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"A Reptile Dysfunction"
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Air date: February 5, 2016
Viewers: 4.42 million[1]
Written by: Michael Golamco
Directed by: David Straiton
Opening Quote: There's a sucker born every minute
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Co-stars: Greg Michaels as Sheriff Doug Parcell
Pat Janowski as Harriet
June Eisler as Rebecca
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"A Reptile Dysfunction" is the eighth episode of Season 5 of Grimm and the ninety-sixth episode overall. It first aired on February 5, 2016 on NBC.

Press Release[edit | edit source]

THE LEGEND OF THE LAKE MONSTER RESURFACES - JACQUELINE TOBONI AND DAMIEN PUCKLER GUEST STAR - A local legend comes back to life as Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigate a mysterious sighting linked to a tourist's death at a local lake. Rosalee's (Bree Turner) past comes back to haunt her. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) continues to support a candidate for mayor. Meanwhile, Nick is shown the scope of the Wesen uprising as the secret government agency takes him into the heart of their Portland operations center. Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee and Claire Coffee also star.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

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Elizabeth Eiger and her husband, Allan, prepare to go fishing at Diamond Lake. They rent a boat and head out on the lake.

Nick, Hank, and Wu talk with Renard in his office, and Nick tells them about what happened at the restaurant. Nick tells them about Eve and that he was apparently her backup at the restaurant. He says that he found out later that it was a test. Renard asks if they know who the target was and Nick tells him that it was a man known as Samuel Rankin, although he and his bodyguards didn't have any ID on them. He says that Rankin was an organizer for Black Claw, and Renard asks how he knows all of this if they didn't have any ID. Nick tells him, "The guy Eve works for, he told me. His name's Meisner." Renard tells him that he knows Meisner. He says, "He's an independent agent working out of Europe. He was working with the Resistance." Renard asks how they explain Rankin's death and Nick tells him that the bodyguards were closest to him, so they should try to pin it on them. Renard tells him they better figure out who the bodyguards are then.

Monroe and Rosalee wonder how Nick's meeting with Juliette ("Eve of Destruction") went since they haven't heard from him since. Monroe goes through the mail and finds another letter ("Maiden Quest") from Seattle for Rosalee. She reads part of the letter and the sender says they are thinking about coming to Portland. Rosalee stops reading and says, "My God, I don't want to deal with this!" Monroe then suggests they figure out why the guy keeps contacting Rosalee.

Allan catches a fish and Elizabeth takes a picture on her phone. She then notices something in the water. They see something poke above the water before going back under. Elizabeth notices that it is swimming around them. They then see a creature speeding towards them with its head above the water. Allan tells Elizabeth to take a picture of that and she does. The creature ducks back underwater just before arriving at the boat. Allan tries to start the motor and Elizabeth tells him that it is coming back. Allan looks for a gun in the tackle box and he starts shooting. They then look around, when suddenly, the boat is hit, causing it to rock and Allan to fall into the water. Allan is dragged under by the creature, and the water is suddenly filled with blood, causing Elizabeth to scream. On the shore, Wayne and Oliver Dunbar run up to the lake after hearing Elizabeth's screams. Logan Cobb then rises out of the water, still woged. He walks out of the water and retracts. Wayne asks what he did and Logan tells him the guy started shooting so he had to take care of him. Oliver isn't happy that Logan killed someone and Logan asks, "What was I supposed to do? It was sort of like self-defense." Logan asks where his money is and Wayne hands him some. Logan listens to Elizabeth's screams and says she's making a racket. He walks away and Oliver says, "This wasn't supposed to happen. That guy is an idiot!" Wayne tells him to calm down and then says, "They're never gonna connect us to anything. She'll never be able to identify him anyway. He was woged the whole time."

At the precinct, Nick and Hank try to find information on Samuel Rankin and his bodyguards, but they have no luck finding anything. Trubel arrives and tells Nick that he should have been told about Juliette/Eve. She looks at the pictures of the bodies of Rankin and his bodyguards. She then reveals their real names and where they are from. She says that Rankin's real name is Rolf Kleinager and that he was one of the founders of Black Claw. Trubel tells Nick that Meisner wants to talk to him, which is the reason she came in the first place.

Nick and Trubel arrive at Hadrian's Wall's compound, where Meisner meets them. Meisner tells Nick that he proved himself to Eve, and the three of them take an elevator up. They then go to Trubel's room and Nick comments, "This is where they put you." Meisner says this is where they were all put. Nick asks by who and Meisner replies, "Branch of the Federal Government. Don't try to find it. It doesn't exist." Nick asks where Eve is and Meisner signals him to follow. They stop outside Eve's room and Meisner knocks, telling Nick he'll give them a few minutes. Eve says to enter and Nick goes in. Nick tells her she should have told him she wanted him to prove himself and she says, "We had to know how you would react. If you let your emotions get in the way, you'd be no good to us." Nick asks if she believes in all of this and she tells him not at first, but now she has found a reason to live. Nick asks if she feels remorse for anything that she has done and Eve says, "You mean what she did." She tells him he still thinks he's talking to Juliette and Nick says he doesn't know who he's talking to. Eve says he does but that he won't accept it. She tells him, "If we're gonna work together, you have to stop living in your past." She also tells him that he's there for a reason and her only regret is he didn't have a chance to bury Juliette.
HW Map.jpeg
She leads him to another room where Meisner, Trubel, and multiple HW members are. Meisner tells Nick, "This is a war. It's happening all over the world." He shows Nick a map of hot spots where Wesen uprisings have been occurring. Eve says no one knows the real reason behind what's going on, and Nick asks, "Which is what?" Eve tells him, "A world run by Wesen. Hitler tried once, now Black Claw is trying again." Meisner says he wants to show Nick something else and he leads him outside to their graveyard. Nick asks why he brought him there and Meisner tells him that they found his mother's body a few days after taking Juliette, so they buried her here. He hands Nick a photo as proof and says, "We want your help. We need it for what's coming." He then leaves Nick alone at his mother's grave. As he returns to the compound, Trubel asks Meisner if Nick is okay, and Meisner says that he will be.

Sheriff Doug Parcell talks with Elizabeth about what happened. She tells him about the creature and shows him the picture she took of it. Nearby, the Dunbar brothers return to their shop and discuss what Logan did. Wayne tells Oliver that Logan is the only one responsible for what happened. Oliver says, "Yeah, we hired Logan to scare people, not to kill them. The whole thing backfired." A reporter and her cameraman come into the shop to rent a boat. The reporter says she doesn't believe in the Diamond Lake Monster, but she says, "If it bleeds, it leads."

508-News Report.jpg

Nick returns to the precinct and tells Hank that they are at war and nobody knows about it. Renard walks up and informs them that he wants to show them something in his office. In his office, Renard turns on a TV and they watch the reporter at Diamond Lake's report about the monster, and the picture that Elizabeth took is put on the screen. After the report is over, Renard tells Nick and Hank that Sheriff Parcell is requesting their help because he knows they've had luck on strange cases. Hank asks if he thinks the lake monster is Wesen and Renard says, "I don't believe in monsters unless they're people. And this one is guilty of murder."

Nick and Hank meet with Sheriff Parcell and he gives them details on what happened. Hank inquires if he thinks a monster was responsible for the attack, and Sheriff Parcell replies that he doesn't know what to think and that the "lake monster's just a local big fish story like the Loch Ness Monster or Ogopogo." Hank asks if there has been an attack before and Sheriff Parcell says he checked the records, but despite multiple sightings over the last 40 years, there have been no reported attacks. He says that the working theory is that somebody dumped a pet gator that got too big. Nick and Hank go talk to Elizabeth and ask her questions about what happened. After they finish talking to her, Hank tells Nick that his theory: "She's Wesen. Kills her husband, dumps the body overboard, blasts off a couple rounds, blames it on the Diamond Lake Monster." Nick tells him that doesn't explain her photo, and Hank tells him that somebody is Wesen. Right after Nick and Hank walk away, Logan walks up to Elizabeth and says, "Don't mean to intrude. I heard what happened. Just wanted to say that I'm sorry." She thanks him and he walks away.

Nick and Hank go talk to the Dunbar brothers in the shop about what happened. Wayne steps aside to talk to the Detectives while Oliver handles the long line of customers. Nick asks Wayne if he or his brother saw anything unusual on the lake. He says no, and that an hour after the Eigers rented their boat, they heard gunshots, so he and Oliver ran down to the water. Hank comments on all of the customers and Wayne tells him, "A lot of gawkers showed up after the attack, folks looking to get a glimpse of the monster." Nick asks how long they have owned the business and Wayne says they took over five years ago after their parents died, but they opened the business about 50 years ago. Hank asks if his parents ever saw the monster. Wayne says his dad swore he saw it twice and he grabs a grainy picture off the wall. He tells the Detectives that it is a picture that his dad took of the monster. Oliver drops a mug and Nick notices him woge into a Luisant-Pêcheur. Wayne goes to help his brother, and Nick and Hank leave. Nick tells Hank that he saw Oliver woge and Hank asks if he thinks the brothers are involved in what happened. Nick says, "I don't know. I mean, they sure are benefiting from it."

508-Group hug.jpg

After Rosalee finishes helping Harriet at the spice shop, Trubel arrives on her motorcycle and both Monroe and Rosalee are happy to see her. Monroe and Rosalee then form a group hug with Trubel. Trubel asks how they are and says she missed them. Monroe tells her they're just glad she's okay. Trubel tells them she needs to talk to them about something and she flips the sign in the door to closed and locks the door. Once she confirms they know about Black Claw, she tells them there's a lot more they need to know.

Nick and Hank do background checks on the Dunbars and find that neither has a record. Nick says, "Well, they're pretty deep in debt. Have some trouble with the IRS. Owe some taxes, a lien on the property." Hank tells him good thing the monster showed up then. Nick says they couldn't have done it and brings up the picture that Elizabeth took of the monster on his computer screen. Hank proposes that maybe it was a Wesen for hire and Nick says they need to figure out what type of Wesen they are dealing with.

Wayne counts all the money they made for the day and notes that they never sold out before. Oliver tells him it's blood money and Wayne tells him it wasn't their fault about the killing. Oliver asks, "Well, what about if the cops find out about Logan?" Wayne asks how they would find out since he was woged the whole time and points out that the witness can't connect him to it. He then tells Oliver that he's going to the bank.

Wayne finds Logan in a bar and he tells him he wants him to kill another person tonight.

A group of friends sit by a fire by the lake. Lea walks over to Kevin and asks if he wants to go swimming with her. She takes off her sweater and goes to the dock. She dives into the water and Kevin runs up to the dock. Lea swims to a platform and gets on it. She tells Kevin to swim to her, but he laughs and says no way. Lea asks, "Are you afraid of the lake monster?" Kevin tells her he's not and Lea says, "Yeah, you are. I dare you. What, don't you want to be alone with me?" She then notices movement in the water and tells Kevin. Kevin starts stripping down and says, "Too late. I'm coming to get you." Lea repeatedly tells him no, but he flips into the water. Kevin continues to not believe her and Lea tells him it's right in front of him. She frantically tells Kevin to get out of the water and tells him to swim to her. Kevin is suddenly dragged underwater as Lea screams.

Nick and Hank go to the spice shop and Monroe leads them to the basement, telling them that he and Rosalee think that they are dealing with a Wasser Zahne. After talking about the killing at the lake, Rosalee asks Nick how his meeting with Juliette went and Nick tells her that Juliette is now known as Eve. Nick tells them, "She's not really Juliette. Whatever they did to her, she's somebody else." Monroe tells Nick that Trubel came by to update them on what's been going on. Rosalee tells him that Trubel said that the people she has been working with will contact them soon. She then asks Nick if he's going to help them and he tells her he doesn't know. Monroe says they are feeling tentative too and Rosalee says, "I think whatever we decide, we all decide the same thing."

Renard meets with Rachel Wood and reads his endorsement for Andrew Dixon. She gives him some small suggestions for changes and asks if he wants to run it again from the top. Renard says okay and Rachel shuts the door, saying, "I think we're gonna need to run it more than once."

Nick and Hank meet with Sheriff Parcell at the lake after Kevin's body was recovered. Sheriff Parcell says, "According to the kids with him, he was swimming when the thing came right out of the water, grabbed him, dragged him under." He tells Nick and Hank that he hopes they have some ideas because he's at a loss. Nick tells him they're working on something and Sheriff Parcell goes over to another officer. Nick says they need to squeeze the Dunbar brothers by scaring them. Hank asks if he means by letting them know he's a Grimm and Nick says, "Not me. They need to think they're getting away with it."

Logan goes into the shop to talk with the Dunbar brothers. He cuts in line and slams down a shirt on the counter, complaining about the prices. Wayne leads Logan into the office to talk and Logan tells Wayne, "I want half of everything. Starting yesterday." He says they wouldn't have any of this if it wasn't for him. Wayne tells him he can pay him more and takes money out of his pocket. Logan grabs the money from Wayne and says, "You don't get it. You've been taking advantage of me. I do all the work, you two make all the money." He then threatens Wayne, "I'll be back at midnight to collect the rest. If I don't get it, they'll be pulling your bodies out of the lake."

Eve watches footage of chaos caused by Black Claw and Meisner goes to talk with her. Eve tells him she doesn't think that Nick is ready because he's still too emotional. Meisner tells her, "He doesn't understand how important you are to us, the way you are now." Eve says maybe they should have changed her face or did to Nick what they did to her. Meisner tells her Nick will come around.

Wayne and Oliver talk about Logan. Oliver says he doesn't trust Logan and wonders why Logan went and killed a second person. Wayne grabs a gun from behind the counter and says, "Listen, here's what we're gonna do. When he comes back tonight, he's gonna ask for his money. And we're gonna give it to him." Oliver asks if they're just going to let him walk out and Wayne tells him no because he is going to shoot Logan as soon as he gets the money. Oliver doesn't like the idea and says everything is out of control. There is a knock at the door and Oliver checks to see who it is. He tells Wayne it's a girl. Trubel says, "I'm not here to buy any of your crap. I'm looking for the Wasser Zahne." She hits the door and demands that they open it. Oliver lets her in and she sees the gun in Wayne's hand. She tells him, "Stop being stupid. I'm not looking for any Luisant-Pêcheur. I'm looking for the Wasser Zahne. There's a contract on his head, and I'm gonna collect."
508-Oliver Dunbar Woged.png
Oliver woges and sees that Trubel is a Grimm. Wayne also woges and Trubel takes the gun away. Trubel asks what he plans on doing with the gun and Wayne says nothing. He then gives her Logan's name and blames him for everything that has happened at the lake. Trubel asks where she can find him and Wayne tells her he's coming by at midnight to collect his money. He says, "If you get rid of him, we'll give it to you. And you can still collect on his head. It's a win-win." Trubel says she'll come by at 11:30 and leaves. Wayne tells Oliver that this is perfect because a Grimm is just what they need.

Trubel gets into the back of Nick and Hank's car, and she confirms that the brothers are working with a Wasser Zahne. She tells them his name is Logan Cobb and how the brothers blame him for what happened. Hank does a quick background check and Trubel tells them that they are expecting her back at 11:30. She asks how far they want her to take this and Nick says, "Well, he's murdered two people. And we can't arrest him for it." Trubel tells him that's all she needs to know.

Wayne goes to talk to Logan at the bar again and tells him that Oliver hired a girl to kill him when he arrives to get his money. Wayne tells him Oliver did it because he wanted to keep his share of the money. Wayne tells him he has a plan and he wants Logan to kill Oliver. Logan is surprised and asks what his plan is. Wayne says that Logan should show up at 11:00 since Oliver's assassin is supposed to show up at 11:30. Wayne tells Logan that he can then take out Oliver and they will take out the assassin together. Logan asks what they will do with the bodies, and Wayne says they will dump them in the lake and blame the Diamond Lake Monster.

Logan arrives at the shop as Nick, Hank, and Trubel watch. Trubel gets out of the car and heads to the shop. Logan shows up as Oliver is asking Wayne about the possibility of Trubel showing up late. Logan asks who he's talking about and Oliver tries to tell him that he's talking about something else altogether. Logan tells Oliver that he knows about his plan to betray him and Oliver is confused about what he is talking about. He tells Oliver he also knows about the little girl he hired to kill him, but Oliver denies doing that also. Logan says that's not what Wayne said, and Wayne says to Oliver, "I told him the truth, Oliver. I had to." Wayne tells him he couldn't let him betray Logan. Logan grabs Oliver and shoves him to the ground. Oliver tries pleading and Logan says, "You're gonna taste good." Before he can do anything, Trubel walks in. Logan asks, "So you're the little girl he hired to kill me?" Logan woges and notices that Trubel is a Grimm. He turns to Wayne and says, "You didn't tell me she was a Grimm." Wayne says oops and Logan tries to attack Trubel, but he is unsuccessful. There is a brief fight, but Trubel quickly breaks Logan's neck, killing him. Wayne acts impressed and tells Trubel she is good. He pushes a stack of money forward on the counter and tells her he'll double it if she kills Oliver too, much to Oliver's displeasure. Nick and Hank walk in, and Wayne says they saw Trubel kill Logan. Nick says Logan killed two people, but they couldn't arrest him for it. Hank tells Wayne he should know that Nick is also a Grimm. Wayne woges and runs into the office, closing the door behind him, locking it. Oliver tells them that they should go around because Wayne is going out the back door. Nick and Hank chase after Wayne, who woges, takes some of his clothes off, and dives into the lake. A few seconds later, multiple people mistake Wayne for the lake monster and shoot their guns into the water from their boats, killing Wayne.

508-Logan and Wayne's bodies.jpg

The next morning Nick and Hank meet with Sheriff Parcell about Wayne and Logan's bodies. Sheriff Parcell asks, "Why was this idiot swimming in the lake at night with all that's going on? No wonder he got himself shot." Hank suggests he wanted to get some extra business for the shop by pretending to be the lake monster. Sheriff Parcell tells him maybe and wonders how a local drunk ended up in the water with a broken neck. Nick says, "I'm starting to think this Diamond Lake Monster is real," and walks away. Sheriff Parcell asks Hank if Nick is serious, and Hank tells him you never know. Hank then meets up with Nick and Trubel, and Trubel says, "Guess it's better to believe in a monster than know the truth," and Nick responds, "Reality is definitely not what it used to be."

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Production Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The episode was filmed from September 25-October 6, 2015.
  • The actual location used for "Diamond Lake" was Estacada Lake, also known as River Mill Lake, in Estacada, Oregon.
  • Claire Coffee (Adalind Schade) was credited but did not appear.
  • Footage from "Eve of Destruction" was reused (flashbacks).
  • CGI was used to create the movement of the Wasser Zahne in the lake.[2]
  • The exterior of the Dunbar Bait Shop was built by the show's construction crew.[3]

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Nick learns that Renard knows Meisner.
  • Rosalee receives another letter from a person from her drug-using days in Seattle.
  • Nick finds out what happened to his mother's body.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title is a play on "erectile dysfunction" as a concept.
  • The coordinates shown on the cameras at the Hadrian's Wall building put the whereabouts of the facility near a remote location in Tillamook, Oregon.[4]
  • The opening quote (or the variant, "There's a sucker born every minute") is frequently misattributed to P.T. Barnum. Although a comment of his era, there is no solid evidence he himself ever said it. Barnum was never known to disparage his customers.
  • "If it bleeds it leads" is an aphorism of the more sensational end of journalism, which holds that death and violence always sell.
  • June Eisler, the actress who portrayed the reporter, Rebecca, is married to Robert Blanche, better known as Franco on Grimm.

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