Abel Mahario

Abel Human

Abel Wesen

Actor: Brian McNamara
Gender: Male
Type: Naiad
Relationships: Elly Mahario , legal daughter
Sarah Mahario, legal daughter
Anna Mahario, legal daughter
Status: Living

Abel Mahario is a Naiad who appeared in "One Night Stand".


"One Night Stand"Edit

He was interviewed by Nick and Hank about the presence of Jake Barnes' stolen cell phone on his houseboat. When his daughters, Sarah and Anna, returned from shopping, he verbally tried to prevent their arrest and inadvertently woged in front of Nick during the altercation.

After Sarah and Anna had been arrested and held for some time, he went to the precinct and confessed to the murder of Dan. Under interrogation, Nick and Hank soon discovered that he had nothing to do with the crime since he could not even describe the victim.

He was released along with Sarah and Anna when Nick and Hank went to rescue Elly from Dominic and Jesse.


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