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Abartige Aasfresser
321-Abartige Aasfresser
Other languages: Farsi: آبرتیگه اسفرسر

An Abartige Aasfresser (AHB-ar-tih-guh AHSS-freh-suhr; Ger. abartig "deviant" + Aasfresser "scavenger") is a hyena-like Wesen that was first seen in a book which originally belonged to Rolek Porter in "The Inheritance".

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

This sadistic scavenger prides himself on recklessness, danger, and bloodshed. This one kidnapped a child in the village outside of Yorkshire in broad daylight. I could not save the child, but I did track the beast down and behead him.

I have observed this creature "scavenging" on orphans and prostitutes in the belly of the city. His thirst for flesh is untempered by his cowardess of being caught. No one misses his prey when they are gone.

Bone crushing jaws and teeth.

Relies on sense of smell.

Eyesight is not this creature's finest quality.



  • As Yorkshire is a county and not a city, the excerpt from the Grimm diary makes little sense as it stands. Presumably, it means somewhere in the Wolds or Dales, far from the urban centers.
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