him if he saw her, and Nick said he hadn't, clarifying that he had met Eve. Adalind asked Nick who that was, to which he responded, "I have no idea."


As Nick went to try to open the door at the end of the tunnel connecting to their loft, Adalind spoke to Nick about how she was concerned about his well-being. Nick tried to get her not to worry and explained that he was just looking for a possible way out of the loft if they ever got in any trouble and needed an escape route.

Later, Trubel arrived at the loft, so she let Nick know, who hadn't been able to open the locked tunnel door. Adalind let Trubel hold Kelly for a little bit, and Trubel then informed Adalind and Nick that Meisner wanted to meet with everyone because they needed to know who they could count on to help Hadrian's Wall with their fight against Black Claw.

Nick later spoke to Adalind about the case he was working on that involved victims being gored to death and hung up on crosses. Adalind recognized this ritual as having to do with Fuilcré and explained to Nick that she knew about "freaky rituals" from her time as a Hexenbiest. She informed Nick about the Fuilcré religion, as well as its similarity to ancient Aztec sacrificial ceremony called "fire drill," impressing Nick with how much she knew.

"Map of the Seven Knights"

Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu came over for a bit of a house-warming party at Nick and Adalind's loft, which Adalind jokingly called the "fome" because of the loft being "a cross between a fortress and a home." Wu then mentioned that he'd never met Kelly, so Adalind went with Rosalee to show him the baby.

The next night, Nick noticed that Adalind seemed quiet, and Adalind revealed that it would've been her mother's birthday that day. She then apologized for thinking about that when Adalind and Nick didn't even know each other's birthday, or so she presumed; Nick stated Adalind's birthday and then let told her his, before getting a call from Monroe informing him that Monroe's uncle had shown up unannounced. Nick then left to go meet him.

"Key Move"

She spoke with Nick about his planning to go to Germany because of the keys. She didn't want him to go and feared that he wouldn't come back. She told Nick that the keys led to nothing but death, but when Nick said that he owed it to his Aunt Marie to go, Adalind remembered how she almost killed her ("Pilot") and admitted that she probably owed it to Marie as well. She then told him that she couldn't let him go without telling him how she felt about him and said that she loved him. They kissed and then slept together.

The next morning, Adalind woke up, saw that Nick was already awake, and asked him if he was okay. The two reflected back on how they would have never believed that what they did last night was even possible, given how they first met. Adalind then said, "Everything in our lives is so complicated, but last night, that all kind of went away. At least for a little while." Nick then got a call from Trubel, who came over and told him and Adalind about Marwan Hanano. Rosalee then called and told Nick that Wu got him and Monroe plane tickets to Germany.

Later that night at the loft, Adalind and Nick said goodbye to each other, and Adalind told Nick that he better come back because she didn't want "to have to explain to [Kelly] why you didn't."

"Into the Schwarzwald"

At the spice shop, Adalind helped Rosalee organize some of the jars and implied that she'd need to go check on Kelly. Rosalee told her that she should take a break because she'd already done a lot of work. Adalind asked Rosalee if they should've heard from Nick and Monroe already. Rosalee said, "Maybe," and mentioned that she was trying not to think about it. Adalind said they might just not have any cell service, and Rosalee replied that she was telling herself that. Kelly then started crying in the back room, so Adalind went to check on him.

Later that day, Adalind heard Tony fighting with Rosalee, which prompted her to come out from the back room and yell, "Stop it! leave her alone!" Tony turned his attention to Adalind and asked how much money she had. Adalind said that she was going to call the police and Tony said, "Like hell you are." Tony then woged into a Kackenkopf and started walking towards Adalind, who suddenly grabbed her stomach in pain and doubled over. Tony retracted, grabbed Adalind, and asked if she was still going to call the cops. He then tried to hit Adalind, but his hand was stopped telekinetically as Adalind's face rippled. All of Tony's fingers were snapped backwards and broken one by one as he screamed in pain, before he hurriedly left the shop, leaving Adalind in shock that her powers were returning.

After the incident with Tony, Adalind told Rosalee that she didn't want her powers back, and Rosalee said that maybe it was just temporary. Adalind said that she didn't want it back in anyway and told Rosalee that she couldn't tell Nick because she thought Nick would get rid of her and Kelly. Rosalee said she wouldn't tell him but suggested to Adalind that she tell Nick herself because it would be worse if he found out and she had never told him beforehand. Adalind stated that she couldn't go back, and Rosalee told her that she was a different person now. Adalind told Rosalee that she didn't know what it was like to be a Hexenbiest because of how it changed the way you felt and thought, and not in a good way. Rosalee told her that she would find a way to boost the suppressant.

Adalind told Rosalee that she and Kelly needed to head home and that Rosalee didn't need to watch them. Rosalee told her about Tony and how she used to be in a group with him doing drugs, adding that she wanted to bury that part of her life. She then asked Adalind if she'd ever done anything she'd regretted at a young age, to which she replied no and that she mainly only studied in school to become a lawyer so that she could prove she wasn't like her mother. Rosalee asked how Adalind was feeling and Adalind responded, "About the same." Rosalee said that she hadn't been able to find anything to help her, and Adalind said she wouldn't and that a dead Hexenbiest was not easy to come by. The spice shop phone then started ringing, and Rosalee answered it and found that it was Monroe and Nick on the other end. Nick asked to speak with Adalind and see how her and Kelly were doing, and Adalind said that they were doing fine. She asked Nick if he was okay himself, and Nick said he was coming home and that he and Monroe were fine.

Back at Nick and Adalind's loft, Adalind sat alone at the table with a glass of water. When she looked up at the water, she saw that it was starting to boil because of her telekinetic powers, which, in turn, made Adalind scared.

"Silence of the Slams"

Nick returned back to the loft after his trip to Germany, but he did not divulge to Adalind as to what he and Monroe had found, and Adalind similarly did not disclose to Nick what had happened with her recent surge of power when she encountered Tony at the spice shop. Instead, she posed a "hypothetical" situation to Nick to ask him what he would do if the suppressant wore off and she gained back her Hexenbiest form and abilities again. Nick said he didn't know, but he added that they had Kelly to think about now, and he then asked Adalind what she was worried about? She said she was worried he'd throw both of them out or kill her, but Nick said he could say the same about her if her powers returned. He then tried to assure Adalind that they didn't have to worry because she wasn't who she used to be and that they both had a son, but Adalind half-halfheartedly agreed and said she didn't want to talk about the topic anymore.

Later, Adalind got an unexpected call from Renard and asked him what he wanted. When he said, "Something you want too," Adalind told him to stop playing games, and Renard got right to the point, which was that he knew a way they might be able to get back Diana.


At the loft, she got a call from Renard again, who asked if she could talk. Nick was inspecting the tunnels underneath the loft, so she told him she could and asked if it was about Diana. Renard then told her he wanted to meet with her the next day at 10:00 in the morning, and she agreed, before verifying with Renard not to talk to Nick about this. When Nick came back out of the tunnels, Adalind asked him if he had any luck, and Nick told her he was able to open the tunnel door but that it appeared to lead to just more tunnels.

The next morning, she met Renard at the restaurant and brought Kelly with her, who Renard then saw for the first time. Adalind got straight to the point when Renard arrived and told him to tell her about Diana. Renard revealed to her that Meisner was in the helicopter the night she was taken by the King and that Meisner had handed her over to the Resistance. He told Adalind that he had not seen her but that their daughter was alive and not with the Royals. Adalind said she wanted to see her, and Renard said he did too but that they were going to have to be patient. Adalind momentarily became frustrated, causing her glass to telekinetically go into her hand, which Renard saw. He asked her if she'd told Nick about her powers returning and if she was going to tell him, and she said she didn't know if she'd tell him and that Renard couldn't tell him either. Renard warned her about what might happen if he kept that from him, citing what happened to "the last Hexenbiest he lived with." He then told Adalind he didn't want anything to happen to her, and she ominously replied, "And I don't want anything to happen to you," before getting up and leaving.

"Skin Deep"

She got out of the shower and saw Nick playing with Kelly. Nick's phone then started ringing, so Nick let her answer it. It was Eve, who said she needed to talk to Nick. After a very to-the-point conversation in which Eve told Nick she needed him to come over to the HW command center, Adalind commented on Eve's creepy nature and asked if that was how Eve was now, to which Nick said Eve talked just about as much as Kelly.

"The Believer"

Adalind was watching Renard's televised political debate with Steven Gallagher, when Nick arrived at the loft. She expressed her disbelief to Nick that Renard was actually running for mayor and doubted that he would make a good mayor, given what she knew about him. Nick commented that he was a Zauberbiest as well, and Adalind pointed out they're not known for their altruism. She then asked Nick if he'd told Renard where they lived, to which he said no, and Adalind said, "You don't trust him, either." Nick said he didn't always trust him and that he wanted to know why Renard was running for mayor. Adalind speculated it was for more power, which Hexenbiests and Zauberbiests alike found very appealing. Adalind then asked Nick about Diana, telling Nick that maybe she hadn't been on the helicopter since Juliette hadn't been on it either. She asked Nick if he could find anything out about where she was, and Nick said he could try but that it was not going to be easy. Adalind asked him if Renard had ever said anything to him about Diana, and Nick told her he hadn't. Adalind was clearly worried about the whole situation as well as making things work between her and Nick, and Nick kissed her and told her he would find out what he could about Diana.


Nick accidentally woke her up in the middle of the night as he was climbing out of the tunnel in the loft, though he told Adalind he was just getting water. Adalind then told Nick she had forgotten to tell him that she was going to have an interview at her old law firm the next day. She told Nick that she was ready to return to work as long as they would let her bring Kelly with her, before falling back asleep.

The next day, she met with her former boss, Harrison Berman, who was glad to welcome her back and admitted that it was quite a blow to the firm when she left for Austria. Adalind said it was something she needed to do at the time. Berman briefly turned his attention to Kelly, who Adalind had brought with her, before asking Adalind when she could start. She replied that she could start anytime the firm was ready, and Berman then said they were ready and woged into a Lausenschlange, adding it would be nice to have a Hexenbiest back in the firm, "assuming you are still available in that capacity." Adalind then woged into her Hexenbiest form to show that she was still a Hexenbiest.

Adalind returned home after the meeting with Berman, unaware that Monroe and Rosalee were in the tunnel to explore it for Nick. A little later, one of the motion detectors started going off, so Adalind went to see who it was and was surprised when she heard someone coming up via the elevator. Shocking her further, it was Eve, who said she thought it was now a good time to meet her face-to-face. Adalind asked her if she'd come to kill her, and Eve said that Juliette might have but that she was not going to. Eve warned Adalind that Black Claw would approach her and try to draw her in, and Adalind asked why they were interested in her. Eve told it was because Hexenbiests were valuable; upon hearing this, Adalind denied that she was one, but Eve knew she was lying. Eve didn't blame Adalind for being scared, adding that having a child made her vulnerable, but she then told Adalind that if she hurt Nick, she'd come for her. She told Adalind that she liked her new place before leaving, much to Adalind's relief.

"Good to the Bone"

Nick got home from the precinct, and Adalind told him Kelly was teething. Nick asked her about her work, which she said was good to be doing again. The topic soon changed to them needing to take some time to spend with each other and continue to build up trust. The two kissed, and Adalind told Nick things weren't stopping there and led him to their room.

The next night, Adalind woke up Nick and told him she had to tell him something, before going on to say that Renard had called her to meet and spoke to her about Diana and that she was with the Resistance. ("Silence of the Slams") ("Lycanthropia") Adalind wasn't sure why Renard had told her this, but she was worried he was going to use Diana to get to her for some reason. Nick then told her that Renard was believed to be working with Black Claw and that it was better for now that Renard didn't know that the rest of the gang knew. Nick told Adalind to tell him if Renard contacted her again, and she said okay.

Sure enough, Renard called Adalind the next day and told her he needed to see her alone, without Kelly or anyone else. He told her to tell Nick she'd be meeting with a client, and Adalind asked him if this was about Diana. Renard only responded that he'd text her where and when and not to be late.

Adalind called Rosalee and asked if she could watch Kelly for a couple of hours, and Rosalee said sure. Adalind then got the text from Renard about when and where to meet, so she told Rosalee she'd bring Kelly over to the spice shop. She dropped Kelly off at the spice shop and thanked Rosalee for helping her, and Rosalee asked her how work was going and how things were with Nick. Adalind said work was good for both her and Kelly, but she admitted that she still was having trouble working up the courage to tell Nick about her powers having returned. Rosalee said she couldn't keep it from him forever, and Adalind acknowledged Rosalee was right, before leaving.

Adalind arrived at the parking lot that Renard had texted her to meet him, and Renard walked up to her and apologized that "it has to be this way." Adalind asked, "What way?" Multiple men started walking up to Adalind, who woged, but a man came up from behind her and injected an unknown drug into her, knocking her out before should could do anything except call Renard a bastard, to which he replied, "I know." When Adalind regained consciousness, she was in an unknown location, and Renard stopped her from doing anything and stepped aside to reveal Diana, standing several feet behind him. Adalind was shocked to see her and asked breathlessly, "Diana?" She answered, "Mommy," and ran up to Adalind as they hugged. They both said they missed each other, and while Adalind hugged Diana, she shot Renard a stern glare.

"The Taming of the Wu"

Adalind and Diana continued to embrace, with Adalind noting how much Diana had grown. Diana asked Adalind if she was coming with her and the rest of Black Claw, but Adalind only could manage to say, "I'm trying." Renard told her that Adalind couldn't come with them just yet but would hopefully be joining them soon, and Diana started to grow impatient, her eyes woging purple. Nearby, a sheet of metal started to rattle, and Renard and Adalind tried to calm her down, which only Adalind managed to do, though not before Diana nearly took the head off of a nearby Black Claw agent. Seemingly satisfied after Adalind told Diana she needed more time, Diana said, "Okay," and left with Renard and the other Black Claw members.

Later that night, Adalind was sleeping at the loft when she was woken by what appeared to be Diana calling for her, standing right at the end of her bed. However, Diana disappeared as she was asking where Adalind was, and Adalind desperately exclaimed for her to come back. She then heard Kelly start to cry and saw that he was with Nick, who told Adalind that Kelly was hungry. Adalind said that she had just gotten scared when she didn't see Kelly in his crib, before telling Nick that they needed to talk. Rather than telling Nick that her powers were no longer suppressed, ("Into the Schwarzwald") she showed Nick by telekinetically making her cell phone fly into her hand. Based on Nick's placid reaction, she realized he already knew about her powers having returned and admitted she should have told Nick sooner. Nick tried to encourage her by telling her that she was at least telling him now, but Adalind explained that she had been too scared to tell Nick despite previous attempts to try. Nick held her hand and reiterated that he had told her he wouldn't hurt her, but Adalind replied, "People change their mind, Nick." Nick cited how he lost his mother at a young age and said he'd never cause Kelly to lose Adalind. Adalind said she'd never hurt Nick and started to get emotional, adding, "I'm just worried the world's never gonna leave us alone."

Later, Adalind was talking on the phone in the loft with a client, when she started hearing Diana's voice again. She promptly told the client she had to go and started looking for Diana. She found her apparently standing outside one of the loft windows, hearing her beckon for Adalind to come "home." She then disappeared again like before, but this time, Adalind doubled over, grabbing her head in pain; elsewhere at the Hadrian's Wall compound, Eve also doubled over in pain as Diana unintentionally connected with her.

Later at work, her boss, Harrison Berman, introduced her to Conrad Bonaparte, telling her he was a "very important client." He left to allow them to speak in private, and, at first, Bonaparte's comments seemed rather innocuous, as he thought it was great that she brought Kelly to work. He also noted that she should spend all the time she could with him, mentioning that he had lost both his parents at a young age. Adalind was about to tell him the name of her baby, but Bonaparte already knew it. Slightly puzzled as to how he knew, Bonaparte started going into a more sinister monologue, saying there were words for when you lose your parents or your spouse, but no word for losing your child. Adalind asked him what he wanted, and he told her that she needed to end things with Nick and that her future was with Black Claw. He then told her she needed to decide between Nick and Black Claw by the end of the day, implying that she would lose Kelly if she chose Nick.

Back at the loft, the situation Adalind was now in clearly was getting to her, as she was torn between taking Kelly from his father and losing Diana again, as she had sensed how badly Diana needed her. Her phone then rang, and it appeared to be coming from Renard; in actuality, it was Diana using her powers to sound like Renard, and "Renard" told Adalind that she had run out of time and that they needed an answer now. Adalind ultimately decided to take Kelly with her and go to Diana, but she left Nick a note that read, "I'm doing something I have to do. I don't expect you to ever understand what I've done. It's the only way to protect my children. And I don't expect you to believe this, but I love you. I'm sorry." Most of the words on the letter disappeared, briefly leaving just the sentence, "I have to protect you," before that vanished as well.

"Bad Night"

After taking Kelly and leaving Nick a note for him to read back at the loft, she took several cabs to get to the house where Renard was staying. The house was guarded by several Black Claw members, one of which reported that she had arrived. Renard greeted her at the door, but Adalind was focused on seeing Diana, and she asked Renard where she was. Renard told Adalind that now that she had arrived, they would bring Diana, adding that they did this to make sure Adalind would come alone. Renard also told Adalind that neither of them were in complete control of the situation. Adalind then asked him what he was going to tell Nick since he was bound to find out that she was with Renard. Renard said he'd deal with him, but Adalind replied, "He may just deal with you too." Renard pointed out that Nick's options were limited, but Adalind countered and asked what would happen if Renard lost the election. Renard seemingly side-stepped the question and only pointed out that Kelly was one of "them" since he was the offspring of a Grimm and a Hexenbiest. Adalind threateningly said to Renard that nothing would happen to Kelly, not trusting him after he gave Diana away, ("The Law of Sacrifice") but Renard told her that, like it or not, they were a family and that she made the right decision to come with Kelly.

As Renard said, Bonaparte brought Diana over, and she ran over and hugged Adalind. She then introduced Kelly to her, and Diana liked him right away and wanted to hold him. Adalind told her that Kelly was too young for her to hold, and Bonaparte then took Adalind aside to acknowledge the difficult decision she had made. Adalind angrily said that he had taken Diana hostage, and Bonaparte tried to defend himself by saying that she and her family were very important to help ensure Black Claw's place in history. Suddenly, Diana caught everyone's attention by using her powers to make Kelly float in the air. Adalind quickly went over and grabbed Kelly out of the air and told Diana it wasn't a good idea to pick up a baby like that, before deciding it was a good time for her to go to bed.

She and Renard tucked Diana into bed, but when they left the room, Diana used her powers to manipulate them into hold each other's hand. Adalind quickly gathered herself, however, and snatched her hand away from Renard's grasp, asking him what he was doing. Renard said he hadn't done that, and the two realized that it was Diana, who they acknowledged wanted them to be together. Adalind told Renard that they had to be careful because of how powerful Diana was, adding that he shouldn't underestimate little girls. Renard then said that they should try to make things work and that they had good times together in the past, but the phrase "good times" agitated Adalind, and she walked away to her room. Renard persistently followed her, however, and asked her if she had fallen in love with Nick. Adalind replied, "Now you ask?" and Renard said that Adalind and he were supposed to be a family, asking her how they would do that. Adalind stated that it wouldn't be in the bedroom, but Renard started advancing towards her anyways, saying he'd take what he could get. Adalind warded him off by telekinetically throwing a vase at him, and Renard finally left, though not before saying that Adalind must've fallen for Nick harder than Renard thought. Adalind then telekinetically slammed the door after him and locked it.

The next day, Adalind got dressed up in the event that Renard won the election, and she joined Renard, Bonaparte, Diana, Rachel Wood, and Jeremiah Rogers, who were all watching the news coverage. Rachel told Adalind that she looked beautiful, to which Adalind somewhat facetiously replied, "Well, we all do what we can for the cause." Bonaparte then tried to get Adalind to warm up to him, asking if he could get her some coffee and telling her how hard Black Claw had worked to bring Diana back to her. However, when the topic changed to Nick and his whereabouts, Adalind refused to tell Bonaparte where he was and told him not to tell her to betray Nick because of how he had been good to her when he didn't have to be.

Adalind went to the Benson Hotel with Renard, Kelly, Diana, and Bonaparte after it was announced that Renard had won the election. He gave his victory speech there, and at the end, he called Adalind and the children to join him on stage, though it took some urging from Bonaparte for Adalind to go up and do so.

"Set Up"

After returning back to the mansion from Renard's victory celebration, Adalind and Renard tucked Diana into bed. After leaving Diana's room, Adalind was talking to Renard about him having become mayor, when suddenly, she was overcome by a strong longing for Renard, unaware that Diana was manipulating the two of them with dolls that she had turned into voodoo dolls with her powers. Adalind and Renard started passionately kissing each other, ending up in Adalind's room, before she finally broke free from Diana's voodoo act and pushed herself away from Renard, woging as she did so. Adalind angrily asked Renard if he realized what was going on and told him that it was Diana that had just made them kiss. Renard claimed what had just happened seemed believable to him because he had just become mayor, prompting Adalind to reply, "I didn't vote for you." Renard became frustrated and told Adalind that she had better get used to being at the mansion and with him because she was now in a position she couldn't quit. Renard then left and Adalind telekinetically slammed the door behind him.

Later that night, Adalind went into Diana's room to check on her, and she found her still awake, finding the dolls Diana had used from before in the bed next to her. Diana asked Adalind why she and Renard didn't like each other, and Adalind told her that they just hadn't spent much time together and that Diana couldn't push people together, especially a mom and dad. Diana then told Adalind that she didn't like Rachel because of how Rachel liked Renard, but Adalind told her not to worry about that and that she needed to get some sleep. Diana asked Adalind if she could stay with her, and Adalind said yes and lay next to Diana as the two shared a moment of bonding.

Adalind met with Bonaparte the next day after he had requested to see her. The two started speaking about Adalind not being in love with Renard, and Adalind claimed she was trying, though Bonaparte didn't think she was trying as much as she could. Bonaparte then told her he wasn't asking her to be in love but that he wanted her to think about her children's future. Adalind said she wouldn't be at the mansion with her kids if she wasn't thinking about them, adding that Renard just wasn't her type and that her feelings wouldn't change. Bonaparte's demeanor then changed as he took Adalind's hands and told her that she needed to know something about him, that he wasn't like Renard and that there was more to him than that. Adalind was then startled as Bonaparte woged into a full Zauberbiest. He told Adalind that they needed to understand each other on a deeper level and then proceeded to fuse his hands into Adalind's and turned her to stone, telling her that she should look like what she is if she was going to be stubborn. Bonaparte reversed what he had done, though not without Adalind experiencing some pain, and Bonaparte apologized, saying sometimes a point had to be made. He then gave Adalind a wedding ring, saying that she was a princess and that Renard would be her prince. Before their talk ended, Bonaparte warned Adalind to not take off her ring, or else it would be extremely painful for her children, and Adalind, clearly unnerved a bit, collected herself and thanked Bonaparte for the ring.

Later that night as Adalind was sleeping, she suddenly experienced the powerful manipulations of her daughter, Diana, once again. Adalind appeared to be woken by Diana, who told Adalind that she wanted to show Adalind something; that "something" was Rachel being suffocated to death in her bed with her bed sheets. Adalind was shocked at what she was seeing and told Diana to stop, but Diana continued and told Adalind that Rachel wouldn't take away Renard any longer. As Rachel appeared to be dying, Adalind suddenly woke up in her bedroom, thinking she had only just had a nightmare.

"The Beginning of the End"

Adalind was brushing her hair in her room, when the ring she was wearing that Bonaparte had given her caught her eye as she was looking at herself in a mirror. She took a moment to look at it and a concerned look emerged upon her face.

Later, Adalind tried to call Nick, but instead was surprised to hear Wu answer. Wu told her that Nick had been arrested after a fight between him and Renard, adding that the Oregon Hadrian's Wall compound had been destroyed and that Meisner had been killed by Renard. ("Set Up") Adalind was shocked to hear about Meisner, but Wu didn't have much time to talk, so she quickly asked Wu to give Nick the message that she was sorry, their son was doing well, and she loved Nick. Before she could say much more, she had to hang up as Renard entered her room. Adalind noticed that Renard had some bruises on his face, and Renard said he'd had a "rough night at the precinct." Renard then informed Adalind that Rachel Wood was dead and that she'd been smothered to death in her own bed. The topic soon switched to Diana, as Renard suspected that she had killed her. He asked Adalind if she had encouraged Diana, but Adalind vehemently denied doing so and blamed Renard for having made Diana perceive Rachel to be a threat to her parents' relationship and, therefore, her family. Renard then noticed the ring on Adalind's finger and asked her who had given it to her, to which Adalind sarcastically replied, "I guess you forgot you proposed. We're getting married." She told him that Bonaparte was their wedding planner, implying that he was the one responsible for her wearing the ring as well. Renard then said he was going to stay the night at the mansion to give Bonaparte the impression that they were taking their relationship seriously, and Adalind's face rippled as a warning sign for Renard to stay away; the message was loud and clear to Renard, who told Adalind to relax, adding that he would sleep on the other side of the room.

Later that night, Adalind woke up Renard when she started gasping, sensing that Eve was dying. Renard asked how she knew this, and Adalind said she could just feel it somehow. Suddenly, Bonaparte arrived at the mansion, and Adalind and Renard headed downstairs to meet him, but they were "greeted" by a side of him that they had not seen before. Angry and having run out of patience, Bonaparte demanded to know where Nick was and where he lived. Adalind did not answer him right away, and Bonaparte snapped, yelling at her, "You think this is a game?" He then started to telekinetically choke Adalind, preventing her from breathing, and Adalind was forced to tell him the address to the loft. Bonaparte stopped choking her and said to Renard, "They all die tonight," as he left.

Desperate to rectify the situation, Adalind woke up Diana and asked for her help, telling her she needed Diana to send a message to Nick. She reminded Diana that Nick's mother had helped raise her, and Diana nodded her head, indicating she remembered. Adalind told Diana that Nick was in trouble and that nobody could know about them helping him by giving him this message, and Diana understood. Diana then astral projected herself to the loft and gave Nick Adalind's message, which was that she had told Bonaparte where he lived and that she was sorry. Diana told Adalind she successfully gave him the message afterwards and that she had seen a lot of people at the loft as well. Feeling relieved, she told Diana she did a good job and hugged her, which made Diana notice the marks on her neck from Bonaparte choking her. Diana started asking about them and what happened, and Adalind admitted that "a friend of Daddy's" had gotten angry with her and hurt her, but she tried to urge Diana to not worry about it and go to bed.

Season 6


As Adalind helped soothe Kelly, Renard returned to the mansion. Seeing that Renard was alive, Adalind asked if Nick was dead, and Renard told her no. Confused as to how both could be alive, she tried to get Renard to tell her what exactly happened, but Renard told her that Bonaparte was dead and that he wasn't exactly sure how it happened. Frustrated, Renard told her that none of what happened made sense and that he didn't realize he'd stabbed Bonaparte until after he saw the bloody sword in his hand. He started accusing Adalind of making him do it, but she said she would never take such a risk knowing what Bonaparte could do to her children. Renard then started thinking Diana was responsible, and Adalind admitted that Diana had noticed the bruises on her neck from when Bonaparte hurt her. ("The Beginning of the End") She informed Renard that she told Diana that Renard didn't hurt her and that it was one of Renard's friends and not to worry about it. Renard started for the door, but Adalind stopped him by reminding him how powerful Diana was. She added, "Bonaparte brought this on himself. He would have killed me. Maybe Diana just wanted her daddy to be a hero and save Mommy." Renard said Diana got her wish and told Adalind that Black Claw was still going to go after whoever killed Bonaparte. Adalind needled him a bit, asking, "I assume you're not gonna confess?" Renard responded that he would not but warned her that she was going to regret falling in love with Nick.

Adalind then went to see if Diana had been playing with her dolls again and saw a lone male doll on Diana's bed with a miniature toy sword laying next to it. When she asked Diana if she had been playing with the doll, Diana confirmed that she was because she had been worried about Bonaparte hurting her and did not want that to ever happen again.

Adalind finally got a hold of Nick on his cell phone and asked Nick to confirm what Renard had told her had happened in the loft, which he did. Adalind then let Nick know that she needed to see him and that with Renard and the guards gone from the mansion for the time being, Nick would be able to come over. When Nick arrived, the two embraced and kissed, and Nick then saw the bruises on her neck. Adalind told him they were from Bonaparte, and Nick understood he had forced Adalind to tell him the location of the loft. Nick was eager to see Kelly, so Adalind showed him to her room and smiled as Nick picked him up. Nick then noticed the engagement ring on Adalind's finger that Bonaparte had put on her, ("Set Up") and she told Nick about how it was cursed. Nick then asked about Diana, and Adalind said she wasn't sure what to do because of Diana's immense powers and how she wants her and Renard to be together. Adalind started to near the verge of tears as she told Nick about she hated the situation she was currently stuck in, and Nick told her not to leave until he dealt with Renard. Nick then got a call from Hank, and Adalind heard how Renard had put out an all-out manhunt for Nick. She told Nick she'd warn the rest of Nick's friends and that she'd kill Renard if he hurt Nick. Nick told her to feel free if he didn't come back, and Adalind asked where he was going, before immediately thinking better of the question and telling Nick not to tell her.

"Trust Me Knot"

Adalind received a call from Renard, who told Adalind he'd been arrested for the murder of Rachel Wood ("Set Up") and that he needed Adalind's help to get out of it. Adalind called Rosalee to ask her to watch Diana and Kelly, which Rosalee agreed to. When Adalind came over to the spice shop, she told Rosalee that Renard had been arrested for killing Rachel Wood, though he told Rosalee that the matter was "complicated" and that Renard wanted her help to get him out of it.

Adalind arrived at the precinct and met with Renard in an interrogation room, and she commented on her surprise to see Renard in the situation that he was in, saying, "Never thought I'd see this." Renard told her that when Rachel was killed, he was killing Bonaparte, ("The Beginning of the End") and he needed Adalind to be his alibi and say that she and Sean were together at the Black Claw house the entire night. Adalind refused to risk perjuring herself and putting her children in danger. Renard told her that she owed him, but Adalind responded that she owed her children first and that if she had to choose between herself or Renard going to jail, she'd clearly look out for herself. She facetiously wished Renard, "Good luck with the grand jury," before leaving.

Still at the precinct, she then got a call from Nick, who told her that he needed her help making "a deal with somebody who I don't trust." Adalind told him that he needed a Trust Me Knot, which would assure that whoever signs it would have to do what they promise, or else they would choke to death via hanging. Nick then told her to meet at the location "where you first told me you loved me." ("Key Move")

Adalind met Nick at the loft shortly thereafter, where Renard was also brought by Hank and Wu. Adalind then proceeded to perform the Trust Me Knot spell, reciting, "You, Nick Burkhardt, agree that I will testify at the grand jury on Sean Renard's behalf. And you, Sean Renard, agree that once my testimony is given, you will drop all charges against Nick Burkhardt and reinstate him." The two men agreed, and Adalind woged, before dripping her own blood on a rope she had brought, which was held at either end by Nick and Renard. The blood oath complete, Adalind returned to the spice shop to pick up Diana and Kelly. She went down to the basement, where Rosalee, Eve, and Trubel were working on a way to decipher the hidden symbols on the cloth that the Treasure of the Knights Templar, the stick, had been wrapped in. Adalind told them that she refused to be Renard's alibi and that a deal was made regarding Nick. Monroe and Diana then joined them in the basement, as the group wasn't having much luck revealing the cloth's symbols. Diana volunteered to help, and before Adalind could stop her, Diana woged her eyes and took at the cloth, shocking everyone by telling them that she could see strange writing and pictures "all over it." After Nick arrived, he asked Diana to write down what she was seeing, and the group began to research what the symbols could mean, though not much was found, despite looking as far back as 2,000 B.C. Adalind asked how they could know where to look for something they'd never seen before. A few moments later, Hank called to let them know that a grand jury was already convening for Renard's murder case, which Adalind wasn't expecting to happen so quickly.

Adalind arrived at the courthouse just after Judge Stancroft declared court to be in session. She watched in shock as the judge quickly threw out the whole case. A confident Renard walked up to Adalind, Hank, and Wu, and pointed out that the Trust Me Knot deal was off since Adalind never testified, and he told Hank and Wu that he expected their resignations on his desk the next morning. Upon returning to the spice shop, Hank, Wu, and Adalind told the others what had happened in court. The group lamented how Renard had played them and gotten everything he wanted, and Nick told Adalind that she was going to have to move back in with Renard, much to her displeasure.

"Oh Captain, My Captain"

Back at the Black Claw residence, Adalind looked at the ring on her finger. Renard then entered, asking how her day was. Adalind was in no mood for pleasantries and warned Renard about anything bad happening to Nick, but Renard cut her off and said she should be more worried about what might happen to her. Adalind asked how they'd make things work, but Renard said he wasn't concerned about the two of them making things work; instead, he put that responsibility on Adalind and told her that she "better get with the program" before he takes office as mayor. He left the room with Adalind disgusted at the thought of supporting Renard.

Later, Adalind took Diana to a park. Nick called her and told her that might be a way to stop Renard from becoming mayor and that it would involve Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester. Nick clarified that Eve would help him make the potion, and he instructed Adalind to go back home and that he'd send Monroe to her later. He told her that Renard couldn't know she had anything to do with this and that she hopefully wouldn't have to spend another night with him after the plan was carried out.

Adalind got some of Renard's hair from a brush back at the house, and, as Nick told her, Monroe called to let her know he was there. Adalind directed him to the bedroom, and Monroe told her that it was Nick that was going to turn into Renard. Adalind gave him the hair and remembered just as Monroe was going to leave that he'd need Renard's clothes as well. She hurried him along as he struggled to pick which tie Nick should wear, but Renard then unexpectedly arrived home. She quickly got Monroe to hide in the closet before Renard came into the room. Adalind then noticed blood on his shirt and stopped him from going into the closet to change into a new one. She said she noticed blood in his hair and convinced him to take a shower, though Renard paused and asked why Adalind was being so nice to him. She explained it away as her just trying to "get with the program," and when she heard the sound of the shower running in the bathroom, she quickly got Monroe out of the closet, and he successfully made his escape without being seen.

As Renard finished changing and prepared to return to the precinct, Adalind desperately stalled for time to keep Renard at the house, as Monroe had told her Renard needed to see some announcement that was going to be made on the 7:00 news. Adalind brought up Diana and how they needed to talk about their daughter and the many issues surrounding her, including her education. As Adalind went on and on about her concerns, Renard finally gave in and decided he could stay a little while longer to talk things over. When they were done talking, Adalind needed to stall for time just a bit longer and got in front of Renard to hug him and tell him how much she appreciated him staying to talk about Diana. At last, the 7:00 news came on as Renard was about to leave, and he stopped as he heard his voice on the news. What he proceeded to listen to was a live airing of himself announcing that he was abdicating the mayor-elect position and returning to the precinct, as well as thanking Nick for his help in what was really an undercover operation to find out who was truly responsible for the deaths at the North Precinct. ("The Beginning of the End") Adalind pretended to play along, asking Renard when he recorded this, but he told her he didn't and that this was happening live. He was absolutely furious when the announcement was finished, and he slowly walked over to Adalind before threatening her, saying, "If I find out that you had anything to do with this..." He then angrily left, leaving Adalind to collect herself. She then texted Hank to tell him that Renard had seen the whole thing and was coming to the precinct.

Hank and Wu then got Adalind and the kids from the house and brought them over to the spice shop, where Adalind discovered that the effects from the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester hadn't worn off yet like they were supposed to. After double checking everything Eve did, she found that she mixed everything correctly and said there was nothing they could do. Nick, still disguised as Renard, then returned to the spice shop and told them everything that had happened on the roof of the loft when he met with Renard. He detailed a deal that they'd made, which included him, Hank, and Wu getting their jobs back, Renard stepping down as mayor-elect, and Adalind and Kelly returning to live with Nick. The one caveat was that Adalind would have to share Diana with Renard. Monroe then realized that who they were talking to might actually be Renard trying to trick them, and Adalind verified it was really Nick by asking him where their first kiss was. Diana then woke up and asked what happened to Nick's face, thinking he was Renard. Adalind and Nick both tried to play along as if it really was Renard, and Adalind said he had just had a little accident, but Diana soon figured out that she wasn't speaking to her father. She woged her eyes and placed her hand on Nick's chest and sensed it wasn't Renard, declaring, "You're not my daddy." She then telekinetically threw him through the doors into the main room of the spice shop, and Adalind rushed over to prevent her from doing anything more, explaining to Diana that Nick was trapped in Renard's body and that it wasn't his fault. Nick then finally changed back into himself at that moment though, and Adalind, relieved to see Nick as himself again, ran over and hugged him.

"El Cuegle"

Diana asked why Nick had looked like Renard, ("Oh Captain, My Captain") but nobody could come up with a good answer on the spot for her. When Diana noticed that Nick had Renard's clothes and asked if Renard was okay, Adalind reassured her that he was doing better now and that she'd see him soon, adding that it was Kelly's turn for him to see his dad now. After Diana, without warning, broke the news to everyone that Rosalee wasn't just having one child but "more than one," Adalind quickly took Diana out of the room to leave for the loft. When they arrived, Diana could sense a lot of people had died there, ("The Beginning of the End") and she said she wanted to see Renard again. Adalind told her she'd take her to see her dad the next day and hugged her to comfort her, adding she was proud of how she was handling everything and all the moving around they were doing. After Diana fell asleep, she spoke with Nick about how powerful Diana was. She told Nick that neither she nor Renard were sure where her powers came from and that they didn't understand all her abilities. She asserted that they had to protect her though, which Nick agreed with. Adalind told Nick she was happy to be back with him, and Nick related the feeling was very much mutual.

Adalind dropped off Diana at Renard's the next day, and he told Diana and Adalind that he was going to be moving out of the mansion since he wasn't going to be mayor any longer. When Adalind asked where he was moving to, Renard told her he'd send her the address.

"The Seven Year Itch"

Nick woke Adalind up after having woken up in the middle of the night himself. She went over to check on him after she saw him by the entrance to the tunnels and accidentally startled him. He told her that he thought he had heard something but that it was probably nothing. Adalind observed that it must be strange for Nick to be back at the loft after everything that had happened, and Nick said that it was a lot better in the loft than the time he found Adalind and Kelly gone. ("The Taming of the Wu")

The next morning, Adalind went to go pick up Diana at Renard's new home. Renard was late coming down, and Diana told her that he'd been having bad dreams. When he finally came downstairs, she asked if everything had gone okay between them the night before, and they both said they had a lot of fun. As Adalind and Diana went to leave, Renard stopped her briefly as he contemplated asking her about having dealt with being haunted, but he cut himself off and told Adalind to just call him later.

Back at the loft, Diana asked Adalind about Meisner, which surprised Adalind, who was thinking Diana wouldn't be able to remember him from when she was first born, but Diana pointed out that he had been in the helicopter with her and King Frederick, ("Cry Havoc") which jogged Adalind's memory. Diana wanted to know what happened to Meisner after Adalind told her that he was now dead, and she explained that he'd been in a fight with some very bad men. When Diana asked if Renard was one of those men, Adalind dodged the question. Suddenly, without warning, Diana told Adalind in a very matter-of-fact way that Eve was in the tunnels and wasn't feeling well. She added that she'd been "drawing" too, which Diana had been doing just before as well. Adalind went to go check out the tunnels and found Eve in rough shape on the ground. She helped Eve get back up to the loft and put her on Diana's bed to rest, before telling Diana to go get a glass of water. Adalind detected that Eve might have a fever and went to go get her a washcloth, and when she came back, Diana was gone. Presuming Diana had gone down into the tunnels, Adalind went after her and was stunned to see Diana making numerous symbols that Eve had previously carved into the tunnel walls ("El Cuegle") glow bright purple.

Adalind called Nick to tell him about how she found Eve after Diana sensed her and asked him to return home. While she waited, she took the opportunity to talk to Eve about the symbols that were carved into the tunnel and how long she'd been down there. Eve told her that she'd been down there since leaving the spice shop,"El Cuegle" adding that she wanted to leave the tunnels, but every time she tried, she was unable to move. Adalind then noted that Diana had been drawing many of the same symbols Eve had been drawing, before surprising Eve with an apology: "I think it's time I told you I'm sorry for what I did to you." Nick then returned to the loft and asked Eve how she was feeling. Eve responded that she felt like she shouldn't be at the loft, but Adalind insisted she stay with her being in the current condition she was in. Nick then saw the symbols Diana had drawn, and Eve and Adalind told him that Eve had drawn the same ones in the tunnels. While Nick and Eve were looking at what Eve had carved, Adalind got a call from Hank that a body had been found.

"Blind Love"

Adalind helped get Diana packed and ready to spend the weekend at Renard's home, and Nick asked her if she'd spoken to Diana yet about the symbols Eve carved in the tunnel. ("El Cuegle") She told him she was just about to and then stressed to Diana the importance of keeping a secret. Adalind then had Diana promise to keep the symbols she'd seen in the tunnels a secret, including not to tell Renard, or anyone else for that matter. When Diana asked why, Adalind answered that it was because they didn't know what the symbols meant yet and that they could be dangerous. Adalind then dropped Diana off at Renard's, who asked her how life was back at the loft. She told it was "fine" and that she'd be back early Sunday night to pick Diana up.

Nick and Adalind went to the Columbia Gorge hotel to meet up with Rosalee, Monroe, Eve, Hank, and Wu and celebrate Monroe's birthday. Nick told Rosalee they'd meet them at the hotel bar later that night and then went with Adalind to go to their room, but a hotel waiter, Randy, went to assist them with the "old-fashioned" elevator as Adalind admired the quaint nature of the hotel.

As the gang shared drinks before dinner, Nick reminisced about the first time he met Monroe, which eventually led to everyone else meeting each other, and they all toasted to the broken window of Monroe's house that brought them together. ("Pilot") The Maitre D' then came out and told them that dinner was ready, and they got up to go into another room. Before they ordered dinner, Monroe thanked everyone for being there and told them how much it meant to him and Rosalee. As the group continued reminiscing, Adalind asked Monroe if it was love at first sight for Monroe when he saw Rosalee. Monroe talked about how Rosalee saved his life, ("Island of Dreams") as well as his and Rosalee's first kiss. ("Face Off") The waiter Randy then surprised the group with a whole tray of complimentary wine for Monroe's birthday, which everyone drank except for Rosalee due to her being pregnant.

As Nick and Adalind got ready to go to bed back at their hotel room, the two spoke about how grateful they were to have friends like Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, Wu, and Eve. Nick said he felt lucky to have "us," referring to he and Adalind, and they kissed. Nick mentioned that the waiter, Randy, looked familiar to him, and Adalind suggested that maybe he'd arrested him before, but Nick said he would have remembered that, before Adalind got Nick to shut off the hotel light and the two kissed some more.

When they woke up the next morning, Nick and Adalind felt different, not knowing that the drinks they'd been given by Randy were spiked with the dangerous love potion Amor de Infierno. Nick went to get the both coffee soon after waking up. Later, Adalind left her room with Kelly and saw Monroe, who was desperately looking for Eve. As soon as Adalind saw him, the effects of the Amor de Infierno hit her, and she instantly felt a longing for Monroe. She went up to him and told him that she wanted him more than she'd wanted anything in her entire life and kissed him. Rosalee saw them from the other end of the hotel floor, interrupting them, and Monroe turned around and began telling her that it wasn't what it looked like. Adalind became angry after hearing Monroe tell Rosalee that he didn't want to live a lie any longer and now loved Eve, turning him around and slapping him. Nick and Eve then entered the floor, with Nick wanting Rosalee and Eve wanting Nick. The four of them began fighting as Adalind tried to fight for Monroe, who was trying to get to Eve. The fight escalated as Eve and Adalind began fighting each other. The commotion everyone was making brought Hank out of his room, and as Rosalee continued to witness everyone fighting and saw Hank become enthralled at the sight of his own reflection in a mirror, she realized that it was the Amor de Infierno making everyone behave this way. The fighting amongst the group quickly became physical, as Adalind pulled Nick away from Monroe and slapped him, Eve then slapped Adalind, and Adalind screamed in horror at the sight of Monroe kissing Eve. Adalind then woged as she began struggling with Eve, but the effects of the love potion where finally broken when Randy fell off a hotelside cliff to his death. Everyone, a bit confused, began to snap out of it and Nick and Adalind hugged. Rosalee returned to their floor and explained to everyone what had been going on. Adalind noted that only a Cupiditas could make the Amor de Infierno and that there was only one way to break the spell, and Rosalee said she knew and that Randy had taken "a bit of a fall."

The next night, the group celebrated Monroe's official birthday at the hotel with a cake designed as a clock face and sung "Happy Birthday" to him.

"Tree People"

At the loft, Adalind, Nick, Eve, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu talked about what Eve and Nick had seen in the bathroom mirror and a mirror at the spice shop recently. ("Blind Love") ("The Son Also Rises") Adalind suggested these events and the mysterious skull figure were connected to Eve, or that the skull figure was after Eve due to the way spirits could attach themselves to people. Nick commented that he'd seen the skull figure in a dream, but Diana came out of her room and said that it wasn't a dream, just something that wasn't real yet and was going to happen "in the other place, through the hole in the mirror."

When Nick went to shave later, the mirror was partially covered, and at the recommendation by Monroe earlier that they use a buddy system, Adalind was with Nick just in case the skull figure showed up again. Adalind wondered how they got the skull figure to go away, and Nick told her that Eve thought it went away because it saw him. Adalind asked him what he thought, and Nick told her that he believed the skull figure knew he was a Grimm and was connected to Eve in some way because she was a Hexenbiest, making him concerned about Adalind. Adalind said she wouldn't be looking into any mirrors without him, but when Nick was about to start shaving as Adalind uncovered part of the mirror for him, she asked Nick, "What if this thing isn't afraid of Grimms?" They both thought better of uncovering the mirror at all and decided Nick looked better with stubble anyways.

"Blood Magic"

Eve came to the loft to ask Adalind for help on going through mirrors. Adalind was at first very hesitant to offer any assistance, as she thought it was a dangerous idea. Eve brought up that it saw Nick too and Adalind asked if she'd talked to Nick about what she was doing. Eve said she didn't want to talk to him until she had a better handle on what they were dealing with, and Adalind told her she couldn't do this by herself. Eve said that's why she was there, and she went on to ask Adalind if her mother had told her anything about portals to another world or going through mirrors, as well as if Adalind still had her mother's zaubertrank books. Adalind said she did still have her mother's books, but she was still hesitant to give them to Eve because they could be just as dangerous. Eve countered that waiting for the skull figure to go after them was not the right strategy and that she believed it was connected to her because she could see the symbols on the cloth. Adalind remembered that Diana could see the symbols as well, and due to the potential risk posed to Diana, this was enough to convince Adalind to give Eve her mother's books so that they could go after the skull creature and kill it.

When Nick came home, Adalind told him how Eve came by and was trying to get help on figuring out a Hexenbiest way to go through the mirror and enter the other world. Nick asked if that was even possible, and Adalind replied that she didn't know but that Eve wanted to borrow Adalind's mother's spell books to try and find out. Nick was surprised Adalind gave them to her, but Adalind said that Eve was really worried the skull figure would come after all of them and that it seemed Eve was looking for some redemption. Adalind was concerned Eve was going to try to do this on her own. Nick said he needed to talk to Eve, to which Adalind replied, "I was hoping you'd say that."

Renard called Adalind the next day to confront her about the symbols Diana had been drawing. Adalind tried to feign ignorance at first, but when Renard threatened to come over and talk to Diana about it, she acknowledged she knew about the symbols. Renard asked her what they meant, and Adalind replied she didn't know. Renard believed she was lying and demanded to see the tunnel where Diana saw the symbols, but Adalind hesitated to answer him. Renard became frustrated and brought up that Diana was in the middle of something big and that he needed to know everything she knew. He asked again where the tunnel was, but Adalind said he'd have to take that issue up with Nick, and then hung up.

Adalind later got a call from Eve, who wanted to know more about blood magic. Eve proposed that blood could be used as payment to pass into other worlds, but Adalind told her blood magic was very dangerous. Eve was only concerned with using it to get to the other side, ignoring Adalind's question about not being able to come back. When Eve asked if blood magic would work as a way to cross over to the other world, Adalind said she didn't know, and Eve said she'd keep looking through the spell books.

"Where the Wild Things Were"

Adalind was woken up by Nick coming back to the loft, but she assured him she wasn't sleeping that well anyway. She asked Nick if Renard had talked to him, and Nick told him he had, adding that someone Renard knew thought Diana might be in danger. Adalind asked who this person was, and Nick said that Renard wouldn't tell him but that it seemed this individual had the ability to understand the symbols on the cloth. Adalind wasn't sure who Renard's friend could be, commenting that "Renard has a lot of friends in wry places." Adalind asked Nick if he had decided whether he'd tell Renard about the loft tunnel, and Nick replied, "Not yet." Adalind then suddenly told Nick that she needed to tell him something about the night that Renard killed Bonaparte, ("The Beginning of the End") and she relayed to him the confusion Renard expressed to her over what he had done when he returned to the mansion that night. ("Fugitive") Nick acknowledged that Renard had looked confused after killing Bonaparte, and Adalind elaborated that Diana was the one who made Renard kill Bonaparte because Diana knew that Bonaparte had choked her. ("The Beginning of the End") Nick was surprised to learn Diana's powers allowed her to do that, and Adalind then told Nick about how she had watched Diana kill Rachel Wood as well. ("Set Up") Adalind told Nick she was telling him this because she felt it was time to tell Renard about the tunnel. Adalind brought up the reality that Diana may be connected to the symbols and that Renard may know someone who could help them. Both Nick and Adalind agreed that they didn't trust Renard, but Adalind said that Renard wouldn't do anything to hurt his daughter and that they could use all the help they could get, which was enough to convince Nick to tell Renard about the tunnel.

Nick soon got a call from a worried Monroe, and he put him on speaker after telling Adalind that he and Rosalee couldn't find Eve. Adalind lamented that she had told Eve not to try anything by herself, ("Blood Magic") before asking what book they had found was left behind. Rosalee indicated it was the "Charms & Spells" book, which soon automatically locked with the bloody dagger they'd found on the floor, and Adalind told them it would take a Hexenbiest to open it again. Adalind said they'd be on their way over and Nick hung up. She then apologized to Nick, but Nick said he had warned Eve too. Adalind then advised Nick to bring the stick with him, realizing that "the cloth, the symbols, the other place, it's all connected."

After arriving at Monroe and Rosalee's home with Kelly and Diana, Monroe and Rosalee directed her to the spell book, while Diana sensed that Eve was in the other place and stated that her blood was on the frame of the mirror. Adalind told Monroe and Rosalee that the last thing she had talked to Eve about was blood magic and that Eve had read somewhere that Hexenbiest blood could be used as a sort of token to cross over. She then prepped Diana for her to see her woged form for the first time, before woging in order to remove the dagger (also functioning as a lock for the spell book) and open the book again. She then found the pages in the book describing blood magic, where she confirmed Hexenbiest blood can be used as currency. Nick asked if she could pass through the mirror, and Adalind said she could, but only the Hexenbiest whose blood was used would be able to cross over. As she went to cut her hand, Nick stopped her, but Adalind said she was the only one out of all of them who could pass through. Rosalee noted she had to think of her kids, but Adalind disliked the idea of abandoning Eve. Monroe and Rosalee briefly debated why Eve entered the mirror, but Nick was adamant that Adalind would not be going after her and that they had to find another way. That led to him thinking that it might be worth seeing if the stick could be used to help enter the other place. Diana wondered what the stick was, and Adalind told her it was something Nick and Monroe found in the Black Forest. ("Into the Schwarzwald") Diana woged her eyes and sensed the stick was special, and Nick went to touch the mirror with the stick. As he was about to do this, however, Adalind then stopped him, worrying that they didn't know the true power of the stick, where it came from, or what the consequences of its effects on them would be. Nick told Adalind it was the only option they had and that they didn't even know if it would work. Adalind wondered what would happen even if Nick did get through the mirror, and Nick simply hugged Adalind to comfort her, before telling her that the stick would hopefully help him like it helped him before. ("The Beginning of the End") Nick then proceeded to touch the mirror with the stick, and, just as Nick hypothesized, the stick did indeed turn the mirror into a portal. As he dipped his hand in the portal, Monroe and Rosalee cautioned Nick over the possibility that he might not find Eve or be able to get back, but Adalind and Nick simply exchanged one last look, Adalind clearly worried, before he walked into the portal. The stick did not pass through, however, with Diana stating it couldn't because "it doesn't belong there."

Adalind later tried to get Diana to get some sleep, assuring her they'd be able to help Nick. She then went to talk with Monroe and Rosalee to try to convince them that she should use her blood to help Nick and Eve cross back over. Monroe and Rosalee wouldn't let her though, telling her they had to give Nick and Eve a chance to contact them or get out. Monroe said they would continue looking for other solutions in the meantime, but when Rosalee said they were running out of places to look, Adalind disclosed to them that Renard had a friend who knew things about the symbols that could help them. She added that Renard knew about the symbols and the tunnel, which he wanted to see. A brief debate ensued about whether they could trust Renard and show him the tunnel that Nick was hesitant to show him, but in the end, they decided to bring him in to help.

Back at the loft, Adalind, Monroe, and Rosalee were joined by Hank and Wu, whom they filled in on the current situation. Despite the lack of trust with Renard, Adalind told them they were going to tell him whatever he wanted to know because they were out of options. Hank and Monroe told Adalind that they'd accompany her and Diana into the tunnel as well because she didn't want to be alone with Renard. Renard then arrived at the loft, who was surprised to see everyone at the loft. He stated he was only there for Diana, and Rosalee pointed out they were there for her too, along with Nick and Eve. Diana then came out of her bedroom to greet Renard, and Adalind told her he was going to help them find Nick and Eve. Diana told Renard that would be good because they were trapped in the other place "through the mirror," which Adalind noted took Hexenbiest blood to cross over into. Adalind then showed Renard the location of the tunnel, which, much to Renard's surprise, was adjacent to the loft all along.

Once in the tunnel with Renard, Diana, Hank, and Monroe, Adalind told Renard how the symbols had been carved there by Eve. ("The Seven Year Itch") They also caught Renard up on the stick that Monroe and Nick found in the Black Forest and the cloth that had the symbols on it that Eve had also carved into the tunnel walls. Renard was in disbelief at the news that Nick had recovered five of the seven keys and the treasure that the crusaders had buried. Diana then made the symbol carvings in the tunnel glow, and Adalind told Renard that Diana was connected to this and that they needed to find out how.

Back in the loft again, they showed Renard the cloth, as well as the stick. Renard was unimpressed with both, but the group told him a little bit about what it was capable of, including how it had saved Nick, Monroe, and Eve, ("Into the Schwarzwald") ("The Beginning of the End") as well as how it was able to open a portal to the other place. Adalind brought up Renard's friend, and Renard said he didn't know if she would know about any of this but that they would find out.

Adalind got Renard a laptop to get in touch with his friend, Dasha Karpushin. She tried to get some information about the other place from Diana, before bringing up the thought experiment known as Schrödinger's cat, comparing it to how entering the other place would be like opening up the box to find out if the cat is dead or alive, effectively closing off one of the dimensions that currently exist, the Mirror Dimension or their respective realm on earth. Diana mentioned that someone evil lived in the other place, and Adalind said this was the "skull guy." Renard inquired further about this, as Wu told him this was who Nick and Eve went to the other place to kill. Adalind told him that she hadn't seen him but that Nick and Eve had, with Rosalee adding the skull guy had tried to pull Eve through a mirror. ("The Son Also Rises") With this information, Dasha stood up and started speaking to Renard in Russian. Adalind couldn't understand them, and after Dasha ended their video chat, she asked a stunned Renard what she had said.

Renard helped Adalind put Diana to bed, before telling everyone what Dasha had told him, which was that this skull guy was not after Nick or Eve, but after Diana. He further explained that there were a lot of prophecies about something called a shaphat, which was what this skull figure was after and in this instance, was a Hebrew word that meant "child bride." Renard repeated, "This beast wants our daughter," and Adalind almost reflexively replied it wasn't going to get her. Renard informed everyone that his friend didn't know how to stop the skull guy from getting Diana. Monroe and Rosalee noted how there were still a lot of books at the spice shop that might give them clues on stopping this monster, and Adalind stated that her mother's spell book was still at Monroe and Rosalee's house with the mirror, so they agreed to split up, with Renard, Adalind, Diana, and Kelly going to Monroe and Rosalee's with Monroe and Hank and Wu going to the spice shop with Rosalee.

"Zerstörer Shrugged"

"The End"


Adalind is very poised and graceful, and also one to do anything for those she loves. However, as a Hexenbiest, she was also treacherous, seductive, manipulative, uncaring, and highly intelligent. Following the loss of her powers for the first time, ("Love Sick") she became more ruthless and vengeful, and although still arrogant and poised, she was well aware she was a lot weaker. She showed an uncharacteristic vulnerability when she kissed Meisner on the cheek while thanking him for saving her life. She has shown a lot more emotion since she gave birth to Diana. After she originally agreed to give her baby to Stefania after she gave birth, she was very protective of Diana and careful about who she let hold her when she had her in her possession. She has also been equally as protective of her second baby. When she learned that Sean Renard handed Diana over to Viktor, she ended up breaking down crying in the middle of a street once she realized Viktor had already left with her daughter. ("The Law of Sacrifice") She was extremely upset with Renard initially and worked with the Royals for some time in order to get Diana back. However, when Kenneth and the Royals essentially were finished using her and used Juliette's help to find Diana, she reached out to Renard, Nick, and Nick's friends to both help them "cure" Juliette and seek protection. She showed some selflessness on her part by suppressing the very abilities she had worked so hard to regain. ("Headache")

When she suppressed her powers, she displayed more of her caring side, along with empathy, specifically towards Nick after she learned that his mother had been killed. ("Cry Havoc") She expressed regret over her past actions that hurt Nick, and she no longer had any desire to regain her powers as well. Nick and Monroe talked about how much she had changed, with Nick also adding that she had turned out to be a great mother. ("Map of the Seven Knights") Adalind feared what would happen to her way of thinking and her personality when the suppressant wore off, as well as how Nick would react, so much so that it took her several weeks until she finally worked up enough courage to tell Nick that her powers had returned, despite advice from Rosalee and Renard to do so sooner. ("Into the Schwarzwald") ("Lycanthropia") ("The Taming of the Wu") Since her powers have returned, she has still maintained her feelings for Nick and her children, caring deeply about all of them; however, she was forced by Black Claw and its leader, Conrad Bonaparte, to take Kelly and leave the loft and Nick, which she viewed as being a way to protect both her children and Nick. ("The Taming of the Wu"). Despite Renard's attempts to try to win her to his side, Adalind has remained loyal to Nick, resisting Renard's advances towards her and the attempts of Diana to get them to be together, as well as refusing to betray Nick when Bonaparte asked her to tell him where Nick lived. She further tried to contact him by phone and asked Wu to relay to Nick that Kelly was fine and that she loved Nick, and she later used Diana to contact Nick to warn him that Black Claw was closing in on him after Bonaparte used his powers to force Adalind to tell him where the loft was. ("Bad Night") ("Set Up") ("The Beginning of the End")

Physical Description

In her human form, Adalind is a beautiful woman in her early 30's. She wears designer clothing designed to accentuate her natural beauty. Before her Hexenbiest form was suppressed, she used to go to extraordinary lengths to maintain her complexion, including applying leeches to her face to keep her skin pale. She is below average height for a North American white female and has blond hair. In her Hexenbiest form, she has the decaying, weathered skin of a corpse with white hair. Although some teeth are missing, the others are all in good condition.

Hexenbiest Abilities

Adalind has displayed multiple abilities throughout the series.

  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with the mind.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to manipulate fire/heat.
  • Psychic Persuasion: The ability to manipulate someone into doing a certain action. She is also proficient at casting spells, to which she credits her mother for teaching her.
  • Zaubertrank: Adalind is skilled in the making and using of zaubertränke.
  • Writing Manipulation: Adalind was able to remotely alter the writing in a note she left for Nick.

Adalind also possessed some form of a connection with Eve due to Eve's former identity as Juliette. ("The Taming of the Wu") It is believed that this connection was established due to the fact that Juliette turned into Adalind with the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester in order to help restore Nick's powers, and she turned into a Hexenbiest as a side effect. ("Highway of Tears") ("Chupacabra") Adalind was able to sense when Eve was hurt and dying. ("The Beginning of the End")


  • Nick Burkhardt - Nick and Adalind first met when Adalind tried to assassinate his aunt. ("Pilot") Following that, Adalind treated Nick with contempt and tried to force him to give her his key. However, Nick stripped her of her Hexenbiest powers. ("Love Sick") The two mutually loathed and hated each other for quite some time afterwards. Nick is also the father of her son from when she tricked Nick into sleeping with her to take away his Grimm powers. ("Blond Ambition") ("Bad Luck") ("Iron Hans") After Adalind reached out to Nick to seek protection and also offer him a way to possibly help Juliette, Nick managed to put aside the hatred he had for her, and they developed a bit of a truce initially. Since that time, they have come to better understand one another a bit better, with Nick telling Adalind that nobody would take their child from her and Adalind also showing empathy for Nick after his mother died. ("You Don't Know Jack") ("Cry Havoc") Since moving in with Nick and relocating to a loft, Adalind has expressed her gratitude to Nick for him taking care of her and their son, and she has also told him that she wishes she could take back everything she did to him when she was a Hexenbiest. They have even started developing romantic feelings for one another, although both admitted that it would be better to wait until they are certain that they both want to pursue that any further. ("Eve of Destruction") When Nick decided to leave for Germany to look for the treasure that the map of the keys led to, Adalind was worried that there was a chance he might not return, so she told him she loved him, and, for the first time, the two knowingly and intentionally slept with one another. ("Key Move") Adalind feared for their relationship after her powers returned, and she has lamented numerous times over the obstacles that seemingly keep cropping up that endanger their relationship. She had a difficult time telling Nick that her powers had returned and acknowledged that they had a "communication problem," but she eventually managed to work up the courage to tell him. She still cares for Nick since she became a Hexenbiest, but she was forced to leave him and the loft with Kelly when she was given a dangerous ultimatum by Black Claw. She left a note for Nick and expressed that she left the loft in order to protect him. ("The Taming of the Wu") She even used Diana in order to contact Nick and warn him that Black Claw members were coming to kill him. ("The Beginning of the End") When Nick was about to go face Zerstörer, Adalind went up to him and told him to be careful. They kissed, and for the first time, Nick told her he loved her. Sometime after Zerstörer's defeat, she and Nick got married. ("Zerstörer Shrugged")
  • Catherine Schade - When Adalind still had her powers, she was close to her mother, but her mother distanced herself once she lost them. She still cared about her mother, as evidenced by her desire to find out who killed her. She was able to get some closure with her mother when Catherine's casket was dug up. ("You Don't Know Jack") Adalind's decision to become a lawyer was driven by her desire to prove to her mother that she was not like her. ("Into the Schwarzwald")
  • Sean Renard - Prior to the series pilot, Adalind had a relationship with Sean Renard. ("Love Sick") Even after they broke up, she remained close by, working for him, and possibly for the Royals, with which Renard is associated. All that remained of the relationship was severed when Renard cast her off as "just another pretty girl" after Nick stripped her of her powers. She and Sean later had a one night stand, partially due to a spell he gained from breaking her curse on Juliette, and she gave birth to his daughter. Their child has connected them since and nearly was the impetus for them to get back together again, but after Sean made her think he had given her back to the Royals, their relationship has not been nearly as close. Adalind had mixed feelings about what he chose to do, but for awhile, she did not hold the grudge towards him that she initially had. That said, Adalind was wary of trusting him, particularly when Renard contacted her regarding there being a way to get Diana back. ("Silence of the Slams") She was concerned Renard would use Diana to get to her somehow, and Renard ended up having her meet him a parking lot, where she was drugged by a Black Claw agent and taken to another location. Despite being reunited with Diana when she regained consciousness, she shot Renard a disapproving look, emblematic of the distrust in their relationship. ("Good to the Bone") When Adalind was forced to leave Nick in order to protect her children, Renard was of the mindset that Adalind was in a position of weakness and was obligated to be with Renard, but he quickly found that Adalind had no interest in pursuing a relationship with him and that she had fallen for Nick. Adalind has since said that Renard is not her type and that, ultimately, she could never be in love with him. ("Bad Night") ("Set Up")
  • Hank Griffin - At the behest of Sean Renard, she started a relationship with Hank because he was the partner of Nick Burkhardt. The relationship was purely business after she tried to kill him ("Love Sick") and had him attacked by Hundjägers. ("Season of the Hexenbiest") After learning about Nick and Adalind's unborn child and that she had a possible way to help Juliette, he understood why Nick was protecting her and also helped look after her.
  • Eric Renard - After losing her powers, Adalind moved to Europe where she quickly started an intimate relationship with Eric Renard. She worked for the Royal Family in Vienna, as evidenced by her visit to Portland as an employee of GQR while seeking Nick's Key. Adalind manipulated Eric using her beauty and charm, but was at the same time fearful of the prince, knowing he was a very dangerous and powerful man. She seemed to have developed feelings for Eric, as she shed a tear of blood when she heard he had been killed. ("A Dish Best Served Cold")
  • Frau Pech - Adalind was very respectful of the elder Hexenbiest and took her advice regarding her pregnancy. That is until Frau Pech sought to control the child, and Adalind then conspired with Stefania Vaduva Popescu to kill her.
  • Stefania Vaduva Popescu - She was introduced as the Queen of the Schwarzwald Gypsies by Frau Pech and entered into a contract with Adalind for her unborn child in return for her powers back.
  • Juliette Silverton - Juliette and Adalind met and apparently became friends after a double date with Hank and Nick. She infected Juliette with L'esprit ailleurs using her cat as an agent. When Juliette awoke from her coma, Adalind used their friendship to learn about the existence of the trailer. After Juliette recovered, Nick told her about Adalind's part in her illness, and she despised Adalind for what she had done. Juliette's hatred for Adalind only grew after she learned that Adalind took away Nick's powers by having sex with him, disguised from a spell to look like Juliette. ("Blond Ambition") In getting Nick's Grimm powers back, Juliette suffered a life-altering side effect and became a Hexenbiest, something Adalind had not foreseen. Juliette's hatred gradually turned into bloodlust, and Juliette nearly killed Adalind on more than one occasion. ("Trial by Fire") ("Hibernaculum") Adalind already feared that Juliette would kill her by the time Juliette learned that Adalind had become pregnant with Nick's child. When she found out that Juliette had been killed by Trubel, she felt terrible for Nick but was happy such a great threat to her had been eliminated. ("Inugami")
  • Eve - However, those concerns were only brought to the forefront of her mind once again when she learned from Nick that Juliette was still alive, but with a new identity; Eve. ("Clear and Wesen Danger") ("Eve of Destruction") When Eve visited the loft for the first time unannounced, Adalind was shown to be very nervous, if not rather fearful of her, and Eve warned Adalind that if she hurt Nick, she would come for Adalind. ("Inugami")
  • Viktor von Konigsburg - After Eric Renard's death, Viktor kept her as an employee of the Royals and spied on her. Viktor sought to take possession of her and Sean Renard's daughter, Diana, and he manipulated Adalind into taking Nick's Grimm powers away. Adalind trusted that he would help her get Diana back, but Viktor was eventually recalled to Vienna when the King became impatient with how long it was taking him to do so.
  • Theresa Rubel - Their first encounter with one another was actually when Adalind was disguised as Juliette, leaving a pretty negative first impression of Adalind in Trubel's mind, especially considering what Nick and Juliette told Trubel about her. Trubel's opinion of Adalind only worsened when Nick's powers as a Grimm were temporarily taken away from him because of Adalind. Much to Trubel's surprise when she returned to Portland, ("Headache") Adalind was now being protected by Nick and the gang, along with being the mother of Nick's child. When Trubel found Nick in the loft he was now living in with Adalind and their son, Adalind took the opportunity to reach out to Trubel and try to mend things a bit, though Trubel was still protective of Nick and a bit unsure of Adalind's intentions and feelings towards him. ("Wesen Nacht") Overall, she had been slower to warm up to Adalind than others in Nick's inner circle, but after Adalind was forced to leave Nick, and he confided to Trubel that Adalind had told him that she loved him, Trubel acknowledged that said she didn't even need to say it since her feelings for him had been pretty obvious. ("Bad Night")
  • Rosalee Calvert - Adalind's first impression on Rosalee was not a good one, and it was before the two had even met. Rosalee had to clean up the damage Adalind had caused with her Zaubertrank to both Wu and Hank, ("Love Sick") and soon after, Rosalee had to work quickly to come up with a concoction that would momentarily deal with the spell that Juliette had fallen under after getting scratched by Adalind's cat. ("Woman in Black") ("Bad Teeth") ("The Kiss") However, the dynamic between Adalind and Rosalee briefly changed after Nick's mother showed up in Portland with Adalind, who now had a daughter, and Rosalee and Monroe helped provide Adalind a place to stay. ("The Law of Sacrifice") Again, Adalind later turned to Rosalee for support when Diana was taken away from her. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen") While Adalind has often looked to Rosalee for support, albeit as a last resort at times, the feeling hasn't always been mutual. Adalind certainly didn't help her own cause when she took away Nick's powers, ("Blond Ambition") as this prompted Rosalee and the gang to figure out a way to restore them, which in turn caused Juliette to turn into a Hexenbiest as a side-effect. With Juliette growing increasingly bitter and becoming a very dangerous threat to Adalind, Adalind had no other recourse but to turn to Nick and his friends for help, and Rosalee made the tough decision to help Adalind make a suppressant for Juliette while they protected Adalind and her second, unborn child from Juliette. During this time, Rosalee and Adalind made amends, with Adalind proving that she had changed by testing the suppressant on herself. ("Iron Hans") ("You Don't Know Jack") After taking the suppressant, Adalind and Rosalee started to bond a bit more as Rosalee continued to help protect her, and when Adalind gave birth to Kelly, Rosalee was there to look after Adalind when Nick couldn't be there. At one point, Adalind told Rosalee that she was the only friend she had. ("Clear and Wesen Danger") The two built trust with each other while Adalind's powers were suppressed, to the point that Adalind trusted Rosalee to look after Kelly, and for a brief period, Rosalee was also the only one who knew that Adalind's powers had returned. Since then, Rosalee has had to be a bit more cautious of Adalind, particularly after some warnings from Eve, but Adalind still treats Rosalee as a friend and trusts her.


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  • (To Catherine): "Mom! You're lucky I didn't rip your throat out!" ("Love Sick")
  • (About Nick giving her the key) Nick: "I guess you don't need to be a Hexenbiest to be a witch." Adalind: "You don't have to be a witch to work this kind of magic." ("Season of the Hexenbiest")
  • (To Eric Renard): "There are worse things than torture or death... Betrayal." ("The Other Side")
  • (To Frau Pech and Stefania): "Those are MY terms." ("Volcanalis")
  • (To Sean Renard): "I want you. The real you. I want what you would never show to her." ("Face Off")
  • (About Frau Pech): "Ding dong, the witch is dead. And another one is coming back." ("Goodnight, Sweet Grimm")
  • (To Sean Renard): "I never felt like I needed anyone before." ("My Fair Wesen")
  • (Talking with Sean Renard) Renard: "I didn't think you'd ever come back." Adalind: "I didn't think you'd steal our baby." ("Maréchaussée")
  • (To herself after the third positive pregnancy test): "I can't have another baby. I don't even know where the FIRST one is." ("Double Date")
  • (To Rosalee Calvert): "It's just not that easy being pregnant, cutting up your mom, and waiting for someone to kill you." ("You Don't Know Jack")
  • (To Nick after drinking the potion) Nick: "How do you feel?" Adalind: "Like I just drank my mother." ("You Don't Know Jack")
  • (About Diana being with Juliette and the Royals): "That bitch has my kid?" ("Cry Havoc")
  • (To Rosalee): "I don't want to be a Hexenbiest again." ("Clear and Wesen Danger")
  • (To Nick regarding Kelly): "I mean, what if he's like me? What if he's like you? What if he's some weird combination of both of us-like some kind of HexenGrimm or Grimmabiest-I can't do this alone!" ("Clear and Wesen Danger")
  • (To Nick): "I wish I could take it all back-everything I did to you." ("Eve of Destruction")
  • (To Nick): "It seems like no matter how badly we want something to work, too many things we can’t control are in the way." ("The Believer")
  • (To Nick): "I'm just worried the world's never gonna leave us alone." ("The Taming of the Wu")
  • (To Renard): "I'm not the same Hexenbiest I was." ("Bad Night")
  • (To Conrad Bonaparte about Nick): "He was good to me, and he didn't have to be. Don't ask me to betray him." ("Bad Night")
  • (To Eve): "I think it's time I told you I'm sorry for what I did to you." ("The Seven Year Itch")
  • (To Nick): "I think Eve's looking for a little redemption. Aren't we all?"


  • She shares the same birth month and day (April 14) as Claire Coffee. ("Map of the Seven Knights") The birth date of October 16, 1985, seen in earlier seasons, ("The Thing with Feathers") ("La Llorona") proved to be one that was falsified by Adalind.[1]
  • The etymology of her name is derived from the Germanic elements adal/adel/adelig, meaning "noble," and lind/linde, meaning "gentle." Schade is German for "a pity" and also means "damage" in Dutch, being a derivative of schaden, which means "to do damage."
  • She was the first non-human whose Wesen form Nick saw. ("Pilot")
  • She was the first Wesen to become human. ("Love Sick")
  • She was the first Wesen to regain her powers. ("Mommy Dearest")
  • She was the first Wesen to voluntarily suppress her powers. ("You Don't Know Jack")
  • Her cat's name was "Magique," French for "magic."
  • She was the first character to get pregnant. ("Face Off")
  • She "hates" bacon. ("Blond Ambition")
  • She is allergic to raw tomatoes. ("Clear and Wesen Danger")
  • She got married to Nick during the 20 year time jump. ("The End")